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Description of Password Depot for Android - Password Manager

Password Depot has often been cited as an outstanding password manager for Android, Windows, iOS and Mac OS. Store all your passwords and confidential information, starting right away, in a safe vault, protected with AES 256-bit encryption.

From now on, you will only have to remember one password: the master password which you will use to open Password Depot. You now will be able to generate only safe and uncrackable passwords for your logins and for all practical purposes. Protect your sensitive data so that you can always access it when you need it.

You can decide where Password Depot should keep your encrypted vault:

• on your smartphone

• in the Cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, HiDrive or Box) - so that you can access it from several different devices simultaneously

• on a FTP server

• on your corporate server using the accessory module, Password Depot Enterprise Server

You can have confidence in the team of AceBIT and its 20 years of experience and know-how!

It has already been 10 years since the prestigious and independent Fraunhofer Institute, after conducting a large comparative survey of password managers, certified that the PC edition of Password Depot offers the "highest level of security of all tested programs". It has further been described as the "only software that made a good impression in our comprehensive security tests".

Since then, we have improved and expanded Password Depot even further!

So now, it’s really time for you to get going!

Download Password Depot and benefit from the protection this password manager is offering. You can use Password Depot on all your devices, including smartphones, tablets, Windows PCs and Mac computers.

You won’t want to be without Password Depot any longer!

Here is an overview of some of the highlights of the Android edition:

• Password manager: a secure vault for your passwords

• Secure databases for all passwords — your passwords are AES 256-bit encrypted

• Fingerprint scanner support

• Authentication with key file for additional protection of your databases

• Password generator: create safe and virtually uncrackable passwords

• Automatic completion of access data with the integrated browser instead of manual typing

• Group passwords in folders in order to be clearly structured

• Arrange entries for example by category or description

• Quickly search your entries

• Automatically lock the app

• The database self-destructs after 10 failed login attempts

• Automatic deletion of passwords copied to the clipboard

• Protection from screenshots and video photography

• Automatic storage

• Automatic backup

• User-defined fields

• Manage TANs

• Native Android app

• First class and fast support via e-mail

• Completely free of charge and free of advertising!

No one can open your Password Depot vault without its master password — even the manufacturer, AceBIT, isn’t able to do so. Your vault is safely encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption.

Password Depot is the easiest way to save your passwords safely.

Download Password Depot now and convince yourself!

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:15.0.7 Publish Date:2021-05-19 Developer:AceBIT

User Reviews


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YouAreAllBrainDead 2020-12-03

I don\'t really like this app connecting to the internet. Is there any way to make it offline? Why must it connect at all if i just want to save my passwors offline? 1 minute open and already 20 kb uploaded somewhere??
Wen Li 2020-04-04

Hi, can the Developer see my review? When I click the *.pswe file on file explorer, the system could not chose Password Depot to open, I suggest that you can fix that when I click the *.pswe file, the phone will open it with Password Depot automatically. In addition, I highly recommend that the Android APP can open database with WebDAV, cause ALL CloudDrive like Google Drive, DropBox etc. are prohibited in China!!!
Simon Isaacs 2020-12-15

Very useful and easy to access ....but I have not explored all of the abilities of the app as yet?
James White 2020-08-13

A little hard, not for the average person. It would be nice to have a more user friendly version for those of us that don\'t need all the App features

I would definitely recommend Password Depot. It is very strong and secure password manager.
Jane Senduvu 2020-09-24

Nice app. I would recommed to all who are looking for stable and secure password manager.
Betty Maxwell 2020-12-10

Easy to use, best password manager I\'ve used!
Anton F W Dworzak 2020-05-06

Simply great! Does everything it claims. Easy to use.
Amit Valecha 2020-09-24

So far I\'m happy that it is offline password vault and seems quite secure. Will update the
ranjan Jha 2020-02-25

I use Password Depot to centrally store almost everything. The biometric login for the DB means I can have a really secure passwords.