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Phone Case DIY



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Description of Phone Case DIY

Phone Case DIY is a phone case maker game where you can show your creative side and enjoy the custom art and see the phone evolution just the way you like it!

We know, this is the DIY game you were looking for!

Customize your phone case with the tons of features we have!

Game Features:

- PAINTING - Spray Paint in all of the colors you can imagine!

- ACRYLIC ART - Acrylic color and tie dye art on your Phone Case!

- STICKERS - Choose many cool stickers for fancy look

- POP IT - phone case like your favorite fidget toys

- STENCIL ART technique, as well as water marbling and injection coloring just like jelly dye

So how about you make it super pretty with some serious customization work?

Unleash your creative mind and splash some color on this phone!

Make it glow! Make it bling! Make it glitter! Make it yours!

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More Information Of Phone Case DIY

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:CrazyLabs LTD

User Reviews


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Ella Leydon 2021-02-18

Thank you for the update the game is much better now because I can actually do the VIP level, but it is still a bit annoying that you have to watch an add to do the level and if there are too any adds then simple answer : Turn Your Internet OFF Or go on airplane mode, this game is really good and I say this game could be enjoyable for you aswell. So my answer is for you to download this game :3 :3 .(p.s. it has good graphics the 3D items are actually 3D :3 .)
bozena zagozdzon 2021-02-17

THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!! I don\'t really mind the ads because they are short and I love the way that you can customise your phone case however you like! It\'s crazy! I recommend this game!!! Best game ever!!! There are stickers, glitter, 3d decos and more! You can decide on spray, acrylic or marble! This is the best game I have! Good job on creating this game!! I love ittt!!!!!! You can even add key chains!! I really like you done have to spend any money on this game! Worth installing great work! :)
Emms912 2021-01-16

I love this game I play it every day, the only thing is that there are a lot of adds. that\'s why I\'m giving it a 4 star and once you get vip it is very fun. you can create your own phone. But I just wanted to tell you that there are a lot of adds, but the good thing about adds are you could get games from them. Like I said I play it every day and you should two so download this app you won\'t regret it! Good bye!!
Beena test 2021-03-02

It\'s a good game but I rated it only 2 cuz , it told me that I unlocked marble, and if I want to use it they tell me to watch a video. After watching the video, the game freezes and becomes a black screen and I have to restart it! And when I open it again, it says to watch a video again! This has happen to me more than 5 times. They trick us always! It\'s very frustrating!!! And pls stop putting ads in between when we customizing the phone. Pls fix it or else you\'ll get a bad name for this game.
Avis David 2021-03-06

In my opinion, this game is really fun! It\'s not like most games where they MAKE you use a certain color and design, your colors are limited until you unlock them all though. It also is from what I\'ve played so far, a kid-friendly game. Whenever you finish your phone, you have to put on this glaze and it does make your phone look better, thank God! You also get to change your desk and the room that you use which is cool but you also need to unlock or use your money that you earned from playing
{•Ķyrâ Šcotț•} 2021-01-12

This game is really fun! But I have 1 major issue, im not really a huge fan of the amount of ads in this game. So if you guys decide to update it, please make it so there are less ads. Overall, this game is amazing! If there were less ads I would give it 5 stars. 👍
Myla Plays Roblox 2021-01-20

So one of the cases look like a among us character and I always do the color the customer wants, but I also put splatters of red to make it look like the among us character is a imposter. And it just looks so cool so I think ya\'ll should try it! Oh ya and also dont blow dry it or else the red will go away! Btw here\'s my thought of the game itself. So it\'s a amazing game but its full of ads but I dont even care cuz this app is unique !Oh and only do the trick on the case that\'s a among us legend!
Kanishk Saha 2021-02-05

Very good App. It has all the features I like. Just one thing is missing, that the VIP customers are asking to Paint there phones and if we want to paint, we need to watch a advert, which is very bad and time wasting.You should either put without adverts, or you should not put the VIP Customers only. Thanks for such a good app. In your next update, kindly put the features which are put here.
Samantha 2021-01-29

It\'s a fun time killer, but I really wish there was back buttons and a way to blend a background and still add more paint. Another issue that I have had is the amount of ads. Sometimes I\'ll get three adds in the matter of two minutes Otherwise it\'s actually really fun when playing the actual game. But the lack of back buttons is irking to say the least.
Moonlight Glow gamer 2021-01-15

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Its a fun art game and I like the new things you can get. The only thing I don\'t like is the unexpected adds. Some adds may be inappropriate, But I\'d just ignore them.