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Description of Paymaster: Incomes & Expenses

Don't know how to organize your budget and why does your money vanish?

Can’t pay back the debts?

Can’t save up some money?

Paymaster will take control of your daily life expenses!

Paymaster is your personal accountant and budget helper, which tracks expenses in an automated way and controls your finances. You will be always aware of how much money is in your wallet, on your credit card and your bank account. In addition, you will always know all about your debts, what is owed to you and for which planned purchases you need a budget.

The main advantages of a budget organizer Paymaster besides helping to save up your time, are:

- Automatic creation of transactions from SMS and Google Pay notifications.

- Creation of transactions with the help of voice input.

- Creation of scheduled transactions.

- Splitting of transactions.

Using Paymaster, you can fully control your personal finances along with the family budget and will get all the details of your incomes and expenses. Furthermore:

- Maintain accounts and consider transactions using 170 currencies.

- Plan and control your personal budget and get notifications about exceeding the budget.

- Plan your expenses and incomes using scheduled transactions.

- Use the tool as a family expense tracker and home finance manager.

- Analyze your expenses and incomes with the help of user-friendly charts.

- Cooperate with other users (combined view in case of dealing with family or business budget).

- Focus on finance management and make sure all the debts are taken into account.

- Monitor exchange rates and get notifications about all the changes.

- Detail transactions using tags and comments.

- Protect your data with the help of password or fingerprint authentication.

- Save your data using backups.

A video guide will help you to understand all the main app features and essential money management tools (Menu -> Help).

A free version of Paymaster is also available! Its functionality is more than enough to handle basic expenses and use as a main money organizer (and it is ad-free).

If you want to fully control your finances, to analyze your expenses, to monitor your savings and exchange rates, please check out the capacities of the full version (Menu -> Subscriptions). A full version of our money tracker gives more capabilities to manage, save and grow.

We take care about the safety of your data. You can read about it in our Privacy policy using the application (Settings -> Privacy policy) or our website.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:6.5 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:Sergei Koleskin

User Reviews


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Fazir . T. Subair 2019-06-10

I wanted to read the sms transaction to my account, however when i try i get the message \"this sms not a transaction sms\"
Ajinkya Nikam 2019-11-01

I am unable to edit the transaction or category.
O P 2020-05-10

I would use this app if the budget was zero-based. For example, it does not make sense to have 2000 budget for all categories and then 5000 for dining. It takes two clicks to get to the budget. It should be on the main screen. Edit: please google zero-based budgeting. I don\'t want to create separate budgets and sum the amounts myself. Let\'s say I have 2000 per month for all expenses and I want to distribute it into several categories, then move them around those categories if needed. / It would also be nice to have a dashboard with more information on the main screen, so we can use one hand and don\'t have to tap too much. Edit 2: Dev helped me figure out the budgeting. Very cool budget management! Might be even better than the zero-based one! Up to 4 stars, because I\'d still love to see more on the main screen or maybe at least have different tabs at the bottom instead of hidden in the sidebar.
Rey Adrean Buot 2019-06-22

thank you for this app it helped me be financially aware of my expenses
Tom McPadden 2018-12-06

Terrible. It doesn\'t live up to its name.
Ali Zia 2020-02-29

App seemed promising at first but soon found out most of the useful features are for the paid version. The fact that a maximum of only 2 planned payments can be tracked in basic version is absolutely absurd. Useless unless paid. Edit: Reponse to developer 1. The free version is too limited to be able to evaluate the app. This should be mentioned in the description on playstore. 2. The trial period of 7 days is too short. Should be at least a month.
Rakib Islam 2019-08-02

App is super useful! I don\'t need to manually add transactions from the several accounts and it updates them as soon as they happen. I haven\'t come across any other app that does this on the playstore so seamlessly. Have a great overview of my finances at my fingertips. App developer is super helpful and responsive to feature requests and fixes issues as they come in. I recommend to buy the yearly package, totally worth it! Thanks!
Janet Leow 2019-05-10

Is there a way to put end date to recurring expenses?
Gundegmaa Otgon 2020-01-20

I have used over 15 best similar apps including editor\'s choice apps. Now I landed on PAYMASTER. I really love it. And even I paid for pro version. It helping me to control my real finance. By the way it\'s my first playstore purchase. Also support service is flash lightening fast and helpful. Thanks team.
Manu Mathew 2018-09-27

It has a good UI and interface. But it would have been even better if there was daily repeating transaction feature to record commute expenditures. Also the accounts could be categorized..