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Description of Peekage


Picking the right product is challenging today with so many products to choose from. Peekage is your solution to that problem. We're offering an easier way for you to find products you're actually interested in. With Peekage, you can try them for free before spending anything on them.


Did you test a product? Share your feedback with us and earn free gift cards from your favorite brands.

Whether it's the best thing that you ever tried, a great package with all the required information, or a product that didn't meet your expectations, we reward you for your honest feedback because it helps make the products you use and love that much better.

And the best part? You get rewarded EVERY TIME you share feedback.

It's super simple too. Just answer your daily packs before they disappear from the app, get coins for each answer, and use your coins to claim new offers. You can even convert your coins into gift cards at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, Best Buy, and more!

Are you ready to get rewarded for your opinions? Here's how you can get started:

1. Download the Peekage app for free.

2. Answer a few questions, so we can customize your experience and offer you relevant products that you'll love.

3. Start claiming FREE offers for your favorite products.

4. Receive daily packs on the Peekage app that ask you about yourself, your past experiences, and for product feedback. Packs are typically 3-6 questions long.

5. Get rewarded for sharing additional feedback about your experience.

Claim free products and get rewarded for your feedback.

Download Peekage Today and make your opinion count!

Check out our website at www.peekage.com

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More Information Of Peekage

lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:2.1.1 Publish Date:2022-05-14 Developer:Peekage

User Reviews


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Tiffany Fleck 2021-02-20

What\'s it for? I\'ve done all of my daily packs, but I have nothing else available. There\'s nothing to give feedback on, and so far it seems useless. I kept going for a month, just to see what would happen, and it seems the closer you are to a reward, then they take it away. I originally saw $5 Sephora rewards, But now all of a sudden because I have more than enough points for them, there are no rewards available to me.
Rebekah Heinrichs 2020-11-27

App wouldnt accept verification code that it sent to my phone. Gives you 30 seconds to type it in and I would enter the code within that time frame but I would get an error message saying all fields needed to be filled. The only field was for the 4 digit code so all fields were filled. Will be deleting. Not worth the hassle.
Cassandra Keefer 2021-02-04

I wrote a review at 8 days, I\'m now at 14 days with the app. Now, not only do I constantly see \"complete daily packs to earn coins\" while only allowing me to do ONE at a time, I now have almost TWO AND A HALF DAYS before I can do one more! This seems like a good app, but they screw you over. I\'ve never missed a single pack, doing them as soon as I\'m allowed, and I have 4549 coins. The smallest reward costs 6000, and it\'s a lame $5 at Sephora. So I might be able to buy a free sample. -2 stars!!
SpocksLeftEyebrow 2020-12-08

Giving 5 stars because the packs seem like a good way to test your ability to stay focused, and your fortitude. If you can handle a few weeks of taking it extremely slow with the baseline questions, I guess that\'s how the company can tell you can handle a few weeks of waiting for a product to review, and that you will actually check back everyday and rate it responsibly. I hope I get some product offers soon! I\'m dying to be adventurous and give my opinion! I Will update if need be.
christine steley 2020-12-05

Only can give 3 stars right now. Looks like it has great potential however you can only get coins from packs ONCE every 24 hrs and are awarded about 120 coins for each pack. I have no idea on tbe offers yet cause I dont have enough coins to see any. Least amount gift card you can get is $5 from walmart that takes 6000 coins to redeem. By my calculations at 120 coins per day it will take me FIFTY days before I can get the lowest offer available AND if you miss a day your count starts over.NOT!
Julie Adams 2020-12-16

It seems to be pretty slow in the way of collecting coins. But I like the concept just wish you could do more packs than just one every 24 hours. Also if there was more of an overview on exactly what the and how the app works because I\'m still looking for something like I\'m missing something. It doesn\'t seem like answering⁶&&¹ than 5 questions a day is really the only task. But It seems to be. I think they need to state the directive in the beginning. Gonna keep at it and see what happens.
Jenna Smith 2020-11-22

Peekage is an excellent app that enables you to earn extra money. With saying that, you are only able to click on one package every 24 hours, so earning money is slow, but it is definitely there.
Nikki Cumming 2021-01-29

I\'m just about a week into the app, and really all that I\'ve done is fill out a handful of questions a day. The questions are very easy, and are as are starting to come more frequently (the past 2 days I have had 2 surveys in one day), and I\'m steadily accumulating points. I\'ll update again once there is something to update about...
Megan Dineen 2020-11-12

So I\'m a first time used, like literally just logged in with Google to Create my account. I answered the gender & dob pack questions thingy got the coins, now it says more packs available above a countdown ticket that started counting down from 24 hrs. Why don\'t I have anymore surveys or packs to answer? Do new users have to wait 24hrs or is it something else? I don\'t get it.. definitely confused right now....
Trisha Jowers 2020-11-01

Love this app super easy. & for everyone i see having trouble with the \"where you live\" question put \"OTHER\" & you are good to go. Good luck💜