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Description of Petralex Hearing Aid App

Hear without any limits!

The hearing aid app restores your sound perception to the natural level.

Now you can hear even the whispers with hearing amplifier.

Petralex Hearing Aid will automatically adjust to specific features of your hearing.

Use the power of your smartphone and latest technologies for maximum sound amplifier.

No registration and no advertisements.

You only need a simple headset in order to use this hearing app.

Hundreds of thousands of hearing impaired people have chosen Petralex to solve their hearing problems.

The application was chosen as Microsoft Inspire P2P contest winner in 2017.


-- Automatic adjustment to hearing specifics;

-- Hearing correction for each ear;

-- Adaptation to different types of environment;

-- Amplify up to 30 dB with a wired headset;

-- Built-in hearing test;

-- Dynamic compression. Amplify quiet sounds without losing the overall volume;

-- Using 4 options of sound amplifier;

-- Using the built-in 4-week adaptive course for getting used to the hearing aid app;

-- You can use your smartphone as a remote mic;

-- Support of Bluetooth headsets*.


-- “Super Boost” - powerful sound amplifier;

-- Players with sound amplifier;

-- Ability to create an unlimited number of profiles for different sound situations;

-- Regulated noise suppression – eliminates background noise, increases speech intelligibility;

-- Modern Dectone amplification method, that amplify sound even better. Advanced hearing test;

-- Profile editing – fine adjustment of hearing aid app;

-- Amplification formula for quiet sounds in case of tinnitus;

-- Additional applications with sound amplifier;

-- Audio recorder/Dictaphone - amplify sound to your hearing.

Choose from one of the following subscription options:

-- weekly subscription

-- monthly subscription

-- annual subscription


-- Adaptation to any hearing aid takes from several weeks to several months;

-- You will hear sounds and noises that you have not heard before. Use the built-in noise reduction function;

-- Some familiar sounds can acquire with metallic aftersound, which can cause temporary discomfort;


*Using Bluetooth

NOTE! Using Bluetooth headset brings additional delay to sound transmission.

Possible echoing can appear.


The Petralex Hearing Aid® is not approved as a medical device or software and cannot be used as a hearing aid with doctor`s (ENT) prescription.

Hearing test provided in the application can be used only for hearing app adjustment. Hearing test results are not a substitute for professional audiology tests (ENT consultation required).

The Service offers a free 7-day trial so that you can find out more about its capabilities and make sure it suits your needs. It is presupposed that this period of time is enough to decide whether you want to continue or stop using the Service. For this reason, the Service does not process the refund requests for the purchase effected after the free 7-day trial.

Have questions, feedback or suggestions? Reach out to us at support@petralex.pro

Read more about our terms and conditions here:

-- Terms of service: https://petralex.pro/page/terms

-- Privacy policy: https://petralex.pro/page/policy

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More Information Of Petralex Hearing Aid App

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.7.5 Publish Date:2021-07-09 Developer:IT4YOU

User Reviews


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Joseph Scott 2019-11-06

I used this for the woods and I\'ve done every hearing app known to man.This app is not just the best one it\'s the very best one hands down no question.Until something better comes out or until this improves it dont get any better.When doing hearing test I dont tap screen to say I hear the beeps.This gives me the best clear hearing.Thanks to the developer.lol
Carl Kokernak 2020-01-08

Stumbled across this, it works great. I am in a very quiet place now, can\'t wait to test the Blue Tooth hearing aids in a normal environment.
Denis Collis 2019-02-18

I have otosclerosis with tinnitus. This app works better than any real hearing aid device that I\'ve used. Using the microphone on the phone, rather than the headset, is genius. The phone then becomes a remote mic that, for example, I can place in the center of the boardroom table during meetings. The slight audio delay is mildly disconcerting, but not enough to lose a star!
Roman Malytsky 2020-02-12

Love it This is the only one that I have found that\'s actually works!! I highly recommend on getting this app.
Clark Wilson 2019-12-06

It helps me hear conversations at my daughter\'s dinner table.
aua format 2020-02-12

Used this app with 3 different phones. Never a problem
Ahmed Gaber 2019-08-21

Need some improvements like work in screen off , noise suppression in the trial too is not good and don\'t works with wireless pairing or bluetooth..but the app still awesome app
Ferdous Azam Khan 2019-02-13

Did not try all features, yet found very good. Had a little trouble to come back to the hearing aid mode after receiving a phone call. I mean I had to touch to reactivate. Otherwise found it very cool. Thanks the team.
Jeffrey Balingbingan 2020-11-29

Since 2012 I don\'t have Hearing Aids. After I lost my both ear and I can\'t afford to buy any product of hearing aids. But now 2020 after I found this PETRALEX apps. I find my happiness & joyful because I can hear any sound background. I really thank you who made this apps and to the person who made this who help person who lost hearing. How I wish I can afford to buy Noise Suppression 😊 Thank you so much.. I give this 4 star !!!
बीरेन्द्र कुमार साहू 2020-01-07

Its trully work i like this app Its so help app Thenks for this app Petralex.....