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Description of paysafecard - prepaid payments

paysafecard - pay prepaid online

Simple. Easy. Prepaid.

You don’t have a bank account or credit card? Or you don’t want to use regular net banking? No problem. The paysafecard app allows you to create a prepaid payment account in minutes to pay easily on thousands of sites.

Pay online without a bank account or credit card

paysafecard is an alternative payment method for prepaid online payments, which means you don’t need a bank account or credit card to enjoy online entertainment like music, shopping and gaming easily. It’s simple like any other prepaid balance but more flexible and advanced:

✓ Register an account in minutes (16+)

✓ Get prepaid balance at +600,000 sales outlets worldwide

✓ Manage your balance conveniently in the account

✓ Redeem the balance on 1000+ websites

✓ Keep control of your costs through prepaid payments

✓ Stay safe by not using financial details online

✓ Excellent payment method for gaming especially: Easily purchase games, in-game items, in-game currency, gift cards & more

Accepted by global brands and key players in everyday digital (or online) entertainment and the preferred payment solution by millions for gaming and shopping sites.

How does it work after downloading the app?

1. Register to create a paysafecard account in minutes

2. Find a sales outlet to buy a paysafecard prepaid code, available in various amounts

3. Top up your account balance with the 16-digit code on the purchased prepaid card

4. Pay flexibly on thousands of shopping and gaming sites around the world

Be faster with the app

More convenient, quicker and everything in one place. If you want to safely shop online or pay on popular gaming sites and services, you can do so with paysafecard prepaid balance. It is effortless, simply enter the 16-digit code at the check-out and enjoy secure online payments without the need to add a credit card or bank account.

Main app functionalities

✓ Scan2Pay: Scan the QR code on a merchant website to pay more conveniently

✓ Scan2Topup: Scan the QR code on your paysafecard to top up your account faster

✓ PoS Search: Find a paysafecard sales outlet in your area more easily

✓ Balance Check: See the balance left on your paysafecard code quickly

✓ Direct Load: Generate a barcode, go to a sales outlet and automatically top up your account with the amount of your choice


Please contact info@paysafecard.com or visit our website www.paysafecard.com for more information, assistance and our terms and conditions. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @paysafecard

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.10.3 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Paysafe Holdings UK Limited

User Reviews


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Kevin Walsh 2020-05-13

Very good. No problems if used correctly! Important: You must download the app. You must then register the purchased voucher code on the app. Only then will the voucher work. I suspect many of the bad reviews are because people are trying to use the voucher before registering it on the app. It has worked really well for me. 👍
Kris Slezak 2019-04-12

paysafecard has completely gone ghost town. no help from support, technical issues aren\'t resolved, the news sections headline is from 2015. If that\'s not enough, I have 30$ stuck in there and unable to use because of technical difficulties, were is the tech staff to handle these things. it\'s been 5 business days and still haven\'t even recieved a reply email from them, horrible company that just doesnt care about anything but money, customers mean nothing to them.
Ruby76 2019-11-04

It\'s very useful for the people who don\'t have debit or credit card and for people who can\'t pay at internet. Just what you need is money then go to the shop buy gift card(or code just how you call it) then you get PIN and go to this app and reedem it then you have that money on this app and you can pay at many sites or apps
Phil M 2019-12-28

Only reason i installed this app is to try and avoid having to pay in set multiples. Why can\'t you put in say £12 and create a barcode to pay the amount you want. Retailers don\'t round top nearest 10 so why be so restrictive. I now have £8 i can\'t use, to get a refund you will charge me £6 and if it\'s there over 12 months you will admin charge it. Pretty poor in my eyes
Saïda VALET 2020-11-06

A quite safe way to pay for online purchases with a very easy access to your personal account when you want or need to check your balance. I highly recommend it.
Lara Petersons 2021-01-07

Love being able to check my balance easily the UI is slightly clumsy and non intuitive but for the most part does what is required. The main downfall I would say is that you\'re unable to top up online.
Sami Badwan 2020-08-28

it\'a impossible to have access to my paysafe account from another device even if write the correct password and username. we should not lose our smartphon , do not depend on paysafe balance if you travel . you lose your money with your smartphon . i am really disappointed from you . i could regain all exept my paysafe account and when i try to make new account it keeps telling me that something went wrong. the best advice for all . Do Not Use Paysafe .
3 to 3 2019-02-15

I can now pay with cash through phone without adding debit card details. Just like a lyalty card but better way to spend!
Ioannis Kammonas 2021-01-20

Sorry but you have a very bad service. I asked for a simple thing and i wait 4 days now and they cant fix it. People find another way but not paysafecard. Totally unreliable service
petar hladni 2020-03-25

Very good way to pay for something if you dont have a debit card and very easy to use.