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Description of PayPal Business

PayPal Business app is the fast and easy way to access your account on-the-go. Manage payments at your convenience, so you can focus on running your business.​

With PayPal Business app, you can:​


Check your balance and track monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales for your business instantly. Use detailed insights to help with future money management decisions.​


Create, send, and track invoices that customers can pay immediately online. Send reminders automatically and schedule repeat invoices for customers who make recurring payments.​


Move money seamlessly to your linked bank account. With PayPal Business app, you can access business contacts, issue refunds, and make transfers directly from your mobile device.​


Sell products on social media by creating a shareable Sell on Social listing directly in the app. Give customers who pay in-person a secure, touch-free way to pay you using their PayPal app and QR code.​

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2022.05.17 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:PayPal Mobile

User Reviews


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phil johnson 2021-01-24

8 Months and have not not looked back. My business used PayPal for over 4 years. Well when they started having problems processing shipping labels and giving errors I decided to call paypal. Unfortunately they had nobody to help me supposedly due to covid. This happened for a month straight. I decided to use a different processor and I love them. No problems what so ever and they have support to help me. We will do about 150k in online sales this year. PAYPAL wont see any of that. Dont use Ppal.
Time Trickster 2020-12-24

Almost not worth it - it requires you to log in and get a text message verification EVERY TIME you want to open the app, despite clicking the \'trust this device\' box. You won\'t be able to log in to send money as you will have to go through another text message verification, and then it\'ll just say the session timed out and you\'ll have to do it again. Forever. Don\'t bother getting this app as it will genuinely be quicker and less hassle to just use a browser version. Fix it please.
James Scholes 2020-12-26

Logging in is a pain. I opened a business account to make it easier and safer for customers to pay me for my repair services. My first payment of £100 was on hold with no specific reason other than it being my first transaction. Fast forward 2 weeks, I\'ve had half a dozen new payments which have successfully cleared but that first £100 is still being held from me. Give me my money Paypal. Looking for a new payment app as we speak. Avoid this
Basement Coals 2020-04-19

Very Useful App+Service, Thanks, But fees/%/tx-time/etc are outrageous/high/long . Any bsns can use Square,etc instead of this . Paypal (full)-app does not support (older)Android KITKAT(v4.4.x) anymore !😞 Please release LITE edition of \"Paypal\" with support for Kitkat . This app (Paypal-Bsns) supports Kitkat, & can Send invoice/bill via email, & can send invoice’s URL/link via ur choice of communication medium/channel (Use \"Share\" button) that is/are supported by ur customer/client/vendor/etc.
Jeremy Cook 2020-07-13

Loved this app for a long time. Made it easy to handle my billing and such on the fly. Now since a recent update, it sucks. I can barely login now, and it just gives me the spinning circle of death if I try to look at my recent activity. I noticed other parts of the app seem to be broken as well. Please fix it PayPal, or I might have to find a different payment solution.
Kayla Todd 2020-06-04

Whatever you did with the new update this app is awful! I used to absolutely love it. I used it daily! Now I cant even login. Ive tried switching accounts and starting a fresh login but as soon as I get in, I\'m kicked out every time! I sure hope you resolve this soon or I may consider changing to a different company.
Toni Jo Caetano 2020-10-05

This app is now causing more problems than what it was initially causing. Every time I login, using fingerprint from same device, the app notifies me of login from an unknown device. Because of this, it has triggered suspicious activity and now my transfers of funds are being held. I have used PayPal to invoice clients for our services since 2017, but I\'m changing services. This is ridiculous when our company funds are being held and I have payroll demands to meet for my employees.
Garfield Turner 2021-02-11

I haven\'t logged into my account for 4 years & was just told by a customer rep. that they can\'t help me because they can only reset my password by sending a code to my old phone number. I don\'t have that number anymore, so why didn\'t Paypal or their policy makers on security come up with a workable method for people to regain access to their account? I have a pending dispute against a seller that potentially scammed me and was sent information that I needed to sign in for in order to access it.
Ashok Regmi 2021-01-13

1. Can\'t send invoice and payment request. 2. Amount withdrawal to bank is not working. Showing you have not linked any Bank account/cards. (Working well on web) 3. Stats graphs are not working well. Double click on any specific month/date its shows same when select other date. 4. Stats show worng amount primary currancy changed. Just say one thing. Nothing make this app special both PayPal and PayPal business are same. Because advance features are not working well on this PayPal business.
Jesse Reyes 2020-07-01

They don\'t tell you that on the first payment you receive they are going to put a hold of 21 days. And if you try calling customers service they will hang up on you..... make clear to the clients that this app doesn\'t work right and if you try to refund there is a 100 dollar charge...