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Description of Pet Heroes: Puzzle Adventure

Welcome to the magic saga and exciting world of Pet Heroes, where the air is filled with magic and mysteries, and the creatures of five elements fight for their place under the Moon.

Invite the most mysterious mythical creatures and pets from around the world to your city. Raise and train future heroes who will help you go through the most exciting journeys of your lifetime. Grow your kingdom from a small farm village into a flourishing city, which will become home to your pet heroes, many different beings – from sea dwellers to majestic dragons.

- Over 100 mythical creatures which you will need to find and draw to your side in a captivating arcade.

- Large amount of space for expansion. Improve the level of your characters and buildings in order to unlock all of their possibilities and raise an unbeatable team of heroes.

- Clear the level and save your creatures and win together! Challenge yourself to this puzzling saga, unlocking more and more 3 in a row quests.

- Several hundred quests in the world full of magic, with new fantastic adventures available every week.

- Your magic pets team will help you win in the puzzling 3 in a row battles against your enemies

- Awesome gameplay: your own Kingdom that can be built from scratch and filled with unique magical heroes. Develop several islands, make your own farmlands, or create mighty artifacts.

- Superior graphics and animation will allow you to enjoy every detail of your lands and heroes.

- Opportunity to play with your friends and compete in hundreds of tournaments with other players.


Pet Heroes Puzzle Adventure main features:

• Diamonds, exploding bombs, chest boxes and much more

• Spectacular bonus rewards unlocked after levels

• Easy and fun to play challenges

• Magical pets and creatures of all varieties - puppies, rabbits and many more!

• Hundreds of pet puzzling levels - more quests added weekly!

• Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!

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More Information Of Pet Heroes: Puzzle Adventure

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.1.8 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:Game Garden

User Reviews


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bradly steward 2017-01-07

Wow Your rewards for doing quests suck big time. Here build this for 700 and complete a quest. Your reward will be 500. Does that seem right? It don\'t to me
Anastashia Cruz 2017-02-22

The games it self is not bad. But, for me I find it a little dull. Not much to do when your waiting on things to build, growing crops, fighting creatures... then your out of energy and have to wait what seems like forever. Plus this takes a serious toll on my battery life plus data.
ƏUPHƆRIƏ 2017-02-26

Guys please make it possible for the energy to fill up even though im offline. Tnx. Internet connectiom is slow in our area btw. Thank. It\'s a very nice game. Keep it up.
Anthony A 2017-09-16

Smooth framerate, cute graphics, simple mechanics, no auto mode for battle which means your choices in game actually matter! If you like the art and want to collect pseudo-magical creatures and battle them with a very simple match-3 game, look no further.
Jackiealberta Jackiealberta 2018-12-01

It\'s nice game
K Wagner 2017-10-15

It\'s a nice little gem-swap game with lots of added content, but the game forces players to participate in multi-player tournaments in order to advance the single-player story line. Extremely disappointing for a game that otherwise would have been good for a casual player. Don\'t pick this up unless you\'re willing to invest lots of time grinding to be advanced in meaningless tournament \"leagues.\"
Justin Whiteley 2017-01-07

Love this Gaming Game God bless you thanks for a awesome game like it thinks....!!!
Ezekiel Taonga Noble 2017-09-28

The game itself is absolutely 110% AWESOME best game I\'ve ever played. But the amount of items that need to be removed and the cost is totally ridiculous. I understand that certain items need to be removed in order to expand the land but at such a cost.
Paulius Botyrius 2017-01-10

Poul Guys. Fix bug plz. Game is nice but, me and my wife playing this game with wifi from the same modem. And only one of us can play this game at the same time. Other one cant conect. Fix problem what more then one player can conect from the same IP.
Jean Pierre Cudiamat 2017-09-15

I love it! The thing that I love this game is the graphics,cuteness of the mythical creatures, and the gameplay thank you for everything that I dream!