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Description of PDF Maker

Main features of OrangePalm 's PDF Maker app.

- Select photos, images to convert them into PDF with password protection.

- Change the document margin as needed.

- Compress the image for small size PDF

- Add images, position, resize and rotate them.

- Save your work and continue later. All documents are saved and can be edited and used to create new PDF files at a later stage.

- Open, share, print or delete the PDF files from the app.

- Share and send images and text from other applications to PDF Creator to add it to the current or a new document.

- Convert images to PDF document files.

PDF Maker allows you to convert any image (JPG, PNG, etc.) or document (TXT, Docx, Doc, etc) file into a PDF document on your smartphone and tablet.

OrangePalm 's PDF makerApp help to easily convert Images into PDF documents.

Some eye-catching options added to OrangePalm 's PDF Maker app:

- Offline PDF maker.

- Easy and fast conversion into PDF document with no watermark.

- Share the created PDF.

Steps to use PDF Maker :

1. Select images or docs file with select button.

2. Once the conversion finished, you can see all extracted pdf in the folder

with PDF Maker.

3. Share the PDFs files with friends and family.

This app is one of the best in the productivity category and a must-have app.

☆ No register or login required

This is a fast, reliable PDF Maker app that doesn't compel users to use any other specific services. PDF Maker works offline and is entirely free cost. OrangePalm 's app is for free without limits.

☆ Password Protect PDF file/Encrypt PDF file

You can encrypt or password protects your PDF file to avoid others to open it without the password.

☆ Convert image/photo into PDF file

If you have photos and you want to convert them into PDF, you can use the image to pdf functionality. It allows the user to convert either one or multiple image files into one single pdf file. This is very convenient when you want to send a large number of photo to other into one file.

☆ Simple User Interface

Very elegant & intuitive simple user interface based on google's latest material design.

☆ Edit or crop images

Photos can be cropped or edited before making it to PDF file.

☆ Page Size set

PDF Maker allows you to set the page size of the PDF file. So PDF document can be

aligned & got margin perfectly.

☆ Grayscale PDF

This app would give an option to convert the images & document to Black & White PDF


☆ Border Width

PDF Maker allows you to set the border of PDF file. So that it can look more good in

converted PDF files.

The Best Photo and Document Scanner, All formats of images and photos, Text & Document files to PDF file. It's a Portable Scanner, All types of Doc and Images Scan.

PDF Maker is a full-fledged app, designed for users while working with any kind of file format.

PDF Maker is having effective and efficient performance in its functioning.

You can create PDF documents for your own official use and maintain records that are secured by the use of PDF Maker.

To gain the best user experience while working with all the formats of images and docs, Install the OrangePalm 's PDF Maker app now.

Remember it is SUPERFAST

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More Information Of PDF Maker

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:5.2.7 Publish Date:2022-06-04 Developer:OrangePalm

User Reviews


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Career Makers 2020-07-13

Whenever I needed to make PDFs I downloaded this app as it is not of much MB and quicker to redownload ... Better than others..... As I 🤔........ You must download the quick app to solve any PDf related problems ......However this is not a PDf reader my device is capable to read them........ But I appeal them to fix this....... Glad to know that the app is updated 😊😊😊
Aryansh Chaudhary 2020-07-30

It\'s a very good app for making pdf file so easily with less efforts. I have tried many other apps for making pdf but did not satisfy with them.I think this is the best app for making pdf file amongst the apps I have used.

The only thing which I want to say about this application is amazing! It is so easy to convert any photo into PDF, doc into PDF, etc. For those who visit this app please download it enjoy its use. Trust me it\'s very helpful atleast better than other or maybe best. Thank you Pdf maker and all the best for your other apps.👍
USHA DEVI 2020-07-27

Nice app with good performance and features. But a thing annoyes me is that i could not find option of delete. So if it is absent makers can fix this problem. But otherwise nice app among all P.D.F maker apps.
Eugene Raees 2020-12-09

This is app is free and very useful.. who In The world now a days like this developer can do a very helpful app...very rare right...the other PDF charge P500 like what??For this simple task charge like that.. just reasonable amount and this developer deserve...more power to this developer and the app I highly recommend.. so easy to use...I tried it once and I\'m done in less than 2minutes
Jha Manoj 2020-08-04

Excellent app and keep upgrading it time to time .I am a student it helps me alot specially during this lockdown due to covid -19 👏👏👏😀😀
Nisha Raval 2020-12-08

My experience with this app was great. It was really easy to convert photos to PDF as compared to other apps. I will advise to download this app. That\'s really great...... So five stars from my side... 😊
Shreyas K A 2020-08-21

Awesome app for pdf formation. While selecting photos, they look blurified but when they are in pdf they are awesome. Good App and superfast pdf formation and that is what my favourite feature. Hope you will improve blurified photos to clear because it may be difficult sometimes. But I think you should reduce the storage occupied by the created PDF . If this feature is bought, then this app is Mr. Perfect !
Shehnaz kuch nahi 2021-01-13

Just used this app a while ago, Literally this app makes the pdf real fast and it is very useful if you want to send a pdf quickly this is a time saver. I was searching for an app like this finally found it! I recommend this to everbody. Creators great work 👍👏

I was just wandering in the Play Store, to search for an app for making PDF without purchase, and I finally found this app and this is the best app for making PDF, so, I say that everyone must download it.<3 :) . We can delete the PDF made, create new PDF maximum 18 pages, share it , and after selecting the photos we have just to click on the button make PDF ,and it instantly makes that PDF, lots of love from me to the developer.