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Description of Pet Paradise

Play and have fun in the Pet Paradise!

-Customize and create your own virtual pet, build and decorate your home!

-Navigate between your rooms! They're free to decorate with drag & drop!

-Dress your pet with a thousand of combinations, feed it and take care of it!

-Plant seeds in your garden, let them grow up and harvest fruits!

-Go outside and navigate between the shops available in the city!

-Buy the most cute items in the shops and collect them!

-Visit your friends to interact with their pets and see their homes!

-Go fishing and caught the most funny and weird fish in the paradise.

-Go dig in the treasure map and get the most rare items!

Have fun sending gifts to your friends!

Available in Spanish, English, 中文, 日本語, Français, Arabic and Bahasa indonesia.

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:14.0 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Daniel Zazueta

User Reviews


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Lynn 2020-12-24

BOY WHERE DO I START I found out about this game in September because of the pet society nostalgia. Initially i was skeptical of all the rumours about how bad this game and the devs were, because although there was a plethora of bugs and constant game problems with every update, i wanted to believe that the devs were doing their utmost best to provide a good experience for their players. I was wrong. Instead, the bugs were never fixed despite constant complaints, and the devs proceeded to implement more redundant features. For instance, deciding to disable gifting for items bought with premium currency, rendering trading (aka the main source of fun in this game) totally pointless. Another issue is that apple-trading has become a popular mode of barter, mainly because many players do not have the financial capability to afford items in game, and this was a less-cost efficient and resourceful way for players to obtain items. There was no rule saying it was prohibited, but now the devs have suddenly decided that it is not allowed because why? It apparently \'devalues\' items in game (which is funny cause in my opinion none of the old items have much value anyway). The primary mode of trading is via gems, which are only obtainable by purchasing with real money. See their priorities now? When many of their loyal playerbase protested against their ridiculous adjustments (in hope of trying to salvage this game), they proceed to ban anyone and everyone in the group who gave feedback regarding their decisions. The official facebook group is heavily censored and moderated by the staff, so no one is allowed to give even the slightest critique. Even if the feedback was given outside of the group, they will still ban you regardless, and that is evidence of how fragile their ego is. Instead of doing anything remotely constructive, they would much rather spend their time banning anyone who has a negative impression of the game. Lastly, I would like to end this review off with Daniel\'s favourite quote: \'IF YOU DON\'T LIKE THE GAME, JUST LEAVE\'.
Lee Hyun 2019-05-01

this....is....good ol\' memories,thx for bringing pet society back,even though pet society is not yours,but they wont even make pet society again.... so for next game....please make restaurant city kinda look alike
Jose Ronquillo 2020-02-14

At first, I can sense its a good game because I can collect the items by trading and that\'s where I\'m still having fun, but when this update comes that\'s requiring real money to collect the items. That\'s when I realize that this is gonna be a pay to play game. We will never gonna collect the items by just playing for free. Still a good game tho. 😊
Mary Jadid 2020-07-09

Changed my review from 1 to 2 stars because I\'m recognizing the efforts to stop the lost inventory problem. My biggest complaint now is that I\'ve tried to purchase coins twice, stars once, and all three attempts failed but charged me, so now I\'m being robbed. Im embarrassed I even spend money on this game, but i have to admit it\'s so cute and i love to decorate. If anyone reads this can i be reimbursed please!?
Michelia Putri 2020-01-12

It\'s very cute like pet society. We can earn money so easily by selling fish. But i think they should add more clothes, DIY, and toy shop. I\'d love to buy clothes etc. So far the game is very cute and entertaining, i love it!
Mike E 2020-07-02

Daniel is always watching the official group and listens to comments and helps people on the spot. He really deserves a lot of credit for this. I\'ve seen him interact with members many times, always looking to help. He always fixes bugs. The game is really good and always improving. Definitely one of the best games out there and a big community of fun happy traders! I used to play pet society and this is just as good with some more advantages. Highly recommend downloading and join the group.
Chantelle Legere 2020-03-29

I would strongly recommend not downloading this game or putting money on this game. Its a BIG waste of time & your money. I feel scammed for playing a game thats not made for everyones fair use to play. They made the game harder to gain levels, to make money, an no updates on the game & made everything in the game 10x more expensive. Its harder to move up. Pet Society is the exact same game, it was better then this one. IT was for everyone, this is meant for certain people w money. not fun.
Megann Cox 2020-02-20

Extremely disappointed. Exact same graphics as pet society so I was really excited but turns out the game play sucks. Coins are extremely hard to accumulate. Experience is extremely hard to accumulate. I feel like I\'m missing something because the stores have nothing. No variety of clothing or furniture. Just a boring, bleak, game designed for you to only enjoy it by spending real money. Wasted potential.
Katherine McL 2020-03-05

Honestly don\'t understand what everyone is complaining about, getting coins is EASY, getting free star coins? easy too! I\'ve been playing for like 2 days and I have 45,749 coins (to put into perspective, most good things range from 8-10k) and like 40 star coins, just from levelling up! and I\'m only level 8.. Only issue is the current method for getting coins...digging seems to be pretty good if you\'re bored of fishing. My only want is for more stuff in the shops...seriously where is it all? I can go really far in the clothes shop and it\'s just blank haha. Anyway, I can tell you it is way easier to make coins than it used to be so in my opinion the game is better now :D I just want it to get updated :( it\'s March bro, Valentines day is oVER.. Seriously I think this game could do really well, it just needs to be regularly updated and have more of a dialogue between the developer and players (like a developer blog?) But my sense is that the person who made this doesn\'t have the time/team to develop the game and that\'s probs why it\'s not being updated. It\'s unfortunate but I doubt the current game state is even profitable! The ad button doesn\'t even work, you\'d think a developer that is profiting off the game would fix it asap so I think that kinda says a lot... Unless they\'re getting tons from micro-transactions which honestly I doubt anyone would spend money on a game that only has like 10 hair choices and hasn\'t been updated for like 3 months... But if it were regularly updated imagine the $$$$$$$$$$
Nadine Latayan 2020-10-24

Funny how I actually defended the game from negative feedbacks in here only to be disappointed myself. The only thing thatbis constant in this game are bugs. :)