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Description of Pepi Bath 2

Pepi Bath 2 is s a fun way to experience daily bathroom routines with your toddler and take care of cute, little friends.

The app has 7 different situations, about daily hygiene habits, in which you will get to meet four cute Pepi characters: a boy, a girl, a little kitten and friendly dog. Choose one of them and do various fun things together: wash hands, do laundry, brush teeth, take a bath, use a potty and dress up. Learning while playing is fun, but it gets even better when soap bubbles get involved!

Pepi Bath 2 can be played both as a set process of bathroom routines habits or without any pre-set sequence. Kids and their parents are free to choose what they want to do and after you help your chosen character to wash hands, do laundry, use a potty, do not forget play time with soap bubbles.

If you want to truly experience the benefits of this app, play together with your toddler, talk about daily bathroom habits and the importance of personal hygiene.

Pepi Bath 2 has excellent graphics, wide range of emotions and sounds. All characters (a boy, a girl, a kitten and a doggy) react to toddler’s actions and after completing a challenge, everyone will be awarded with cheerful applause!

Key features:

• 4 cute characters: a boy, a girl, a kitten and a doggy;

• 7 different daily bathroom routines: wash hands, use potty, do laundry, play with soap bubbles and more;

• Colourful animations and hand-drawn characters;

• Stunning sound effects, no verbal language;

• No rules, win or lose situations;

• Recommended age for little players: from 2 to 6 years.

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More Information Of Pepi Bath 2

lable: Educational - Games Current Version:1.1.34 Publish Date:2022-02-20 Developer:Pepi Play

User Reviews


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viqoul embia 2020-12-03

Everytime I try to play an ad it says sorry ,no ad can be shown 😡😤😠!!! What\'s the use of playing this ! If anybody wants to download load this game i suggest that you you shouldn\'t! :Edit:It had got an update in July, so I downloaded it again and still doesn\'t work. But this time I\'m never going to download it again. This time when I played it ,something happened....it had glitched. And shown the characters face was slured and and whrlily. I had never seen a site before. Please fix this bug.
Divyanshi Rajya laxmi devi rana 2019-04-02

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee because I love dogs and kids
Azam Dzul 2020-05-13

I like this game is that I don\'t want I like it really was awesome to see if I have been a good time at all and easy for a good day today I like the idea is simple and easy🙂😊
Dem Reyes 2020-10-21

I love it! It\'s so cool and I love bath too and all of your games it\'s so nice!
Nida Soomro 2020-10-08

Its so cool! And I understood now that somethings ain\'t free, but still, I love this! The graphics, the animation, the EVERYTHING! Also, please do something to the ads because they are annoying and pop out of nowhere. Besides that, its a fun kid friendly game!
oscar sandoval 2020-03-23

It won\'t let me watch ads and and when I try to it says no ad can be shown
Angelique S. Anderson 2019-12-12

This is fun! Things to do and play! I rate it a four star cause there\'s 2 problem\'s, one, I can\'t try clothes and two, I have only 4 things to do and that kinda sucks so if you update the game and have six things to do them I will rate 5 STARS Thank you for hard work and love the game. =Angelique\'s Daughter
Shereen Tohme 2020-12-16

Ilove this game but i dont like it when they put sorry no add can be shown i dont no why this game is like this.😐😐
James Roz 2020-04-12

This game is fun but I gave it 3 stars because you can play 3 mini games and the fun ones are locked but there is another way. So you have to tap on one of the locked games and in the bottom there is something like a television if you tap on that it will show you a math problem if you get the answer right you have to watch a ad then you can unlock it for 15 or 10 minutes but sometimes it doesn\'t work.
Aubri THE GUINEA PIG 2020-06-03

No ad can be shown! No ad can be shown is all I see! Please fix this or make it a free game. If you do I will gladly change my review.