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Description of Photo Translator - Text & Web

Translator for camera, text, voice, photos and web pages. 100% free and for all languages.

This app allows you to translate text, photos, camera, web pages as well as voice from any language to your wanted language. It is flexible and simple to use. It supports voice translation, text and camera pictures translations. you can either choose a photo from your gallery or simply take a picture of the text you want to translate.

Translation is fast and secure. We provide the latest machine learning models with the most improved precision.

Web page translation is also included in the application. you just need to enter the URL of the web site you want to translate and let the application do the rest. It is that simple :)

When traveling around the world or if you are in a business meeting with someone who does not speak your language or needs to translate a document, our language system offers impeccable translation quality.

In addition, our translator is the best app for students and education. You can translate everything you need for your education success. In university, college or school, you can use this app in the daily life to quickly translate academic documents or the speech of the lecturer.

Our translator provides the possibility to translate chats. You can type and send translations quickly to your friends in one click. It support all social media applications and let you communicate quickly with family, friends and colleagues.

Simply type or speak the language you want to translate and allow Web Translator to do the rest. The industry's leading voice recognition technology helps you to get the perfect and the super-fast translations.

The utility, the quality of translations and the positive feedback reviews of our users for our translator makes it one of the most popular translators in play store.

Characteristics :

- Totally free.

- Android translator for text

- mobile translator for voice/speech

- Translate the whole web pages quickly

- Translation of text in pictures and photos in all languages.

- Take a photo with your camera of any text and translate it in few seconds.

- multi-languages translation of text

- Bookmark your most used translated sentences.

- You can save the favorite translations

- Translate by voice. Speak and the utterance will be translated automatically

- Does not take up space on your device

- Fast translation in few seconds

- Clean interface and an easy to use translator

- Translate words and sentences with very high precision.

- high quality translation to all languages.

- Top quality web pages translations

Please contact us if you need help: octavia.assil@gmail.com

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.50 Publish Date:2022-05-11 Developer:Octaviassil

User Reviews


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C NZHK 2020-12-25

Took a photo of the instructions on the item I brought, and translated without any problems. The translation might be a bit raw without the perfect grammar, but it\'s good enough that you understand what it said. It let you send or share the finished translation too, which is a cool feature. However, there is a problem with just translating words. Yes there are ads but they are not intrusive at all. Well done and thank you for developing this app.
Jason Haydon 2020-09-21

Very pleasantly surprised. Super easy to use. I was able to take a picture of an inscription on the blade of a sword and receive an instant translation. I wasn\'t sure what to expect since the blade is black and the inscription is a gold tone. The app had Zero issue with detecting the text, automatically determining the original language and translating it to English. The only ad it gave me was able to be closed without delay, which in my opinion, is the best kind to have when ads are present.
Valerie P 2021-01-01

This is a good app, however the amount of ads is absolutely ridiculous. You go to take a picture to translate... AD, after you take your picture and crop... AD, if you take to long to take a picture AD!! There\'s an ad for every action you want to do. I understand it\'s a free app and the devs need to be paid, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD CUT BACK ON THE FREQUENCY OF THE ADS!! You already have ad banners at the bottom that are permanent. It\'s the only reason I have it a 3 ⭐ rating.
Jennifer Parker 2019-02-18

Sucks!!! Had the languages set to translate from Korean into English but the translation was into another asian language (sorry couldn\'t tell you which one, hence my attempts at using this app). No matter what I did this was my results. If you\'re going to offer a translation app you really need to actually translate!
Sonja Paris 2020-06-16

Works fine...for a day, and then one of sudden it no longer recognizes the Arabic language. I delete and reinstall, the matter is solved for a day, and then again it does not recognize Arabic. Each time I reinstall this app it works beautifully just for little while.
Michelle Renwick Wilson 2018-11-04

It translated what I wanted done very quickly. However, when I tried to send it to a friend, they got a link to the app, but not the translated page. I couldn\'t even copy and paste the results! Make these features available and I\'ll give it 5 stars.
Tata K 2020-08-20

Translation from Korean to English is very good. But I wanted to use it for webcomics, and this app is not suitable. I have to make screenshot, then upload to app, wait for 30sec ads, then remove the line breaks... It will take the eternity to finish one chapter. It seems the future is not here yet :) The amout of ads is huge.
Jacquie Hansen 2019-08-04

won\'t translate the webpage even though it says it does
Jiver Freecloud 2021-01-19

Really good idea that it automatically finds the language to translate from. Not like others where you have to guess the language when I don\'t have a clue. It would be a nice feature if it told me what the original language is.
ON TARIO 2020-10-27

Haha terrible. Doesn\'t work and you have to watch a 30 second long ad before you can even do one translation. What a joke!