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Description of PewPew Live

I've been working on this game for a bunch of years, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This game will be my Sistine Chapel.

Here's what I can say about it:

• Fast and diversified gameplay with 5 different game modes.

• LAN co-op: If you and your buddy are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can play together!

• Online leaderboard with replays.

• You can create your own levels and share them with the world!

• Smooth high-definition 60 fps graphics.

• Retro-futuristic vector graphics.

• Unlockable ships, bullets, trails.

• Game controller support.

• The entire game fits in 2.7MB! It is one of the smallest games out there.

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More Information Of PewPew Live

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:0.5.128 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Jean-François Geyelin

User Reviews


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Abhishek Nagar 2020-08-25

Exceptional gameplay. Sweet retro style and compact size. Nice music too. On top of it all no ads. Not a single one!! Need I say more? One thing though, for a game called pew pew, I wish there were those pew pew sounds in the game when shooting down stuff.
Pavel Gallardo 2020-09-17

This game is great! Perfect for quick play bursts, it\'s entertaining, surprisingly challenging and really fun. It reminds me of an old game called \"Geometry Wars\" that I played back when the Xbox 360 was new. If you love quick arcade-style games with a fun and hard twist, you will love this! 100% would recommend. Still this game isn\'t for everyone, it\'s quick to learn but still really hard sometimes, eventually you\'ll unlock everything but it still is hard, if you love it, play it!
Rizqy Athala 2020-12-09

Wow, this game is really a hidden GEM. Love the 80\'s Asthetic Arcade Game, it gives a retro style and modern game. Been searching this type of game for a long time. Also the game almost a 3 mb, that is a small game for an Amazing game. The effect and the general graphics almost like an art piece. Love it, I recommend you play the game 10/10. Also love you can change the graphics to a pixelated that you can\'t even read it\'s hilarious and Awesome. Hope the game have a bright future :)
Wyatt Guely 2020-09-21

Wow, just wow. This game is so underappeciated that I wonder about society. It doesn\'t deserve this rating, it should be 6 stars out of five. Its really hard to find a game like this and you couldn\'t have done better. Probably add on more song because the same one adds to how repetitive it can be when opening up the game. Maybe a practice mode where no points are earned but you\'re invincible. Anyway, nothing but a work of perfection, outsanding idea and execution. I wish the best of luck!
WhileNya 471 2020-10-23

Still Great with a capital G. The bug is partway fixed because the Wave background does not yet load immediately in the first playthrough after startup, yet now it loads faster and everything else but the ship AND bullets stays blank, so that\'s a considerable improvement. The manner you gave us of making and sharing custom levels is nice and being able to do so is still awesome, even if it\'s not directly implemented into the app itself. Overall great job and steadily improving thus far!
SomeCovertRebel 2020-11-02

Absolutely love the game. Cool visual AND ABSOLUTELY NO ANNOYING ADS AND POP-UPS. Gameplay is very engaging and just all out fun. Controls are bit funky but I got the hang of it in a short time. My only criticism is that the soundtrack could\'ve used synthwave or chillwave. I think those genres goes perfectly with the overall premise and the look of the game. Hope you add new tracks in the future. And please never stop making these. 💟
Ascurax 2020-09-08

Probably the best mobile game I\'ve seen in a long time, very simple and fun no ads and even though not many people play this game always keeps you moving! I feel like this game has alot of potential and will hopefully grow to surpass every other mobile game and become number one. Honestly I have high Hope\'s for what comes next, thank you for making such a great game! 😀
Vaishnav Pande *_* 2020-11-04

Hey chief, After the latest update, When I tried to set the render to high, My phone screen went black. There should be a 5 second revert option like they show you when you change resolution onpc. (Something like \"Do you want to apply the changes you made? The change will revert back inxx seconds\")
anita arvind 2020-09-17

This is a great game with so much potential. In the futute updates maybe add these features: 1. Add a free and fixed joystick option. 2.Add more levels 3.maybe add map creator/level creator and an online platform to share custom maps 4.Maybe make the game online. 5.Mabye change the background music. Its ur choice. I know these are a lot to ask but if you add these update by update this game could be very addicting
Neils Heiselt 2020-11-23

A pretty good game, but the startup shows four players playing together when in reality you can only play with two. Which is rather disappointing...