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Is perfect topping an easy task for you? Try and see, it's so soothingly cool. Master the controls and try to prove everyone who is the chef.

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.11.17 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Playgendary Limited

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Arctic\'s Gacha 2020-11-21

Why a 2 star rating? Well... There are a lot of ads.. If there is a cream slightly better than the one you\'re using, it is unlocked by an ad or buy it with coins, really money, etc. This isn\'t worth all the ads, but the graphics are decent. Not trying to complain, just recommending. I\'ve had struggles with this one. After I got a full thing of cream, it said \"Don\'t lose cream!\" And I didn\'t even lose any.. That\'s kinda ridiculous. Please look into this, thank you. Overall not recommended from me
Emily D 2020-04-06

Good game. But to many ads. Ad after every level. The graphics are good. The controls are very easy. Then the gameplay is okay because it is sometimes laggy but it is still good for the game. This is better then the last time I tried to get a game from the creater but IDK if it was the creater so if I am wrong just tell me because on my other tablet it was to laggy and I installed perfect slices. But overall I give it three stars. I think to take out some of the ads. Just to make it better.
Cherryfrost707 2020-10-21

I think this game is amazing! Definitely recommend! 👍The graphics and flow of the movement is very good! And yes there\'s ads. (Obviously) But unlike most other games like these, the ads barely even bother you! The only trouble I\'m having is sometimes when I collect keys or coins it lags just a bit, not enough to mess up the entire \"round\" though. Also anytime I\'m trying to buy something (With in-game coins) It will switch to another thing like toppings or food items and buy those instead.PlzFix
Mae Mae 2020-08-30

This game is fun, and perfect for when I\'m bored. However, I\'m getting an ad every 1-2 minutes. I understand that there\'s going to be ads unless you turn your WiFi off, as that\'s just how any app works. But I\'m getting so many ads that it\'s ridiculous. I wouldn\'t mind watching an ad here or there, because yeah it\'s a game, games have ads, but I\'ve had this app not even 10 minutes and I\'ve watched like 6 ads. Fix the ad problem and I\'ll be plenty happy to change my rating.
Ailhayte chan 2020-07-03

It\'s very satisfying to play with the vibration when you pour the cream and the graphics are real pretty but I\'m at level 124 now and neither the difficulty nor the length of a level has increased. Even if they difficulty doesn\'t move, it\'s not much fun if the level is over in less than 30seconds, doesn\'t even get faster as you keep playing and the there\'s no penalties for wasting cream. I would have preferred those to be a part of the game but I can see why people would like just the way it is.
Aryes Maré 2020-10-03

Game is fun but the levels actually only repeat it\'s self, i got all the foods with in 2 days, i got the unicorn in 1 day and the space cat in the 2nd day, i reccomend this game if u like saticefying games, add a longer and better level every now and then it would be great,i gave 3 stars because of the repeating levels and the quick ones to and because it is not very creative 👍🏻🙃
Airtech Analysis 2020-10-11

I just downloaded this game and I already like it!Its very fun and reminds me of when me and my mum were baking together!It is hard to keep the cream on the foods,yes but besides from that I recommend downloading it! Also something pretty Annoying can happen where there is too many adds but the game \'yes that dress\'(wich I\'ll recommend downloading to)has adds every next button so the game \'yes that dress\'has more adds
Andrea 2020-12-20

I played for 10 mins and already got bored with it. There is really nothing interesting about it. You put cream on like 4 or 5 things, then you get an ad, maybe you can open some boxes, and you go back to putting cream on a few things. And that you just repeat and repeat. The ads you can skip by paying for it, but it\'s really, really, really not worth it.
Nayda 2020-06-25

Simple gameplay and not that engaging. Too many ads, sometimes the ads are even longer than one level. Your stars wouldn\'t mean a thing after collecting all foods, and you\'ll get the other tools only by money and you can get that faster by watching ads. You can play offline but you will never have a chance to unlock the other tools with so little money. Could have been worth it, but now just uninstalling.
Zohia Hernandez 2021-02-01

This game is great and is is the perfect game to play when your bored.☺️👌 The reason I have this game a 5 start is because it\'s just amazing and i satisfying game. But there is one thing that I don\'t like, It\'s the ads because sometimes when I am playing just a random ad comes up. But I still give this a 5 star