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Description of ParentsKit

A unique application designed for your family’s security: ParentsKit

We have been offering services in ‘family security’ for over 5 years. We are now bringing this valuable experience we have in family security and parental control to your Android phones.

Security and Privacy!

ParentsKit provides statistics only for verified phone numbers. A one-time password is sent to the phone number you would like to see reports on, and this phone number is asked to grant permission.

What does ParentsKit offer?

- Ability to track online activities of young family members

- Option of tracking more than one person in large families

- Simple and clear custom charts

- Web and mobile multi-platform support


ParentsKit is a paid service and prices may vary by country.

The cost will be charged to your Google Play account when you purchase a subscription package. Subscriptions with in-app purchases will be renewed weekly, monthly or yearly according to the renewal scheme of the selected payment plan. To terminate automatic subscription renewal, you must deselect the automatic subscription renewal option at most 24 hours before your subscription expires. You can cancel your automatic subscription renewal at any time from your Google Play account settings.


Privacy Policy: https://parentskit.me/android_privacy_policy_en.pdf

Terms of Use: https://parentskit.me/android_terms_of_use_en.pdf

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More Information Of ParentsKit

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.1.3 Publish Date:2021-12-27 Developer:Jet Applications

User Reviews


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Autumn Reaper 2021-01-05

Fricking liiieessssss. So u put there number in and then u verify and then they show u how long they have been online for the past days. Then u want to start tracking but this is where they get you. Now u have to pay or start a subscription to be able to start tracking their number and really see who they are talking to. My advice: just ask them urselfs.
Chaimaa Ch 2020-06-19

Be aware. The app doesn\'t do what they describe, it doesn\'t show you the numbera as they advertise nor the accurate information. The only thing that does is show you the contacts you added when they\'re offline or online which you can see by yourself in whatsapp..no need for this stupid app, in addition to that it charges money and doesn\'t do nothing. I WILL STRONGLY NOT RECOMMEND.
Bonita Harrison 2020-12-26

I just learnt about this app yesterday and immediately wanted it, but I think it is great, especially when dealing with a 15 year old teenage boy, who doesn\'t like to say where his going nor does he want to give a contact number for any of his friends in case his cellphone is off (Has happened before). So I will definitely be back to post again in the near future.
Raul Gonzalez 2020-09-28

Do not buy this app. It literally just tells you how long someone is online and offline. Thats all the info you get. And you only get 1 phone number for 9.99. Not worth. Customer service sucks too. They do not reply to your messages. This app is a rip off! You will not get a refund 😒 I want to give it ZERO STARS!!!
Cate Emery 2021-01-20

I put my own number in to see if it\'ll track properly and it shows the time spent on it today and the past few days and they were all incorrect. Over barely spent a total of 5 mins online today and it said I had been online for 42 mins. The other days were way off as well. After this step they ask for your payment details. AVOID!
John Penree 2020-08-04

This app doesn\'t show you what it\'s depicted on the girls phone in the ad. You only see when someone is online and how long. You can\'t see who they are chatting with. The ad is a very misleading.
Mielagrie Mchunu 2020-12-27

App is useless.. After i installed it, it immediately asked my to subscribe and asked for my banking information before i could even get the info i wanted. The only thing it showed was how long the person I\'m tracking has been online today and that info is just useless really. What a waste of my time and data😠😠😠
Akio Rodriguez 2020-09-25

Disappointed, the pictures in the app in the play store has more than 1 family member, but in the app it\'s pending (coming soon). Other than that it explains how long a phone has been active. Nothing else. From start time, activity length, and end time. No specifics, no what they were doing, no numbers chatted with. Just time on it seems like.
Susana Vazquez 2020-06-07

I thought I could see who the person is talking too but nooo!! Just says when the person is online and how long!! Already paid for my subscription and I hate this!!! Dont show add saying you can see who the person is texting or talking when it\'s not true
Chester Dell 2020-10-02

Wish i had gone through the reviews before downloading. This is false advertising and does not say what it actually does according to the ads. I don\'t recommend anyone downloading this plus paying for something that\'s not doing what it says it should. I\'m so disappointed. A waste of my $9.99 monthly subscription. Unsubscribing.