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Description of Perfect Body - Meal planner

Perfect body is a personalized, customizable weight loss plan designed to help you reach your goals in the easiest, safest way possible.

A Perfect Body meal plan includes +1000 delicious, easy-to-make recipes that are created from the ingredients you love. Perfect Body is not a restrictive diet. Instead of making you feel deprived, it offers a full variety of nutritious food that will keep you full and satisfied while maintaining healthy weight loss.

By teaching you healthy eating habits, Perfect Body aims to provide you with sustainable, long-term results. We don’t want you to feel miserable. We want to give you a diet you’ll willingly stick to in the long run!

What’s really exceptional about Perfect Body, is that it changes simultaneously with your body. When you start losing weight, your body’s needs adjust – with that in mind, we’ll also adjust your meal plan to ensure your body gets all the macronutrients and calories it needs.

Additionally, to accelerate your metabolism and boost your results, you’ll be able to add a personalized workout plan that offers simple, yet very effective exercise routines. These routines won’t require additional equipment, so you can easily complete them at the comfort of your home.

We believe that every person deserves to live the best life possible. Therefore, we made sure that you would actually enjoy this diet without feeling too restricted or forced to eat the foods you don’t like.

We work to ensure your successful transition into a healthier lifestyle and guide you along the way with 24/7 support.

Try it out today and get ready for positive, life-changing results!

Our app also integrates with HealthKit to track your steps data and calories burned.

Disclaimer: check with a doctor before making medical decisions.

Terms and Conditions: https://perfectbody.me/general-conditions

Privacy Policy: https://perfectbody.me/privacy-policy

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User Reviews


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Mr Nyan 2020-12-06

Awful. Do NOT buy their services. I bought their \"special meal plan\" that goes off of answers I gave them. I get the app, log in and wait to receive my personalized meal plan. It doesn\'t work. I tried fixing it on my own, but could not do it. I contacted support and they gave me a generic answer that had nothing to do with my problem. I sent a screenshot, as they said, and they said it was an uncommon error that will be fixed soon. Still not fixed, and they won\'t respond when trying to refund :)
Poula Ivens 2020-12-23

I rate this app as ZERO. Links don\'t work, their support doesn\'t send anything but generic responses, they won\'t give you a refund, even when it became immediately apparent that this is a SCAM.
Bridget Long 2020-12-14

Worst UI I have seen in a moment. You can not search their menus if you happen to click off and click back in. I wanted to add a food I had seen earlier to my meal plan but there is no easy way to search for it. I guess this app is now a glorified meal suggestion device. I want my money back.
Rebecca Chigwidden 2020-12-13

Worst app ever. Paid for a plan l have no access to !!
Cheri Bilecki 2021-02-10

Terrible app. I would hesitate to get it if I were you. They charged me 7 different times for the exercises on the app, and besides that, I was never able to access the exercises. This app is fraudulent, and took a total of $75.00 dollars (they charged me $14.95, 7 different times) through my paypal account. I cannot access their product, and they are refusing to refund my money. I asked for the refunds on the same day I tried to exercises.They say it does not follow their policies of refunds.
Lori K 2020-12-29

Wish I would have read the reviews first. App does not work. Cannot create a meal plan, it just keeps looping back to previous screen. Waste of time and money.
Remy Romero 2020-10-14

The app was super glitchy and hard to use. It\'s also ridiculously hard to get a refund if the product isn\'t right for you
Summer Titus 2021-02-06

I\'ve been using the app and plan for a month now. I\'m only down 5lbs. The app says that I\'m not following their plan or tips even though I am. The recipes are good but need some rework. Rolling a liquid into a ball doesn\'t work. The grocery list doesnt update when recipes change and the ingredients are expensive because you open a can and use 1 tsp out of it, then don\'t see a recipe for it for another 2-4 weeks. I think the app and plans need some more effort into them, honestly.
Clara-Jane Murphy 2020-10-19

I don\'t fault the programme at all because it\'s worth it, but the app is absolutely awful. Out of the 20 times I tried to log in, once it worked, and it didn\'t have my plan, my exercises or my info correct. Apparently I\'m 2 inches tall and weigh 401lbs?! 😂 I really hope it\'s fixed soon, I love the programme and the app would be handy to have instead of going through the browser all the time.
Teresa Ortega 2020-12-30

It will not make my meal plan, and support doesn\'t do anything to help. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I am deleting the app tomorrow. Such a waste.