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Description of Park National Bank

Park National Bank’s mobile banking app is the ultimate connection to your money – and it’s free! Enjoy an updated mobile banking experience with enhanced features and added services, plus the convenience of personal online banking, all at your fingertips. After downloading the app, login with your online banking ID and password.

In the app, you can:

SEE IT: View account and loan information. See balances, check images, and recent transaction history on your accounts, loans and lines of credit. Use instant balance to choose account balances to see on the login page. With Credit Sense, you can also keep tabs on your credit score and history. Plus, open another deposit account, apply for a loan, reorder checks and stop a payment – all from the palm of your hand.

MOVE IT: With more transfer options, you can move money between accounts, between banks and between people. You can quickly transfer to another Park customer’s account – all you need is the account number.

PAY IT: Schedule, change or cancel payments on the go.

DEPOSIT IT: Use your camera to take a picture and deposit checks into any Park checking or savings account.

SEND IT: Send money to anyone on your contact list with and Zelle® - a fast, safe and easy way to send and receive money.

MANAGE IT: Financial Manager is a robust tool providing a detailed overview of your complete financial picture. Set savings goals, build a budget, categorize transactions, see charts and more.

GUARD IT: Enhanced account alerts notify you about important activity, allowing you to choose from an extensive list of alerts. Plus, we’ve added new security features to keep your account safe. Alerts can be sent via text, email or push notifications in the app.

CONTROL IT: Turn your debit card(s) on or off and create spending controls.

UPDATE IT: With a secure form, you can easily update your profile and contact information. It only takes a minute!

FIND IT: Find a branch or ATM near you.

ASK IT: Use the Contact Us feature to call or live chat with a 24/7 Customer Care specialist any time you have a question or need assistance.

Park National Bank

Member FDIC

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:19.4.2 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Park National Corporation

User Reviews


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Chance Newell 2021-02-20

The old Century app ran exponentially better than this one. Logging in is a hassle; it doesn\'t load half the time regardless if I\'m on wifi or data; the recent issues of transaction updates where I\'m missing a week at a time... the list goes on and on. At this point I think I\'d rather deal with the automated system over the phone than this garbage.
Gerald Mullenix 2020-06-29

This app sucks!!!!! I\'m a truck driver and the old app would log me on Everytime. I could check my balance etc... Now I have this new app and I have downloaded the update. I have deleted the app and reinstalled the new app, and it doesn\'t work It won\'t let me even get to the log in screen. It comes back with an error message. This is ridiculous, you had an app that was fine and this new app is absolute garbage!!!!! I don\'t want to have to call you Everytime I check my balance! Time for new bank
Richard Malnati 2020-07-04

With no warning, the mobile app from New Dominion does not work and it is impossible to make the new Park app work. Of course, due the high call volume generated by this very mean gesture, it is impossible to get through. Not a good introduction to Park National. It would have been better if they had been honest and said that they do not care about how nicely we were treated at our old bank. This way, the consumer would know what to expect. Honesty is the best policy!!! This is a very mean trick to pull during an epidemic. Sincerely, Richard J Malnati
hannah 2021-01-08

Can\'t log in half the time. The app will not load even with full service or internet. I can\'t wait 10 minutes for my account to load. You can barely tell what your actual balance is because it shows three different amounts when you look at your quick balance. The app has somehow gotten worse with this update. (Update) I can\'t even log in to the app anymore without having to wait minutes for it to load. When it does finally load it makes me receive a text to put in a security number. Fix this!!!
Kevin for 2021-02-12

This has to be the worst banking app ever invented. Half of the time it won\'t accept your password without giving it your life\'s story; the other half of the time, its bisarly delayed in its info. So, if you don\'t keep a great register, you think you have money that you don\'t and no one cares when you\'ve overdrawn because that\'s just money in their pocket. I hate this app and would give it 0 stars if it were possible. The old app wasn\'t great but it was far more reliable than this.
Jim Phillips 2021-02-19

Both the new app and the new website are an unreliable, poorly functioning, overly complex mess no matter what browser you use. The old app and old website worked much better. This new stuff appears to have designed, engineered, programmed, and implemented by idiots. If not fixed on all counts soon, I will be changing banks!
Jasmine Jewell 2020-09-05

App was perfect until updated. I can no longer log in unless I go through Google play. Many people have made complaints for months and nothing has been done to fix it. If unresolved i\'m switching banks because I rely heavily on mobile access
michael hassell 2020-07-12

It worked before the \"UPDATE\"perfectly,now it doesnt at all!!Every time I try to open,it tells me to upgrade my version.My password wont work at all now!..great job Park National!What a joke.
Wendy Sheets 2020-07-19

I just downloaded the new park national bank app and I have tried 5 × 2 open it and it says system error call an 855 number. I saw people writing reviews a month or 2 ago about this problem and I saw where park national responded stating that changes were made please update or please re install. Well this is a brand new install and I am still getting system errors. It is really frustrating. Can\'t you go back to the old one?
Zach Saunders 2021-03-14

They changed the app and somehow made it more clunky. It acts like you\'re making a new account even if you\'re just trying to log into an existing account, and it didn\'t save the previously saved billing information well. In order to enter a phone number you have to type in the dashes too. It\'s just awkwardly made and you\'d think they\'d transfer over your previous information better. Log in verification texts take over an hour to be delivered.