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Description of Parchis Classic Playspace game

Parchis Classic Playspace. The best multiplayer online parcheesi game. Download this parchis classic online and discover all the latest parchis news with your friends.

Do you want to play board games? If you are looking for board games and mini board games: dice, puzzle, ludo, then Parchis Playspace is your best choice of board games. Download for free parchis classic Playspace and enjoy the best games with your friends.

Enjoy this free social Parchis game in English. Challenge your friends and win. You can chat with them live in the Parchis Classic Playspace live chat.

How to play Parchis Classic Playspace?

Download and register for free in the Parchis Classic Playspace community and create your profile. Once you log in, a simple tutorial will show you how the game works and what to do: select your favourite tile, choose your favourite game mode, choose your bet, choose your favourite game type, classic game, turbo game, match game, game against your friends. You can create your own game and invite your friends to play against them for free.

Play in the special event

In Parchis Classic Playspace you will find special events where you can play the best competitive games for free. Enjoy these special games with your friends. During the event you will choose the themed tile and board you like the most. You will find new fun Parcheesi challenges every day. Challenges to catch the ghost, complete the parcheesi collection, the Halloween album, beat your friends, social tournaments, leagues, puzzle challenges, chess, cards.

Collect prizes for special events.

Invite friends and chat with them in the free parchisi app. The game allows you to see how many Facebook contacts have Parchis or Ludo installed. You can also create private games to invite your friends. Invite your friends to the games you want and play with them.

In Parchis Classic you can theme your profile with your favourite avatar. Don't miss the free Parchis and Ludo events and discover the avatar of each event. Play with your favourite tile and get new tiles in the Parchis Playspace online shop. Choose your favourite way to kill.

New kill ways

Enjoy a completely customised experience.

Collect daily Parchis rewards to bet bigger in the app.

Collect free coins and credits every day to play the games you want. Don't forget to collect the daily bonus. In Parcheesi Classic by Playspace you can win amazing virtual prizes that you can share with your friends.

Main features of the free online Parcheesi app in English:

Parchis Classic by Playspace is a free online multiplayer board game, in Spanish.

Easy and free registration. The app allows registration with Facebook.

Parchis Classic is the best free online board game. Mini board games: puzzle, chess, chess, cards, slots.

If you like Parchisi online, want to play from home, download free Parchis Classic from Playspace and discover the best free board games. Chat with other users, invite your friends to play against them.

This game is aimed at an adult audience. The game does not offer "real money gambling" or any chance of winning real money or prizes.

Playing or betting on social casino games does not imply that you will be successful at "real money gambling" afterwards.

The game is free to play, but allows you to purchase real money items from within the app. It is possible to remove this option by going to Settings-> General -> Restrictions, and deactivating "In-app purchases". It is not possible to play without Internet.

Remember, you will need an Internet connection to play our online Parcheesi.

Play the best free online dice game with Parcheesi Classic from Playspace.

Terms and conditions of the game: http://goo.gl/u30FLZ

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:2021.5.2 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:Playspace

User Reviews


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Josue Caez 2020-05-22

A total waste of time. There\'s no such thing as a good strategy in here. When the AI decides you\'ll lose, you lose. It gives the perfect numbers one time after another to the AI\'s chosen-to-be winner. I\'m a math and logic freak, and this game has about 10% of that. The rest is \"luck\".
Best Worst 2019-05-25

This game is an absolute disgrace. It has by far the worst dice roll algorithms, always favouring one player over the other. It\'s also slow and the design is outdated. Offers keep popping up and that\'s super annoying as well, the fact that you actually trying to charge people money for this game is beyond me. Game used to be good but you ruined it.
Mark Hrifko 2020-03-13

Every few months they take all your winnings and start you back at zero. They want you to use facebook to advertise for them. Game winner is pre determined. In other words the game sucks.
Michelle McMillian 2019-05-09

this is a different version of me playing, but I do enjoy playing it especially since I have learn this version. Does any know what does the win pair x\'s mean?
Vanessa Hilario 2017-12-30

like this game! But for some reasons is frizz I can\'t play, i uninstalling and installing again and still same way. You have to see what is going on. And I can see is other player having the same problem with the game.
Ayana King 2018-06-21

Why is it that when it starts absentee move there is no option to come out of it?? Then the bot plays really badly for you. My connection was interrupted and due to that it started absentee movement and I couldn\'t get back in my game. It isn\'t fair and I lost my money because of it. Please fix
Milton Velandia 2020-04-27

The RNG algorithm of the dices is rigged, and it\'s way too obvious sometimes. If you say the game is completely random, this statement must be accompanied by an auditing or a third party report about the random number generator.
Brenda Testa 2020-04-17

Love the game, it\'s fun but I\'m really disappointed these days, I paid many times for coins and I keep losing coins because the game itself is not working properly and I\'m not the only one.
Kayla Harper 2019-01-28

love it just wish there was an option make your own rules. but still very fun and addicting
S.M. B.C 2017-05-26

SUCKS! All the plays are system controled the know who they want to win from the beggining if they see you play for free withoht buying coins they always make you to be the looser, so basicaly the 1st riund you win then will drain your coins ginving the game to the other. Sooo cheating. PARCHEESI IS BETTER. Just check before you try to pass across a home banner they will alwaya give a 5 dice to the othe alllll the timeeeee