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Description of PERFUMIST Perfumes Advisor

Welcome to the new generation of perfume advisor ! It’s not that simple to choose the right fragrance for you or your loved ones. Tired of spending hours in stores looking for the right perfume? PERFUMIST was made to help you find the perfect match in just a few clicks !

PERFUMIST is the number one mobile app designed to rank a selection of the perfumes you are most likely to love with an ever-growing database of nearly 40k perfumes from over 1500 different brands.

We aim to gather information on every perfumes in the world, from extremely rare niche brands to major bestsellers.

Anywhere, anytime, PERFUMIST is the perfect tool to help you discover the right perfumes. It gives you the ability to :

- Browse our perfume database of nearly 40k perfumes and see their olfactory description.

- Create your own olfactory profile and discover a bespoke selection of fragrances

- Search by notes, brands, new products or barcodes

- Add perfumes to your lists : Favorite / I like / I dislike / Gift / To try / Other lists

- Discover perfumes recommendations with similar scents

- Filter suggestions to the assortment of a store.

- Share your favorite perfumes with your community and friends

Using PERFUMIST you join the largest community of perfume enthusiasts in the world! You can browse your friends profile or follow people around the world.

We believe that everybody should have access to the best possible information when it comes to choosing or trying new perfumes.

We believe scent should be the main reason for choosing a perfume.

We also aim to educate consumers by bringing them the best perfumes standards.



Bring more people to perfumes and more perfumes to people .



We are passionate people on a mission.

We are 100% independent and cross-cultural.

We do not belong to any brand or retailer.

We do not sell but only give impartial advice.


PERFUMIST is made for and by the users.

If you have any comments or possible improvement, please write to us by mail via PERFUMIST app under CONTACT US.

For professional inquiries : contact@perfumist.fr

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lable: Beauty - Apps Current Version:4.0.39 Publish Date:2021-08-08 Developer:Frederick Besson

User Reviews


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Alejandro Cerutti 2020-07-29

The \"Matching Perfumes at\" feature, that pop ups EVERYTIME you enter to a fragrance description, is the most annoying, irritating and obstrusive feature someone could have think of. It makes no sense to disturb users that way. Delete it, make it optional, or just avoid the pop up technology. That is the worst idea you had. Why don\'t you make it appear minimized at least!!!!!!?????? The info may be useful for someone, just don\'t make it that obtrusive.
Danieloncarevic 2020-10-23

The idea is good, the execution is pretty terrible. The whole user interface seems quite bad. Doing some actions like adding perfumes to your collection is pretty straight forward but removing them is much more complicated than it should be for no apparent reason. And the same goes for many other things within the UI. I also noticed there are so many duplicate fragrances, each one with different name and different reviews which makes no sense at all. Uninstalled.

Super informative and very well designed app. Absolutely a must for anyone wanting to know what they\'re buying...before they do. Thank you very much from me and everyone who I\'ve told about it
Haytham 2020-05-28

This app is good but not good enough to cover my entire collection. Adding entries to the database is a joke, it never worked. Also when friends see my lists they\'re cut short and when I see lists of others, they end up showing my own entries. The whole thing is a mess to be honest
Ali ALSENAN 2021-01-10

Great encyclopedia and resource for perfumes... if it only could also have the ability to sort and classify the saved list with searchability among the user\'s lists like our own list and wishlist...etc it would be even greater.
Rare Find Frags 2020-10-01

How can I delete a list I created? I can\'t figure it out. Update: Got it thanks. Another problem is it seems that at night around 11pm est the app stops working properly and doesn\'t load no matter what i do, but in the morning it works fine again.
Hala Americano 2021-02-10

I would have given a better rating if i was able to find the perfumes i was looking for. And the \"Perfume Request\" option does not work at all. After you enter all information, it wont let you submit your request and does nothing at all... very dissapointed...
Natalie Brooks 2020-12-26

Love the app but just went in to log a perfume just now and it is telling me an update is available and to update before being able to use the app. When i click update it takes me to the play store which shows it was updated yesterday and no newer versions are available so now i cant use it ☹️😢 please help!
Shoaib Khan 2020-08-03

Very informative app. Helpful before blind buy perfumes. Now a days app is not functioning properly. Having issue while adding fregs into your smell list. The page bounce back to previous page. Shud have sort out 😊😊
Gondaliya Arjun 2020-04-13

This app was such a good one and very helpful but suddenly this app was not open and notified me that something went wrong, please try again. So, i want to ask what is the actual problem of it.