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Description of Parental Control - Screen Time & Location Tracker

Screen Time Parental Control helps parents manage their children’s screen time and app usage on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Set time limits, block certain apps and websites, see their location, and more.

Kids who have a smartphone spend an average of 7.5 hours on their devices per day. Screen Time was developed to help parents get their children to put their phones down and engage in outdoor activities, family chats at the dinner table, concentrate on their homework, and get a good night’s sleep.

The free version of Screen Time arms parents with information about their children's’ smartphone and tablet usage. With the free version of our screen time tracker, you are able to:

▪ Monitor your kids’ screen time

▪ See which apps are being used and for how long

▪ See what websites they have visited

▪ Monitor which social media platforms are used and for how long

▪ See which YouTube videos they have watched

▪ Receive a notification when your kids try to install a new app

▪ Receive a daily summary of your kids app and web usage

If you decide you need to proactively manage your children's’ screen time on their Android or Amazon devices, our Premium version of our app gives parents greater control over their kids’ devices. With Premium, you can:

▪ Set a specific daily time limit for your kids’ screen time

▪ Set schedules of when they can and can’t use their device

▪ Instantly pause your kids’ devices at the push of a button

▪ Block app activity during bedtime

▪ Block certain apps from being accessed at all

▪ View your children’s web history and search history

▪ Block websites from being accessed

▪ See exactly where your children are with GPS phone location tracking

▪ Get an alert when your child arrives or leaves a specific location

▪ Receive a daily email summary of your kids app and web usage

▪ Set tasks and chores for your kids to complete, allowing them to earn additional screen time when they’re done

▪ Use Free Play mode to temporarily override settings, like during long trips

▪ Share app management with other adults in your kids’ lives

▪ Have up to 5 devices per account, so you can track multiple kids and devices

All new users will get a 7 day free trial of the Premium version of Screen Time. No credit card information is needed for this free trial, and you will not be automatically charged unless you decide to sign up for a membership.

See our Premium pricing here https://screentimelabs.com/pricing


If you have any problems please take a look at our help pages, or contact us via the contact page of our website.

Screen Time Parental Control App Help: https://screentimelabs.com/help

Screen Time Parental Control App Contact: https://screentimelabs.com/contact

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lable: Parenting - Apps Current Version:3.11.65 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Parental Control App by Screen Time Labs

User Reviews


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Andrew Tilbrook 2019-07-10

I\'m very disappointed, I\'ve been paying for this app for years and I just found out that my son has just been simply adding a guest user on the device and doing whatever he wants as the screen time app for the guest user is not active, he then has no restriction or record of anything recorded by your program!!!! I had put my trust in this app expecting it to monitor and control the use of my son\'s tablet use, turns out it\'s simple to circumnavigate disabling any functionality
Erik Menjivar 2019-06-19

This app is terrible. it works the way it\'s supposed to but after i unsubscribed to it and removed the app from my son\'s tablet, it locked him out of everything. There is no phone support and WE HAVE TO WAIT for chat to reply at their leisure. Stay far away from this app!!! Update: I received the e mail But no it isn\'t work, it made everything worse! The instructions are useless. Now the apps won\'t appear at all! Buyer beware: DO NOT USE THIS APP. If you try to uninstall it you\'ll lose all.
Collin Chouinard 2019-03-02

at first this app seemed like it was great. so I went ahead and bought the 6 month subscription.....well come to find out all my kid had to do was to uninstall the freaking app on their phone to disable it.....really! I paid money to you guys for the app to be so easily removed....I WANT A REFUND! DO NOT GET THIS APP. IT\'S A FRAUD.
Sandia Martin 2019-09-05

Has potential, but several features don\'t work. The feature called \"search history\" does not log their web browsing searches AT ALL. NOTHING. Moreover, it does not block the web pages you tell it to block. You can set up website blocking on the parent end, and it will show those links in red when the child goes to those, but it DOES NOT BLOCK THEM. The child can freely go to those sites and they are not blocked. What is the purpose of paying for an app if it does not work. DON\'T WASTE UR $.
Rebecca Sluggett 2019-02-16

pretty good, I like that the kids can earn more time by doing jobs and all the other features it has. I would love if you could set time limits for individual aps. Sadly the syncing is not working 100% when I make changes on my phone, which has me wondering if its worth paying for once my trial period is up.
Jessica Leavitt 2019-04-05

We installed this on both my kids devices. It\'s been great. For the first little bit my son hated it, lol. However, yesterday as we talked about some of the not so good stuff he\'d been reading online he thanked me for blocking accesses to something he was having trouble staying away from. I love that I can set limits on how long and when. It takes some of the conflict out of screen use. being able to show them how they were spending their time is a great tool. Very easy to setup and use.
Dr Kevorkian 2020-08-15

Good concept but operates poorly. Set up was easy and was connected to my child\'s device in no time. Worked fine whilst I was testing it, but in the field it just failed to deliver. For example, my child will be upstairs on their device and I\'ll log in on mine, but it will show that they\'re not even using their device. Doesn\'t give me screen time statistics. Doesn\'t block when I tell it to. Just useless. Uninstalling 👍
Vishal Arora 2019-02-10

my child is able to reset the access of the app and uses the phone well beyond allowed hours and when I check has free access to everything. when I tried to use \"contact us\" on the app it didn\'t work a few times until I reopened the app from app store. this is not what I\'m paying for. was good for a while until the kid outsmarts the app..defeats the purpose
Belinda Burtenshaw 2020-02-18

I am loving this app. I love how specific it gets with how long they are spending on each web page and app they open and shows you everything the open on the tablet. Right down to the settings tab and clock. Since my daughter bikes to school i also like the GPS tracker so i can see which route she took and that she has arrived safely. I\'m a very happy parent.
T Murphy 2019-11-16

Don\'t waste your money. This app used to work, but apparently, has not kept up with Android updates and the teen can uninstall app even when all the device administrator controls are set. It will say you can not uninstall, but the app will uninstall.