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Description of Pathways Pain Relief

The Pathways pain relief program has helped hundreds of patients reduce, and sometimes even get rid of persistent, aka chronic pain.

When pain lasts for longer than 3 months, our body's pain system can start becoming overactive and overprotective. Sounding the alarm (pain!) all too often. But there are steps we can take to retrain your brain, and turn down the volume on pain.

We've helped patients with all different types of diagnosis reduce pain. The most common diagnosis include:

Back pain


Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Neck Pain


Joint Pain

Digestive Issues

Shoulder Pain

Here are some of the key techniques you'll find in the Pathways program:

Pain science education

Diaphragmatic breathing

Visualizations & Graded Imagery

Physical Exercise


Mindfulness Exercises

Stress Reducing Exercises

Your personal pain therapist will take you on your own journey to understanding why you feel pain, and work to break the pain cycle.

You can track how your pain develops over time, and focus on the pain relief techniques that work for you.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.20.7 Publish Date:2022-05-17 Developer:Natural, proven & safe chronic pain relief

User Reviews


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Alan Trahan 2019-02-28

I\'m frustrated with all these apps that overcharge for a regular prescription to a fixed amount of resources. This one doesn\'t even mention the cost until the last audio session which all basically tell you why their program would help you without giving you any tools or practice advice whatsoever. It\'s very discouraging and all gives the impression that poor people will never get well because they can\'t afford these specific apps.
Jennifer Boardman 2019-03-26

I can\'t thank n recommend this app enough to anyone with pain. I\'ve had back pain for years due to a disc bulge. I\'ve been using a crutch for last 9 months, n was in agony after doing simple tasks. Two weeks into using the app and I had a fun filled weekend with my son, doing things I wouldn\'t even attempt before because of the pain. I was even able to go out shopping without my crutch n not be in anywhere near as much pain, during or afterwards. Thank you so much, I now have hope for my future.
A Google user 2018-09-14

It really changed my life. My whole outlook and approach to my pain has changed and after 3 weeks it has started to vanish. A fantastic app, I am already spreading the word, I think this can make a difference for a lot of people. One piece of feedback: it would be cool, if the sessions would be ordered by type after you did them in the session list - all visualizations in one place, all workouts etc. Any maybe a facial hair option for the avatar ; ) in any case: I cannot thank you enough, this thing is priceless. Love you guys! : )
A Google user 2019-02-13

Restoring my original rating because the Pathways team contacted me re: my previous review, and because after a month of usage, I\'ve found that this app really is the best source around for chronic pain relief. I\'ve tried Curable and Alan Gordon\'s recovery plan on the TMS Wiki (both of which basically teach the same principles/techniques as Pathways), but Pathways is better overall in its structure, providing convincing research/facts, and at offering a greater number of pain relief techniques.
Jane Pedersen 2019-11-21

I am learning alot. This goes along very well with the treatment I get at my pain clinic. I am truly impressed. I never dreamed \"there\'d be an app for that!\" But gosh darn there is and it is really useful! Thank you. JLP severe chronic pain for 47 years. Age 49.
Gill Upham 2020-10-13

This is full of amazing ideas to help with persistent pain, broken into bite size pieces that you can try. Some seem more appropriate than others but this will obviously vary from person to person. A mix of physical and mental emotional suggestions, and they don\'t take a lot of time. Little and often is what\'s needed so even on a busy day you can do something to help.
Eva Micich 2020-06-20

I have sciatica symptoms related to a bulging disc that have continued for a year. I have already found benefit in reduced pain symptoms after a few days. I am really shocked, in a good way. I am normally reluctant to pay for an app but compared to the thousands spent on gp, physio, chiro, pain medication, this is really not much. It has given me back some hope that my quality of life will improve which is priceless. I\'ll update the review after a few weeks, maybe even pain free!
Jeannie Trudell 2020-01-13

This app has been an eye opening experience. Realizing how you can use your brain to minimize pain has been a life changer. I use this along with solfeggio tones and meditation. I wish you had more free content, I lost my job due to chronic pain and can\'t afford to upgrade. Really hoping these therapies get me back on track.
A Google user 2018-10-30

I absolutely love this app. I have lyme disease, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, and use a cane to walk. There is little doctors can do for me. I can feel so powerless at times. This app empowers me. I am able to do the visualizations and self talk. There\'s so much I can\'t do but this app gives me the priceless gift of hope that I can have control over my pain.
Matt Manoo 2020-09-12

Excellent for chronic pain sufferers. It has helped me to rewire my brain to deal with a severe back injury which I\'m now at the tail end of. However this app is more than dealing with pain. It\'s about neuroplasticity which is now helping me eliminate vertigo and tinnitus. Definitely worth the subscription as they are constantly updating content.