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Description of Philips Hue

The official Philips Hue app is the most comprehensive way to organise, control and customise your Philips Hue smart lights and accessories.  

Looking for the Hue Bluetooth app? You can now use this app to control your Philips Hue smart Bluetooth lights!*  

Organise your smart lights your way 

Whether you use just a few bulbs or have completely outfitted your home in Philips Hue, you can organise your smart lights with ease. Group your lights into Rooms or Zones – your entire downstairs floor or all the lights in the living room, for example – that mirror the physical rooms in your home. 

Easily control your lights – from anywhere 

Adjust your lights’ brightness, temperature and colour and control multiple lights across Rooms or Zones all from the Hue app – and it doesn’t matter where you are. You can use the app to control your lights wherever you have an Internet connection.   

Extraordinary light experiences  

Created by professional lighting designers, scenes transform your room in an instant. Create a unique atmosphere with the Honolulu scene, the vibrant colours of Soho and more. Browse the Hue scene gallery and tap a scene to set it – or create your own based on a photo or your favourite colour palette. 

Light recipes for your daily routines 

Use the four light recipes designed by lighting experts to support your wellbeing throughout the day. Start the day with the cool daylight of Energise to give you a morning boost, followed by the brighter Concentrate setting to help you get things done. The Read light recipe gives you the perfect shade of light in which to read your favourite book, while the dimmed golden glow of Relax helps you wind down.  

Personalise with automations 

Make your smart lights work around your daily routine. Whether you want your lights to gently wake you up in the morning or greet you when you get home, setting up customisable automations in the Hue app is effortless – and fun!   

Hands-free voice control 

Use Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your smart lights with just your voice. Simple voice commands let you turn lights on and off, dim and brighten or even change colours without you ever lifting a finger. 

Create widgets for quick control (Android) 

Control your smart lights even faster by creating widgets on your home screen. Turn lights on or off, adjust brightness and temperature or set scenes – all without even opening the app. 

Find out more about the official Philips Hue app: www.philips-hue.com/app. 

*Some features in this app require a Hue Bridge. 

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:4.17.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Signify Netherlands B.V.

User Reviews


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Bryan 2019-07-22

The last 4 times I\'ve updated this app (2 of them were involuntarily forced upon me) it erased all my lights, all my rooms, all my scenes, everything. Each time I had to re-input each of my 26 lights and set them up again. I\'m uninstalling this app this time and using a 3rd party app to control my lights from here on out. This is ridiculous. I love the lights and using the smart features, but when I have to reset everything every few months, it becomes worthless and a waste of my time.
Jeff 2019-05-19

The system has been working well for years, but all the sudden I\'m unable to connect via Google Home. I keep getting an error: \"couldn\'t update the setting. check your connection.\" I\'ve tried unlinking/relinking, uninstalling/reinstalling the app but it still doesn\'t work. I\'ve even tried resetting my router, my modem, but that doesn\'t work either. Now when I\'m trying to login to Out of Home Control, it takes my login, but the app is still asking me to log in. This is so frustrating 😡.
Rebecca Burtch 2020-10-24

Worked well enough for the past 7 months or so, but today all of the sudden, now the app says it can\'t connect to hue bridge, which I don\'t have, so finally after having this issue all day, I reinstalled the app. NOW you apparently can\'t use the app or control your smart lights without having a bridge. I am beyond ticked off. I spent a lot of money on these lights that are now basic light bulbs. I won\'t be buying another hue product.
Laura Rettig 2019-12-19

Hue Bridge only. I don\'t understand why they can\'t consolidate this into a single app. I downloaded this and tried to connect Bluetooth light bulbs but it turns out you need a different app. Edit: reply doesn\'t help, they don\'t seem to understand that some people do not want a Hue Bridge since it is not necessary.
Donald Hanichak 2019-07-05

you will need this app to setup and control your lights. there are other apps that will or can calhange the color and turn them on and off but this is the main app for them. i have to say after having my lights for a couple of years. the app has gone through some really good updates. im sure they will be adding more features down the road.
Jeff Simpson 2019-05-10

The hue system is great. Until you eventually spend thousands like me and then realize your bridge is full. No problem just add a second bridge. Only problem the app only allows control of one bridge at a time, and the Google assistant only accepts one account. So with my expensive system i can only voice control half of the lights and cannot change the others without switching bridges. I think hue needs a bigger bridge or an app that can control both bridges simultaneously.
Martin 2020-02-02

I love hue lights! My whole flat lights up when I enjoy festivals at home, its amazing. What I would love to be added to the app is to be able to adjust the brightness for every light specifically in the entertainment areas. I have 10 lights in one area, different generation hue lights and it\'s mind-blowing, but would be even more athmospheric if I could get the brightness level right for ever single light(strip). Hope you\'ll implement this in the near future! colorful love to you Philips <3
Shak A 2020-10-19

Doesn\'t connect to Hue Bridge. After downloading this App, connecting to bridge, everything seemed fine. But an hour later it fails to connect to bridge. Other family members can still connect on their phone. After restarting my phone, restarting the bridge with no success, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it worked again for an hour then same problem. Waiting to hear from Philips....please respond. Will update review shortly
Samuel Williams 2018-12-26

I am unable to use the out of home control. Every time I try to login, it is a continuous loop of saving it is unsupported. The lights work great, but the only reason I bought them was to link it to my Alexa. Very disappointed. After some research it looks like there have been many people with the same issue. I tried on my Android and my Ipad.
Charles Ellis 2019-10-12

The recent update broke all of my bridges and even with a newly purchased bridge, it won\'t recognize any of my existing lights. I tried calling customer service and they said I should set up a unique account for each bridge which is crazy and not working even with just the one new bridge activated. I had room settings, timer settings, and now everything is gone. I have spent a ton of money on 28 lights and I am beyond pissed. Customer service feel free to reach out and help me fix this.