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Description of Patient Portal

Through the Patient Portal Web Shortcut from NextGen Healthcare, you can communicate with your doctor, access medical records and test results, and request appointments and medication refills.

When you use the Patient Portal Web Shortcut, you can communicate with your physician to stay on track with your care plans, monitor and share your health information, and request refills from within the app.

Manage your and your family’s medical information from your smartphone or tablet: "Family care" functionality allows you to access patient portal record for your child or parent.

Send and receive secure messages, see test and lab results online, ask questions, and get appointment reminders.

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More Information Of Patient Portal

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.0 Publish Date:2021-07-18 Developer:NextGen Healthcare

User Reviews


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Drew 2020-02-14

When I open the app, it forces me into Chrome which makes the app pointless. I already know how to access Patient Portal from the web. Forcing you into a browser defeats the purpose of the app. Pages take forever to load as well and I end up giving up and logging out.
Kyle Spires 2016-12-03

What a waste! If you are looking for a Patient Portal app to help you access your information this is not it. This is the most useless app I think I have ever downloaded. All it does is open your Web browser to the nextmd website. To the developer please make a real app that doesn\'t just open a browser.
A Google user 2019-02-15

R quick if i need too and i can look up all labs and appts.
otis thedog 2019-05-16

Very frustrating, I\'m rarely able to log in without 9 or 10 tries. Once I log in, the info I need is almost impossible to find. I spent nearly an hour trying to submit a refill. The pharmacy info has to be entered EXACTLY as the pharmacy has it registered or you cannot find it anywhere. Nearly impossible to delete sent messages. I have NEVER been able to use this app without getting errors to try again later. It\'s easier to call the clinic and spend my time on hold instead of using this app.
Lana Morgan 2020-12-21

This app is nothing but a shortcut to the mobile website -- literally. When you click on the app to open it, it opens your default browser to the portal\'s website. Save yourself time and phone storage space, and just bookmark the site.
Joy Holmes 2019-07-22

I would give 0 stars but that is not an option. Every time I try to log in it won\'t let me. I can try 3 times and I get locked out for too many attempts. I hate this app and think the people who created it must have been smoking crack when they created this garbage. I am going to call my dr on Monday and tell him to stop sending me things I cannot access. Thanks for nothing but frustration guys.
John Coseglia 2017-04-30

Most of the complaints were about not actually reaching the portal. You do have to create an account first in order to access your records on the portal. It works very well for everything. Much better than trying to get your Dr office to call you back or call for a refill. They even email you, to go to the portal to see a message from you Dr\'s office.
James Villegas 2019-08-08

This \"app\" is simply a web shortcut. The website itself is not easy to navigate. I know that this company allows access via API\'s for data, yet sadly, they never bother to utilize them to create an actual app. I look forward to the day an actual application is written to utilize the data in a presentable manner. For now, I\'ll just use the desktop site.
Jena Arthur 2019-07-25

The app is not up to date. For some reason, not all the providers are listed. The charts arent updated no matter how many times i request it. The formatting is poor. If i look in a category such as test results it brings up one big list of results, there is no organization such as by date. It could be a great app and a great way to communicate with my doctor if worked correctly.
Karol Montgomery 2020-04-07

This is a wonderful app to communicate with a doctor. It is much faster than calling. One thing to change if possible is the ability to send for example, a picture of what\'s going on if I am concerned about something. However, HIPPA requirements may restrict this feature within the app. Also, rather than exiting the app every time when waiting for a Dr\'s answer & logging in again etc. One log in would be nice.