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Penny Stocks: OTC & Penny Stock Screener & Tracker



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Description of Penny Stocks: OTC & Penny Stock Screener & Tracker

Penny Stocks helps you find the best penny stocks to buy with just one click

This #1 OTC & Penny stocks filter & scanner app can screen OTC & penny stocks by the stock prices, stock volumes, stock sectors, and many of their stock technical and fundamental parameters.

The unique features:


Penny Stocks Builder allows you to find potential penny stocks to invest by adding as many criteria as you want.

Ex: Find all the penny stocks that price < $1 & volume > $500k.

With one or two clicks you can find the right penny stocks to invest:

- By penny stocks sector: Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Finance, etc.

- By penny stocks price: Under $1, $1-$2, $2-$5 & Over $5

- By penny stocks volume: Under $300k, $300k-$500k & Over $500k

- By many other penny stocks fundamental & technical parameters

And you can SAVE your screeners for quick access with one click (only at this Penny Stocks app)


- Track your favorite stocks

- Access to saved screeners


- Stocks News: breaking news for any stock

- Stock Discussion: stay up-to-date with the stock market


- Stock charts: 1D, 5D, 5M, etc

- Stock chart types: line, candle & bar charts

- Stock statistics: P/C, Market Cap, Open, Low, High, etc

Disclaimer: Penny Stocks Screener is only a useful tool to find & track penny stocks. This app is not responsible for profits, revenues, or data and financial losses.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.1.7 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:LineCentury, Inc.

User Reviews


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Reginald Williams 2020-08-10

First reviewed this app in Jan 2020. Made a little money because of it, since then. I stand by my earlier review here: The paid version is excellent. No adds, no crashes, accurate information. The paid app is worth it if you\'re really into small or micro cap stock study. One star off bc of the black background interface. You can\'t change it, seems like. But that\'s an aesthetic thing. If you like that, consider this a 5-star review.
Jacob Adams 2021-02-04

This app is awesome for finding new penny stocks but the watchlist doesn\'t work. If you remove something, it doesn\'t delete it. Really annoying. Then the app constantly buffers when you log in. It works better without logging in.
Lynx Plex 2021-01-14

To make the long story short, i were able to come across, precise piece of special information i needed, within about ten minutes of looking though content of first search results
B A 2020-07-19

I think it gives you access to some unusual possibilities and with the right talent you can find gold. I just think the user experience and detail, depth can be improved. If it was I would prefer go on a premium license.
TjTally 2020-02-28

It works very well, better after I subscribed for 5 bucks. Sometimes it takes a little long to load some searches, but I figure it\'s the perfect opportunity to gain patience since patience is a critical characteristic to have as a successful trader. Thanks for the app. They do improve gradually.
Lexie 2020-06-08

It worked well for me, unitl I got an ad from it that didn\'t have a x to be able to close out of it. Additionally it was a fake quicken loans ad. It\'s rather unfortunate, as the app was helpful.
James Newcomb 2019-03-17

will be back with a real rating later, dont want 1 star? Don\'t ask me to rate in less than 2 minutes of use.
Dylan Knowlton 2020-05-14

awesome app when it works. the ads glitch this 1 out too much. would pay premium if it was more reliable
Bunny R 2021-02-11

Ads are on a new level I understand the use of ads, dev need to make money somewhere but boy it\'s frequently, takes up your whole screen and freaking loud. New level, shame I stared to liked the app overall.
Kolawole Oloni 2020-06-03

I dont know much about this app but from the standpoint of what\'s set out to accomplish, it\'s Aced it. One function l wish it has is a full fledged trading demo and liveaccount feature for Penny stocks, crypto etc rather than just a screener and tracker. Well done guys. Keep it up.