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Description of Pet Hotel – My animal pension

Little hamsters, cute dogs, funny cats and many other animals are just waiting for you!

Be ready for all animal who are coming to your pet hotel. Care for each animal that’s placed in your pension, fulfill all their needs and complete quests to grow and improve your hotel!

★ Care for cute pets such as dogs, hamsters, chinchillas and cats!

★ Buy more items, toys and decorations for your animals!

★ Complete exciting quests!

★ Expand your hotel and receive great new buildings and breeds!

★ Collect coins and animal food around the hotel!

Care for cats, dogs and other animals in your hotel for pets!

From cute chinchillas to fluffy hamsters, many different pets are coming to your pension and need to be fussed over until their owners return. There’s a whole lot of work waiting for you, as each pet wants to be played with, fed and groomed! Of course, you can also pet and cuddle them to show them how much they are loved!

Lots of great animations and exciting quests await you

Make the kitties purr by completing as many quests as possible! Getting new toys for the dogs, expanding the rats’ enclosures... there is always a lot to do to make your animals happy. From the smallest rodent to the largest Labrador – every pet needs your loving care!

Expand your enclosures and get better items and decorations!

At the beginning, you'll start with a small pension and you'll need to successfully care for a few animals before you are able to expand. With each upgrade level, you'll improve your pet hotel's look and interior as well! You can look forward to more toys, more breeds to care for and more room for your new friends!

Don’t hesitate! Play PetHotel and look after your very own animal shelter in this cute simulation game!

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.4.6 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Tivola

User Reviews


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Chelsea Lavin 2019-01-16

While there are microtransactions they\'re not necessary to play the game. The ads are relatively inobtrusive, with only one mandatory ad whenever a day ends and some other optional ones to increase rewards from gameplay. The gameplay is pretty fun, the only issue I have is that you have to drag icons. Besides that\'s its good. All in all a fun game to play while doing something else, or while waiting.
A Google user 2019-01-05

Just ok. I spend more time watching ADs than actually playing. Takes forever to make any money to get animals too. Compared to other games I play, this is very slow going and the constant requirement to watch ads is getting old.
chris greenbauer 2019-04-17

I became so so SO addicted to this game, and actually didn\'t stop until I maximized ALL my houses. So easy, and the kiddos love it to learn a way to take care of pets, with the reward of doing so! (Also don\'t have to worry about live pets!) Many people say it takes forever to earn money, but there are secret ways to earn it super fast. To each their own, but I love it :)
Laurie S 2019-02-20

Cute game but too slow- it takes forever to earn enough money to buy more than the first 2 animals. The actual care of the animal involves very simple drag-and-drop type movements, pretty boring after 5 minutes. Also, I have to compelte missions, but no way to access what they are beyond first learning of them.
Brianna Goldade 2018-12-11

This game is super fun to me and super addicting but I still love it. I would recommend this game to people who would do almost any thing for a animal even give up 500 coins so yea. Or even talk to the animals(like I do through my phone which is weird but I don\'t care.)
Jenn Managi 2018-11-30

The ads worked at first. But on my data & Wi-Fi they do not load and the while game has to be closed and reopened. I don\'t think there is any chance of doubling rewards due to this either. It\'s very problematic.
Ana Nacharova 2020-06-19

I love this game , its very entertaining it brings back so many memories , today i came across it again and installed it again, i used to be obsessed with it and i still am , all of the different animals you can take care of is just really entertaining, also upgrading their enclosures is really fun to see how it will look after the upgrade , i would just give you one suggestion for this game . PLEASE PLEASE add MORE ANIMALS ! That is the only problem , other than that it\'s AMAZING !
Ayla L 2020-07-06

AWSOME GAME!!! You can get animals but the only thing that is bothering me is that you have to get a lot of coins to get the animals. Can you make it a little more less? That would be great! Good game! Fun game! Awsome game!!!
Why is life so weird? 2020-08-04

Provides a chill experience for playing whenever you feel like it, which the simple graphics and music lend to. Might work better with a selling mechanic (even selling things for 5 coins would be amazing with the dozens of treats I have stockpiled from finding around the map- which is a great mechanic, by the way! I\'m just not sure what to do with all the extras) but even without one, still well worth 5 stars. There\'s never any need to pay real money, and ads are infrequent and unobtrusive.
Abigail Rose 2019-07-11

Fun game! For awhile, you can totally have fun with it for a long time, it does get boring eventually but for a bit it\'s fun . you can upgrade your pet hotel and feed and water animals 😄😄😋