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Description of Phantom Rose Scarlet

Fight and collect powerful cards as Reina, a maid exploring a mansion ravaged by evil creatures.

◆ A Roguelike Card Adventure

Phantom Rose is an indie game by solo developer & artist makaroll. Build your card deck and make careful decisions while you explore as each death may be permanent.

◆ Defeat and Collect

Collect over 100+ cards and powerful items by defeating phantoms & rescuing other maids in distress

◆ Manage Your Deck

There's no luck-based card draw during battle. Instead, manage your card's cooldown to defeat your foe swiftly and efficiently.

◆ Explore Through Dangers

Venture through areas of interest, danger, and place of safety to reach and defeat the crown phantoms for large rewards



日本語 (Japanese)

한국어 (Korean)

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.3.26 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Studio Maka

User Reviews


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Alexander Schmitt 2021-03-02

So, I\'ve played for about 1.5~2hrs of this game and I\'m torn. I love the art and the gameplay is actually really fun. This is a game I wouldn\'t mind paying between $.99~$3 for on Steam. The major problem is that the core loop is the same, the monsters for the most part is the same, the map is the same just the events are different. It\'s a great little time waster but I\'m not sure how highly I\'d recommend it above that.
No Lan 2021-01-15

You know, it is hard to come by a mobile game that just wants to be, ya know, a game. This is one of those games however. I instantly fell in love with the game just after an hour minutes of playing it. No real gacha, no battle pass, no bs, just a straight to the point game. With this game being a dungeon crawler rougelike, there\'s a lot of replay value. My only issue with this game is that I wish there was more stuff, not that there already isn\'t, but you get the point.
Joe 2021-01-18

Amazing. Fun. I wish i had money to spend on it. Please make cheaper purchase options for those who cant afford the more expensive stuff *cough me cough* The style definitely fits me really well. I would enjoy more music or a bigger variety. If there was ever an online mode where you can olay friends or other people that would be pretty fun. Overall love this game :) Side note: Should probably have a more detailed like \"menu option\" to explain the game clearer. The only thing I request :)
Anime Man 2021-01-27

Played for the waifu, stayed for the gameplay! The art is a 10/10. It\'s anime, it\'s beautiful and clean. It\'s a turn based card battler. It sounded boring at first but as you play more and more, you notice the depth. Experimentation with the game to learn the mechanics was very fun and rewarding. Some slightly annoying or broken cards you can use or your opponents use, could be a challenge or could be unfair in higher difficulties. Music is great, just don\'t expect too much variety. Do try it!
Joe Bendick 2021-01-26

An absolute masterwork of mobile design. The art and music direction is just top notch. The gameplay is a much more refined Buriedbornes with a splash of Slay the Spire. The gameplay is tight and focused with a juggle of cooldowns against time and survival. Endlessly surprising, challenging and doesnt hold your hand (No 45min unskippable tutorial in 2021? Chaos!). You would be doing yourself a disservice by not giving this game an hour if your time if you are reading this. Huge kudos Dev!
B 2021-01-19

I wasn\'t expecting this game to be like this. I\'m enjoying every part of this game so far. The art design, the gameplay, the controls, the UI, everything so far is great! Also, this game reminds me of The Binding of Isaac, but with cards and such. I haven\'t encountered anything yet expect for the ads, but thats kinda exepcted for a free game. Basically, this game is great and I\'m loving it!
Jonas Parks 2021-01-05

Genuinely surprised by how complex and intricate the gameplay is, while its a little hard to grasp at first the combat is fairly balanced and oddly satisfying. Cards work well together, making synergies is fun and intuitive, and - i kinda have to mention it - the sprites are cute and I like the style. my only issues are with lag spikes that sometimes happen, and the somewhat confusing grammar (which isn\'t bad, but definitely noticeable) worth checking out, if anyone happens to be interested.
yogii 2020-12-31

I love the art style but initially dismissed it as another rougelike you would find in the play store, though I decided to give it a try. the game changed from rougelike to strategy REAL quick! the only wish I had is that there were a PvP mode, but looking at the aesthetic and difficulty of getting servers, I\'m content with simply running through the game. I hope this comment inspires more people to give it a try, as unlikely as it may be.
Mk 2021-02-15

There\'s a lot of thought put into the orchestrated battles. While the card limit does feel extremely constrained, forcing one to get rid of excess cards every floor, it feels like with a slightly larger starting card cap it would feel just right. The story isn\'t all that deep and the skin market almost drove me away when I started, but given time, I got into it. Hopefully, better things come in future updates.
Zeyan 2021-02-22

great game. though I wished the AI would be smarter with their cards. sometimes they put an \"affect next card\" at the last slot. although that makes it easier for us players I feel like it\'s something that takes away the challenge of the game. Is there a way to sync progress to maybe a Google play account so that the progress can be continued across multiple devices?