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Photo Scan, Photo Editor - Quisquee

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Description of Photo Scan, Photo Editor - Quisquee

Photo Scan and Photo Editor - Quisquee is one of the most useful, reliable and professional Photo Scanner and Photo Editor.

It is pre loaded with powerful Photo Scanner having optimized photo scan algorithm along with Photo editor with number of Frames, Stickers, Effects, Enhancements and many other tools that user can use to make photo editing more fun. Its very easy to use because it has been developed by consideration of rich user experience as first priority.


Photo Scan :- Photo Scan is feature which enables user to take photo from either Camera or Gallery and scan it by using 8 points multi selection tool. It also auto fix perspective of photo after scan. Photo Scan can scan unlimited photos there is no restriction on counting.

Photo Editor :- Photo editor is powerful that is very enhanced and core component of Quisquee which is packed with number of tools and effects to play.

Photos :- In Photos user will get all the edited photos using Quisquee. Users can view edited photos any time in this section. Here are following operation that can be performed :-

* Multi select photos to delete on main page of photos. Drag to select photos to delete option is embedded.

* User can view photos like a Gallery.

* Share photo.

* Delete photo.

* Set as wallpaper.

Slideshow :- User can see Slideshow of edited photos. Slideshow is also manual flip able that user can flip current photo to next or previous. Auto flip timing is adjustable in settings.


Crop :- Crop photo using predefined ratios like square, custom, 2:3, 3:4, 3:5, 4:5, 4:6, 5:6, 5:7 and more.

Blur :- Manual blur is available which makes editing more practical.

Transform :- Advanced Transform tool which can transform image horizontal,straighten and vertical.

Enhance :- To enhance quality of picture like High Definition ,Scenery, Food, Portrait, Night etc.

Effects :- Quisquee offers multiple effects to apply on Image which makes editing more vivid.

Frames :- Multi type frames are available like Gold, Whimsy, Zigzag.

Stickers :- Stickers are the best way to express fellings. Quisquee has stickers like Love, BFF, Flora, Costume, Alphabet, Food etc.

Overlays :- Overlay is one which draws itself on image and app has grids, adore, linework, countdown, adventure and more.

Adjust:- Adjustable brightness, contrast, exposure, warmth, saturation of photo.

Draw :- User can draw anything on photo using draw tool.

Text :- Text can be written over the photo with select able color.

Blemish :- Blemishes can be reduced using this tool.

Redeye :- This tool reduce red eye present in photo captured using flash mode On.

More :- Sharpness,Focus,Vignette,Orientation,Splash,Meme,Whiten.

# How to perform photo scan :-

1. Open app then click on bottom right corner button to open menu.

2. Click on Photo scan then choose either Scan or Pick from gallery.

3. Choose area of photo by selecting 8 points.

4. Click on scan. that's it.

# How to use photo editor :-

1. Choose photo from CAMERA or GALLERY.

2. User tools to perform various actions.

3. Click on done button. thats it.

License For Open Source Libraries are used.

Check "About" section in the app.

* Quisquee is made for its users to provide hassle free experience. Please provide feedback and suggestions in order to keep development consistent.

Happy Photo Scanning and Editing!!!

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lable: Photography - Apps Current Version:4.8.q Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:CJSVM

User Reviews


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Saleena 2021-01-09

the free version allows one pic to be taken before kicking you out of the app, requiring you to open it and multiple clicks to get back in for a further pic scan.😖
Yee Yan 2021-01-19

It\'s an easy app to digitize your old photos. The ability to grab the fours corners (90%) good and able to warp (make the picture in proper perspective) the image is a great. The result image is also default to enhanced color such that the color is already corrected (great for older pictures - even sometime it\'s over corrected, but it\'s still good). Great job!
Bishnu Maya 2020-07-03

Really nice app 👌 but one problem I am not able to click photos clearly directly from the app😞,I have to go to camera and click photos then select and scan,Long process!! Second problem is there are only few filters. Anyways REALLY nice app!!!!!!
Brett Baker 2020-10-03

Nice app... But... I scan a photo. Why is the crop tool not stretched to the full size of the scan?
David Spangler 2019-01-07

I\'m certainly having fun with it. Very nice, simple interface that is easy to understand the changes that you are making to your picture. You can work with the gallery on your phone (or tablet), or you can scan a photo in, or you could use your device\'s camera and take a new picture to work with. Overall, I am quite happy with what it does. Not as much as PhotoShop maybe, but enough that you shouldn\'t be bored with it.......
Ganapati Hegde 2020-07-25

Very good app, but I don,t know how to take the required photo to scan.
Hanson Kappelman 2020-05-10

Low resolution, no apparent way to adjust. Why not use the camera\'s full capabilities?
Christopher Michael 2020-03-02

It\'s a rather basic photo editor. But it\'s a good, basic editor. 1 of several editors I have, I use it for quick editors. It\'s very stable, having never crashed even with 10+ apps open.. But like myself, while it\'d useful you should get another photo editor. Doesn\'t take much storage & would\'ve fit on my old phone which only had 2GB free (it had 10GB used up & couldn\'t be removed, coming with the phone) so if it\'ll fit on that junk phone, itll fit on yours.
Rakesh Singh 2020-10-24

Nice for scan photo. But it\'s more useful when we can set auto name of file with some options.
Carl Burden 2020-07-25

Does a great job of scanning photos. Not brilliant at glossy photos as no way to touch up any reflections. But very good app.