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Description of Pic Quiz

Guess the word from the image.

The answers are in English, or you can play in 46 other languages.

There are many different packs, and they cover a wide range of subjects and interests, with 100's of photos, maps, images and even a logo quiz. Each pack starts easy, but becomes more difficult.

The picture is initially concealed, you can slowly reveal the image to find the word. Reveal less = earn more.

The names of the packs include: Animals, Logos, Kitchen, World Countries, Anatomy, Sport, Medieval History, Fashion, Garden, Dog Breeds, Mammals, Farm, Fruit, Vegetables, Pets, Birds, Famous Landmarks, Musical Instruments, Desserts, Plants & Flowers, Buildings, Professions, Beach and many more

The game is suitable for all family members, and it improves spelling skills

Other features include:

• It is suitable for all screen sizes

• 8 different methods of concealment

• 5 different kinds of hints

• A bonus is awarded when you finish a pack

• You can play in portrait or landscape formats

• An intelligent start screen makes it easy to find the pack you want

• You type in the answer with an easy-to-use keyboard

Topics covered by the packs: entertainment, fashion, food, geography, history, art, science, sport, household, leisure, literature, military, music, nature, transport

You can sort the packs by the topics that interest you.

You can play this app in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Croatian, Greek, Indonesian, Romanian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Slovene, Turkish, Ukrainian, Afrikaans, Albanian, Azeri, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Catalan, Galician, Tagalog, Armenian, Belarusian, Georgian, Hebrew, Hindi, Malay, Persian, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese

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More Information Of Pic Quiz

lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:1.12.1 Publish Date:2021-09-29 Developer:Havos Word Games

User Reviews


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Dane Micheals 2019-05-06

I really really enjoy this game, cant stop playing it.
Andrea Nicholson 2019-10-22

It has its good parts, but the ads are looong and oftentimes you do not get the points for watching these annoying ads. So it is a chore to complete more advanced, less known images, because at some point you get fed up with watching ads with no reward and thus no possibility to advance in the game. To sum it up: it is buggy, both because of the annoying ads and because of this reward malfunction.

I love this game but hints and help cost too much points. Revealing first letter or using any hint option drains many points that hinders and one has to wait long to get more points in order to continue. Please increase the award and lessen the point consumption on help option.
Glen Pruden 2018-09-27

How Answer the quiz when the picture is covered up that drum game the game suck
Alberto Lattini 2020-07-21

Every time I choose a subject and press on it , I get the following message \" Failed to load game \".Thus I lose 50 pints ! What\'s going on ? Pls advise .Thanx . ps.so far I\'ve lost 200pts.
So Firoj Hossain 2018-01-17

Well but I need answers. I can\'t solve all
Melissa Hennings -Gardner 2017-01-06

Brain game It\'s fun and harder than you\'d think. My only issue: under the category Kitchen... Why is there a washing machine in the Kitchen?.. Maybe change category to household? Cause it confuses me. It\'s a good game though.
Sarah Hammerle 2018-01-01

Numerous category w/100 puzzle each. Just download then play off-line til collected enough pts to open new category
Marylin Scott 2017-04-07

Love this game keeps me amused for hours
A Google user 2017-04-27

Cool app, enjoyable