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Phemex: Buy Crypto & Bitcoin



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Description of Phemex: Buy Crypto & Bitcoin

Phemex - The fastest Crypto exchange and Crypto Futures trading platform. Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. You can also trade perpetual contracts with 100x Leverage.

Phemex is a Singapore based crypto exchange that specializes in spot and derivatives trading. It is led by 8 former Morgan Stanly Executives. The exchange allows individuals from all over the world to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies through a user-friendly and secure crypto platform. Phemex stands out as one of the best and most trustworthy exchanges.

Phemex Bitcoin (BTC) & Crypto Trading App Offers:

1. Buy Crypto with Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfer or other payment methods.

2. Derivatives (Perpetual Contract) trading with up to 100x leverage and BTC or USD settlement.

3. Spot markets with ZERO trading fees.

4. Earn Bitcoin, USDT, and other cryptos with up to 10% APY interest. Free Crypto income.

5. Trade contracts for non-crypto assets such as GOLD.

6. Conveniently monitor your crypto portfolio and coin stats.

🔥Crypto Welcome Bonus

1. Make a deposit, claim up to $100 USDT in bonus.

2. Phemex All-Star Affiliate Program allows users to permanently earn up to 50% in commissions on all trading fees collected from the referral network.

Phemex Supported Crypto

Phemex currently offers 95 spot markets:

BTC (Bitcoin), USDT, SOL (Solana), DOT (Polkadot), ETH (Ethereum), LINK (Chainlink), LTC (Litecoin), AAVE, ATOM (Cosmos), SUSHI, LUNA, UNI (Uniswap), ADA (Cardano), XTZ, FIL, SNX, CHZ, XRP (Ripple), TRX (TRON), MATIC, COMP, DOGE (Dogecoin), GRT, EOS, KSM, ALGO, XLM, MANA (Decentraland), YFI, BCH, ENJ (Enjin), MKR, AXS (Axie Infinity), BAT, ZEC, QTUM, NEO, ONT, VPAD, SAND, ALICE, ENS, ANKR, NU, GTC, OCEAN, MASK, USDC, YGG, AGLD, SLP, CAKE, HOT, FET, EOS, BNB, POLY, APE, CHR, OMG, TRIBE, XRP, DENT, 1INCH, MXC, C98, UMA, COMP, COTI, FEI, DAO, REN, BCH, LRC, DAI, BICO, CRV, ZEC, QTUM, ZRX, TUSD, BNT, PERP, PAXG, WBTC, CHZ, ONT, USDP, KNC, CVX, FXS, etc.

Phemex currently offers 39 perpetual contract markets:


Phemex Platform Features:

📗 Education

Watch short introductory videos about crypto and answer quiz questions to earn crypto of your own.

Explore Phemex Academy to take your crypto knowledge to the next level. Get latest Crypto News on the app.

🚀 High Performance

300k transactions per second (TPS), with order response times of less than 1 millisecond.

- Advanced Functionalities

FIX API for institutional traders and Sub-Accounts for quantitative traders.

🔐 Strongest Bitcoin Wallet Security

Cold wallet storage. Transfers require 2-level human scrutiny with offline signatures.

🤝 Access and Support

24 x 7 live multilingual support. Our CEO is also available on Telegram and Twitter.

Phemex Platform Safety

Ensuring the safety of every single account is Phemex's top priority.

- Wallet Security

- System Security

- User Account Security

- Trading Engine Security

All assets are 100% stored in cold wallets. Each withdrawal is thoroughly monitored and requires two-person approval with offline signatures. With the executive team’s advanced Wall Street risk management experience, malicious actions are easily detected and protective measures are quickly deployed.

Learn More Here: https://phemex.com/security

Contact us

Website: https://phemex.com

Email: support@phemex.zendesk.com

Facebook: @Phemex.official

Twitter: @phemex_official

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Phemex/

Telegram: https://t.me/Phemex_EN

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.0.4 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:PHEMEX TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD.

User Reviews


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This app is great I\'ve already got a trading bonus. When you sign in they start you off as if you\'re a new user so just make sure you select \"log in\" first. Yes they do lack the option of all the coins. I\'d hope they have plans to add coins like soon soon because if they don\'t they can kiss probably millions of users good by. Also I\'d like to see advanced charts with advanced settings. Other than that I\'ve had no issues. I think people are just getting stuck from not following directions so look
D H 2021-02-20

Most payment options won\'t work and they\'re heavy on KYC. You will waste so much time trying to deposit. The customer service sucks. None of the payment options work. Bank transfer doesn\'t even work and moon pay gives nothing but issues on many platforms. I already reached out to moon pay for over 2 years. They still can\'t do things right. What sense does it make if i have to buy with another exchange and than have to transfer to your exchange. I tested all payment options none of them work.
Richard Braisted 2021-02-15

I had zero problems opening the app. I did do what most of these people probably did do and I clicked start instead of log in the first time. If you already opened the account on the main webpage then enter your login info in the app and click log in not start and then enter your verification code from the email. Pretty simple actually
Mike Fielden 2021-02-04

I can\'t sign up, because I never receive the email containing the verification. Thankfully, I got a different email with multiple misspelled words in it. \"Account already exsits\" twice and \"forgetten\" - these aren\'t english words. This has made me conclude that the company is a disaster. I wouldn\'t give my cash to a company that sends you misspelled words in the correspondence with customers. Especially when they say - \"Led by over 8 former Morgan Stanley Executives\" - Who can\'t spell 🙊🗣️ 😂
Gyjj Julia 2020-12-30

Hmm not sure if that counts as normal, but every time I try to purchase there\'s an enormous unit price difference. I understand some, because you guys need to make a profit as well... But these were just way up high... Fluctuating between $1.3-2k difference in just seconds - while market wasn\'t moving that much. Would be interesting to see the real sell unit price then. 😔 Imagine you buying overpriced extra $2K and selling underpriced.That would be crazy amount of loss even if the market is up
Gennadiy Khotinskiy 2020-12-31

With every update its less and less easy to use. Why move things around so its not all on one page but you have to look around. I have to go to another page just to see how much money I have in my order, why not include that on the open order page??
Danzo 2020-12-10

There\'s still along way to perfection. I still think you can add functions that allows proper TA, e.g. being able to draw on charts. Customize TA indicator parameters. Also improve on connectivity... I had bad experience in lagging on trade execution. Also add functions that allows me to see entry and exit price on PNL history. Especially when one has opened many positions that eventually averaged out. Also add a quick one click market order closing function
C Schneider 2021-01-15

Don\'t even deserve one star. I have nothing but issues with this company. I get attitude from reps.i have done what \"instructed\"!!! But it still doesn\'t work like you said. In fact I was informed that I was the only customer that had any problems. Which I find that hard to believe. I\'m not stupid like your customer service reps think I am. I have navigated other sites like yours and had done great with it. But yours sucks!!! Don\'t use this site.
Jack MZ 2021-03-16

Not such a a fan. It\'s complicated, it has high fees for withdrawals at $27 ! And I seem to have flat out lost $800 somewhere. I literally can\'t find it. I know I transferred $2,400 in, I transferred $800 to Exodus wallet and the other $800 is just gone. The differences between coins in contract, spot, and the wallet are difficult to understand and not clear. It only gives interest on USDT at %7 or at %10 if it is fixed for a week. It\'s gimmicky with ads for its own contasts on the homepage.
Brian Meckley 2021-03-10

LIES! They advertise here in the play store \"zero fees\", yet when I created an account, they gave me a \"free trial\" which gives me no fees. On top of that, when I went to make a purchase, I was asked to \"choose a channel\" (Mercuryo, Coinify, Banxa, and Moonpay). Each of the channels have different limits, and the lower the limit, the higher THE TRANSACTION FEES INCLUDED. So, Phemex may not charge fees (IF YOU HAVE PREMIUM), but their partners charge fees regardless.