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Description of Pared - Restaurant Jobs and Professional Network

Tired of scouring job boards and restaurant websites trying to find the right job? Pared is your very own personal recruiter for hospitality jobs. Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time or temporary work, we will help you get the job you want faster and more easily. Everyone knows that the best and fastest way to find a job you will like is through someone you know. Your reputation is built on trust and relationships. Pared is the leading industry networking app for food and beverage professionals and the best way to find a job. Build your reputation and credibility with our digital resume and get endorsements from the people you know so you can find the best job out there for you.

More than half of restaurant industry jobs come from referrals. Those who get jobs through a referral are both happier with their work, get paid more and stay longer. In this industry, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.

Pared lets you create your professional online resume and leverage your network to get personalized job opportunities that are curated just for you based on your experience and connections.

What you get when you join for free today:


- Create your own personal resume website

- Highlight your skills and experience

- Let your network connections vouch for you


- Receive personalized job openings based on your background, connections and goals

- Learn about career opportunities from your network and other food service professionals on the app

- Apply to jobs matched to you directly from the app


- Find and connect with industry friends, coworkers and teammates

- Message, endorse and refer others that you have worked with

- Expand your network through community discussion groups

- Get updates on where your connections work

It doesn’t matter if you’re a general manager, executive chef, line cook, server, barista, bartender, dishwasher or busser, everyone wants to advance their career. Restaurants, bars, cafes and other food service businesses are hiring and in need of culinary and service staff like you. Pared will help you build your industry reputation and network to get hired quickly.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2.16.0 Publish Date:2021-09-23 Developer:Pared, Inc.

User Reviews


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Deanna Leonard 2019-12-21

So... I\'ve had this app for like forever yet i work a full time job, I had some free time and picked up a gig, I\'m sooooo glad I did. This is AMAZING!!!!! Such a GREAT experience and and because it was my first gig I was clueless, the people at Pared were soooo helpful and contacted me immediately to help. Love this app!!!!!!! Thank you Pared Pros!!!!! Deanna Leonard
ramon guillen 2019-10-13

I just got pared and so far I love it cause I get a lot of gigs that goes with my skills or my interests.. compare to other apps,.
Doug Williams 2019-01-07

Just trying to APPLY to this company was the most frustrating, nerve-wracking, experience EVER!!! First of all, one is forced to scroll through hundreds, maybe a thousand calender dates one month at a time, before arriving at one\'s birthdate, which then does NOT ENTER, forcing one to RE- scroll hundreds or a thousand times! Help texts are ignored, and even a cust service phone line(supposedly 24-7) goes unanswered. I would rather STARVE than work for this company, as I am a qualified, experienced
Leonardo Quispe 2019-07-30

i cant even put in refferals to finishing signing up... makes app useless if you cant even SIGN UP!.
Krys Johnson 2019-07-06

Cant even build my profile,or add a picture if youre going to make it a requirement makr sure you work the bugs out it makes the app useless if it has too many glitches
Tazz Tazz 2018-01-16

I filled out the application on 12/31 and still haven\'t been approved i email customer service they said i was on a waitlist but i never received. Any follow up
A Google user 2019-01-07

I have extensive experience working in kitchens. I am now looking for a side job but all of my past employers have been very under the table, immigrant owned restaurants. I was frustrated to find that it is required to have two CELL PHONE references??? no landlines???? My employers have always operated with the landline of the restaurant. This app strikes me as a completely unrealistic understanding of the restaurant industry
Roberto Reyes 2019-03-23

in which city does this application work? since I registered 6 months ago I have not seen 1 offer.
Elm st 2019-09-04

Seems to keep shorting people on money and I\'m not talking not net fees and I\'m not talking about when your late... I made a complaint before and now all a sudden no restaurants need assistance seems very strange to me but I\'m sure they going to tell me they have no control which they do
You Know 2020-01-11

Worked the first time after installation, then I couldn\'t get it to load again. Uninstalled and reinstalled, same problem.