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Description of Periodic Table Quiz

Test and improve your knowledge of the chemical elements using the many customizable quizzes available with the Periodic Table Quiz app.

Quizzes are available in three formats:

- Find the elements on the periodic table

- Multiple choice

- Text input

Six question and answer configurations are available:

- Name to Atomic Number

- Name to Atomic Symbol

- Name to Atomic Weight

- Atomic Number to Name

- Atomic Symbol to Name

- Atomic Weight to Name

The atomic numbers, weights, symbols, and names of all 118 chemical elements can be studied for free using this app. A single in-app purchase is available that removes the menu ads.

The game language can easily be changed in-app to English, French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese and Arabic.

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More Information Of Periodic Table Quiz

lable: Educational - Games Current Version:1.6 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Sean Burnham

User Reviews


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Chirag Verma 2020-12-17

Only this app has helped me a lot to become a stronger in periodic table.❤️.. And when i had given my oral examination i got 20/20 , and my teacher got shocked that how u learn this whole periodic table , any trick , I said: sir, i installed a periodic table quiz app he helped me during my preparation Though whenever i read chemistry book of chapter periodic table , i feel sleepy but this is the app which made me a ⚗️ chemistry lover 1more req plz make an app similarly for physics , thnku
Shambhavi D 2020-08-04

Very very good game for memorising the atomic numbers, symbols, atomic weights and names of all the elements of the modern pereodic table. I would suggest that you shoyld add some image of the periodic table in this app to see and revise a lil bit. Otherwise it\'s the best app ever. Thank you developer.
Weasel Bag 2020-05-19

I have autism, and trying to beat my time has me climbing the walls. I love it, but the boxes need to be bigger! You lot made them tiny, and my fingers hit the other boxes. And I don\'t have sausage fingers. I DON\'T. 😝 Oh, and it wouldn\'t hurt to remember how extremely large the color pallette is. I really like the font you chose. It\'s got boldness. Yasss. Bigger boxes on the big table so fingers don\'t slip, and a wider variety of colors. Stay safe, Lex-
Abdul Mueed 2020-12-22

Its very Very useful for students who can\'t learn element name element weight & element simble etc. I use & i Learn elements at 30 Its so useful for me 😁 And lastly i say if you are a student its for you .☺️☺️ But in game had daily challenges, score & Archivements & appreciate so its become more Enjoyable.💀 If you agree click the yes button
lucia alfano 2020-11-23

If your a science geek, you should get this. In class we are memorizing the periodic table and this helped so much. I started from knowing nothing to more than half of it in one day. There are different modes where you can guess the atomic number, the name, and a couple more. I play this now and I\'m not even learning the thing anymore. It\'s not laggy at all and it keeps you busy. It also shows a little thing saying what you said and what it actually is. I. LOVE. THIS.
Weeb Lord 2020-06-06

THIS GAME IS PERFECT!!! This app makes memorizing the PTE so easy. In the past i was hardly able to memorize 20 elements. Ive been playin for a few days and mastered about 79 🤩 One complaint though. In the typing feature, they should add a portrait mode. Its quite hard to type lengthwise.
Bendegúz Spinyhért 2020-10-10

Hey Incredibly helpful, intuitive and really great quizes, absolutely what I was searching for One small thing. It\'s really useful that I learn the names in English, but I would need them in Hungarian My question would be, that is it possible to integrate a custom language option, or would you mind if I translate the app, and you integrate it..just asking, I really like the app and I seriously consider it to support you through buying the ad-free option.
Chinmayee Joshi 2020-08-24

It is wonderful app. Extremely happy at downloading this app. Very very useful to learn about periodic table during school time. This app is overall awesome. Very well planned structure. I highly recommend all students to download this app. THIS IS AWESOME . JUST PERFECT.
53% chance of nonsense 2020-09-28

I love this app to bits. It\'s highly customisable and it\'s style warms my heart. One thing I would like is if it had a periodic full periodic table tab to just look at things and get some info, but that is hardly relevant.
sanjeet kumar 2021-02-04

Helped me a lot to n learning preodic table. No ads is it\'s best thing. I have learnt whole preodic table in 2 days by this app. While my teacher was unable to teach the preodic table but this app done this in 2 day. I wold recommend you to download it. A 5 star app. Thank You a lot developers.