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Description of PaperColor

PaperColor is an excellent painting application which is imitating the paintbrush to draw and doodle, graffiti. Easy to paint, learning to paint!

We have different styles paintbrush and colour library. Help you to creating the perfect artworks.

Whether you on journey, stay alone, In the party or just want to waste time in the airplane,It is the best application that you can draw on your phone or tablet.

Exquisite drawing tools!

★Handwriting signature with pen after you have finished the works

★There’s many tools which is imitating the paintbrush , ruler and eraser for you.

★Mark in your photo.

★Draw on picture.

Enjoy the painting time!

An painting application which is easy to help you to show yourself.

Base map help you to learn drawing in straight way.

Choose a photo as the base map and setting to translucent .

Dexterous scaling under your fingertip.

Enjoy the drawing experience, and use the tools to coloring it !

Finished the artwork and share it to internet, showing it !

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More Information Of PaperColor

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:2.4.1 Publish Date:2021-08-08 Developer:Colorfit

User Reviews


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Electric Kittenz 2019-02-11

it may look good on the cover, but when you install it, here\'s the reality: the brushes it gives you are limited, you cant use layers or choose different colors unless you get VIP, and it is very limited in general. it\'s a good app for people with low expectations (simple drawings), but if you want to draw things more like the icon of this app ( the eye) or if you want something similar to Procreate, then this app isn\'t for you. it doesn\'t satisfy my expectations, and I\'m uninstalling.
Isa S 2020-11-21

I absolutely love this, it let\'s you change your colors and edit them. But I ran into many problems. Problem 1: you can\'t have layers without VIP. Witch leads to the second problem, you can\'t layer colors because they mix and turn into brown. Problem 3: There are little brushes witch is a problem because you can\'t blend or do alot. Thank you for reading this.
Timothy Wise 2020-10-26

Omg I love this app! But, I have a complain.... When I press the back button, it gets rid of MULTIPLE strokes. Example. I\'m drawing something super good! It\'s all going well, but I make a mistake. I use the back button, and it gets rid of lots of strokes that were REALLY, hard to do. 😭 Over all, LOVE IT!! Just please fix that! It\'s a five star from me!!
Big paws 2020-07-04

To be honest, I had a terrible experience. Do not download! When you push undo it undoes your 4 last steps, and when you push redo, it only gives you back 1! And layers are premium? Really? Please improve this game. The brushes are just a problem too. Whenever you draw with the pencil, it makes random dots everywhere. The paint brush doesn\'t work, and the crayon is hard to draw with. I cannot believe this game. I\'m just being honest, I dont want to hurt feelings, but I hate it.
Saarika Nori 2019-09-24

The quality is not that great; the lines are VERY pixleated, and it just doesn\'t look very good overall. I had spent about two days on one project, but then when I opened the app the next day the project was gone...I don\'t know if this is a bug or something, but it\'s really crushing for me, since I spent a lot of time on that peice of art. This is not meant to hurt ANYONE, but it\'s not that great.
Izzy Davies 2020-08-03

It\'s a good app all together although when you click back to undo something it takes back at least 4 previous steps. I think this problem needs to be fixed because it is extremely irritating when you want to go back but it takes off 4 previous steps. Also you have to pay for layers on premium. Layers and needed in digital art and is not fair they are making you pay £5 for them (and other things). Overall a good app but you need to make those changes to make the app 100 times better.
B Epp 2020-11-28

It needs to be fixed, and maybe improved. Here are some problems that I have encountered, or suggestions. 1. It deletes things randomly. 2. Not enough options for coloring tools. 3. It deletes parts that a colored and then I have to keep coloring them again and again and again. 4. I have to pay for VIP for a better expierience. Without VIP, it kinda sucks. Fix all of the issues and I will delete this and rewrite it, along with a five-star rating. The suggestions don\'t need to be added.
draven morningstar 2020-10-06

I just opened the app and I absolutely LOVE it. The textures are smooth, the brushes look like they would in real life, and it\'s so clean when you erase! If your just beginning for art, you should use this app when your practicing.😁😁😁 Really nice and not that many adds. And I love how you can make as many skech books as you Desire. So say you have one for anime drawings, and one for undertail drawings and it would save them and keep them separate. I really suggest this app if you love to draw
LinasPlasticSpork 2020-10-07

All in all, this is not really a great app. There is such a small selection of brushes and not going to like they kinda suck. Sometimes when you push the backspace button it will get rid of multiple strokes and you can go back. But the worst part is you have to PAY for LAYERS on a DRAWING app. Like literally layers are a must have in digital art and you have to pay? Not to mention it\'s 5 dollars?! I\'m sorry but this app is not worth it.
Crazy Art 2020-09-14

I love it so much. Easy to use, cheap, and has variety. You have so many tools to use from pencils to paint brushes to varies colors and thickness control of your tool. You can zoom in and out. There is so much available tools, but if you want high quality like spray paints and special brushes that is vip and cost money. You can still do it free with basic stuff they give you. As an artist my self, I think aby true artist can use this app without having to buy vip costs.