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GameSpot “The 5 Best Mobile Games Of 2018”

IGN US “10 Best Mobile Games of 2018”

○Part time worker, full time UFO!

In Part Time UFO, fly a UFO around and complete odd jobs.

Help out at a farm, support cheerleaders, cook up the ultimate dessert at a restaurant, build castles, and much more!

Wherever the UFO goes, there are sure to be plenty of jobs waiting.

At the center of all this is the UFO's super special awesome claw!

Use the claw crane to grab, move, and stack objects to complete jobs.

○Change your look with classy outfits!

Use your hard-earned money to buy costumes to change into.

Wearing these can give the UFO a whole new look and new abilities.

Whether you want to show your stripes with the Tiger Suit or zip around in Ninja Wear, there are lots of costumes to pick and choose from.

○Lots of friends (and foes?)!

Meet tons of people on the job.

From a tight-lipped ship captain, a clumsy museum curator, or a fishy professor, to even elephants, dogs, and hamsters, they'll cheer on the UFO during jobs, let out a sigh when the UFO fails, and show all kinds of reactions.

Some of them may also be disguised and hiding in wait...

○Work those tunes!

Part Time UFO features tons of catchy beats.

They're scientifically proven to make you more productive.

*Not scientifically proven

○Share your masterpiece!

Job? What job? Sometimes a UFO's just gotta stack to its unidentified flying heart's content.

Create fun or artistic shapes and snap some shots!

Show off the fruits of your labor with all your friends.

○"Works" with Google Play.

Try your claw at lots of different achievements!

Become the part-timeliest part-timer of them all!


◆No in-app purchases

This app contains no in-app purchases.

◆Available languages

The following languages are available:

Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English, Korean.

◆Compatible OS

Android 4.4 or newer

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.2.5 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:HAL Laboratory, Inc.

User Reviews


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Xavier Vassell 2018-05-06

As a Kirby fan, I always like it whenever HAL Labs does occasionally stray away from their pink puff. This is a charming game with that HAL feel that makes it worthwhile to play. And with no microtransactions, that\'s even better!
Corey McDonald 2018-05-23

This is a wonderful game by Hal labs. Its cute its somewhat simple and can be played anytime. This grump little UFO makes me so happy. And thats coming from a clinicly depressed 24 year old.
Davis Constantine 2018-04-22

Cute, easy to play, fun and has achievements. What\'s not to love about this game. Tutorials make sense and very easy to pick up. Game created by the same company that created Smash Bros and ever Kirby main line game.
Fred 2018-02-27

This is the first mobile game from the creators of Kirby and developers of Super Smash Bros among many more. The type of quality you\'d expect from a HAL or Nintendo product are all here. The game boasts fun characters, a beautiful art style, and great music. The game is simple, it\'s a sort of claw game where you have to load or stack things, but the developers have made many varied and fun levels
SamusIsMyHero 2018-03-02

This is a 4$ game for people who enjoy simple games. You will not find gatcha nor lengthy game here. Only a quality game akin to the feel of a \"mini game\" by the developers of the Kirby franchise. The art style feels abit remincent to Kirby or Wario Ware games. The gameplay is meant to be a relaxing challenge using the claw mechanic to pick up things to complete \"jobs.\" The only downside is wishing it were longer but hey, no Loot boxes or RNG mechanic! Have fun :)
Charles Hammer 2019-02-12

Infuriatingly non responsive controls, inconsistent physics, and unnecessarily long unskipable pauses/cutscenes. Make this otherwise charming game unenjoyable and a pain to play.
Julian Munsayac 2018-12-23

A very fun and very quirky game. Controls are a little bit difficult to get used to, but that is one of the charms of this game. This game tests you knowledge in puzzle solving and strategy as you gain money and medals by replaying it. Once you get used to it, replaying each level will be easy. Overall,really fun game.
Phil N 2018-02-27

This is a short game. You might be averse to paying for a phone game that will likely take you only a short time to beat, but it\'s worth it. It\'s cute and sweet, with the kind of plot and visuals you\'d expect from Boxboy and Kirby developer HAL. With adorable characters, quirky levels, a fun gameplay mechanic, and a gallery of unlockable costumes, you\'ll most likely want to pick it up and play it again even if you\'ve beaten it 100%. There is definitely potential for updates, dlc, or sequels. I could see this becoming a great franchise.
Brian Matei 2020-09-05

Cute game from a quality developer. Fun to pick up and play, so it feels just right for mobile. Controls can take some getting used to, but that\'s part of the charm. Graphics are nice, apart from the aspect ratio being forced to 16:9. The game should properly adapt to the screen real estate you have available.
sweth_t 2019-06-09

I didn\'t know what to expect going into this game, being that it\'s a mobile game by the Kirby devs. But wow, this game has all the charm of any other HAL game. Essentially, it\'s a physics based puzzle game where you pick things up with a claw, and drop them off elsewhere. And while $3.99 might be a bit steep for what this game looks like on the surface, I assure you that this game will not disappoint you. And all the money you earn goes towards cute hats that boost stats, so what\'s not to love.