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Description of Paramedic Protocol Provider

An annual in-app subscription may be required to download or update protocols app starting in 2019. Downloaded protocols will not be updatable without a subscription.

Paramedic Protocol Provider provides quick offline access to over 400 field treatment protocols from the USA and Canada.

Use of this app requires acceptance of the terms of service posted at http://www.acidremap.com/legal/TermsOfService.html

For a list of currently available protocols please visit http://www.acidremap.com. Installation or purchase of a 3rd party PDF viewer is required.

Features include:

•350+ protocols including support materials

•Tax deductible work expense for most EMS and fire department employees (please confirm with your tax accountant)

•Quick indexed lookup of protocols in a matter of seconds

•Favorites tab for quick access of what's important to you

•Access to multiple different protocol sets for multi-jurisdictional practitioners at no extra cost

•Usually updated shortly after new protocols are posted online and in force, making it more up-to-date than most printed protocol manuals

•Hospital contact information and mapping where provided by the agency

•Customizable notes for each individual protocol entry

•Always with you as long as you have your phone and never fades or tears

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More Information Of Paramedic Protocol Provider

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.2 Publish Date:2021-05-07 Developer:Acid Remap LLC

User Reviews


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Cabe Jensen 2019-01-16

This app is a must for your local protocols. I had this app on my iPhone got the new Samsung note9 got a hold of customer service and the hooked me up so I didn\'t have to pay for it again. love that this app is always updating so you always have current protocols. love this app 5 stars!!!!
Joseph Braithwaite 2013-07-05

Best app I have found for a provider I am a professional firefighter / paramedic in MD and a paramedic in MD, WV & VA for a transport company I work for and use this app just about everyday at work. Is a great quick reference guide and has a ton of states and jurisdictions. Great app and highly recommended!
Brian Urquizo 2018-10-23

Paramedic in AZ and had this app on my iPhone and loved it. Switched to Android recently and was worried I had to buy the app again but the support team got me squared away quickly and effectively. Great app and customer service.
Brn2bEw1Ld tv 2017-10-14

Great tool to have at your fingertips
Micaela Assam 2017-08-10

Not all protocols are there
Daniel Besseck 2016-11-03

Excellent app Works wonderful. Has every protocol I\'ve tried downloading for each jurisdiction.
beadweaver3 2014-04-27

A bit disappointed I love the app, but when I got a new phone, I had to repurchase the app. Not happy with that at all!
R P 2016-08-26

Very Poor One its slow and when you finally get to the item you need, it then opens it in a pdf viewer. I can download the protocols in pdf, bookmark what i need. Using just a pdf is faster, does not crash, always reliable and FREE... The app crashes with every touch and screen change, there are constant pop-ups asking you to report the problem. Dont report the issue, just trash the junk app and use a pdf viewer.............
john Powell 2016-09-07

Easy to use and works great This app is very straightforward and easy to use. Had a small issue with an app glitch and got a reply back with solution within 5 minutes. Worth the cost.
Thomas Ward 2015-10-05

Worth the money This is one of the very few apps I have no complaints about. The money spent is well worth it. This app is very useful for in the field diagnosis and treatment procedures