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Description of PickCrafter - Idle Craft Game

Mine gems, collect Pickaxes and discover treasure filled Biomes in PickCrafter!

PickCrafter is an incremental idle craft clicker game that lets you take control of a pickaxe and dig deep into the biomes 💎 Even while idle or offline! Just start tapping to mine. Upgrade Legendary Pickaxes, collect all the blocks and gear, and unlock all the Biomes 👑 Digging for gold has never been more exciting! Tap to start, then upgrade your Artifacts and Abilities to mine deeper, faster.

Download now and start mining for gold in this incremental idle crafting clicker game! How far can you dig?

⛏️ PickCrafter FEATURES ⛏️

Idle Clicker Gameplay

⛏ Tap: Swing your pickaxe and Mine all the 3D blocks!

⛏ Swing: Break blocks this way too!

⛏ Mine: Earn PPS and craft blocks!

Incremental Upgrades

⛏ Hopper collects blocks while idle or offline!

⛏ Use Abilities and Artifacts to boost your Strength

⛏ Mythical Blocks and Machines help you!

Upgrade Your Pickaxe

⛏ Craft and upgrade your Pickaxes

⛏ Defeat bosses, craft their special items and earn Trophies!

⛏ Prestige to reach new heights

Idle Mining

⛏ Earn resources even when you're not playing

⛏ Daily Rewards - enjoy cool bonuses from the Daily Reward system

⛏ Over 90 achievements to unlock

⛏ Battle with your friends and rank up on the leaderboards

⛏ No internet connection necessary

⛏ No need for mods, launcher, or PE

PickCrafter is the incremental clicker idle game for fans of endless fun. Tap the day away digging for gold, diamonds, amethyst, and more! Find companions, and craft items to boost your PPS - get digging today! A great game for people searching for mining games.

Download now to unleash your inner miner in PickCrafter!

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Need help? Visit our support page https://pickcrafter.com/support

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More Information Of PickCrafter - Idle Craft Game

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:5.9.26 Publish Date:2021-11-10 Developer:Fiveamp

User Reviews


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¡!Willow!¡ 2019-07-11

don\'t get this app. you may not realize it when you play it at first, but the game shoves as many ads as it can in your face. the ui can get in the way of tapping sometimes and the spinning wheel isn\'t luck based at all, it always lands on the exat same place (on the least valuable item) no matter how many times you re spin. they just want your money, get a different clicker game.
Heropug Heropug 2021-02-07

Best. Game. Ever. I wish there was a random option for the pickaxes. Like, you could click it and it randomizes your pickaxes out of all the ones that you have. Also the ad spots are great. I hate it when I\'m in the middle of playing and an ad pops up, but with this game, the only ads that I see are for getting something in the game without paying for it. Either with runic or real money. I have a bug, I can\'t get the rewards from the last garden event. I did do it though. I didn\'t get it still.
Lonestryker Castillo 2019-05-31

I am 100% unhappy that a game that has many kid players is suddenly forcing dozens of planet 13 cannabis ads on them. This is unacceptable and the fact that the ad itself is unskippable id untolerable. I cannot, in good conscience recommend this to any of my fellow parents anymore. :(
Big Drako 300 2020-07-07

Its a great game, an amazing time consumer. Just its too simple for my taste, I highly recommend it for little kids and other ppl to pass time. You guys did an amazing job!!! Just next time you update make the bosses more harder to defeat, they were way too easy. Great job!!
TamedPyro 2020-07-05

The game works incredibly well and is a great time waster. 1 thing I would add is when you defeat bole mole enough, it can give you a new item to use:pet mole. You can then use him do dig for 20 seconds. But yeah, great game!
BrownishBasher 2019-06-20

This game is super fun and exciting. You can buy all kinds of things like armor and weapons that are from Minecraft. You can also get things that raise your picks per second. I recommend this game to everyone who likes idle games or Minecraft.
Aedan Ink Demon Michels 2021-01-22

Update: I found a glitch. So I was 🔛 the ☸️ & watched ad 2 respin. I got silver 🧰. i spent 🔟 runic 2 respin again & got birch. I spent 25 runic 2 respin & got sapphire. I spent 50 runic 2 respin & got sapphire 2nd. At that ☝️I cant re💫 so I collected but something odd happened: it gave me silver 🧰 instead of sapphires. I said its probably a thing were it gives you the ⬆️ item you got if ur reward was ⬇️. But after I opened it it still said I could collect & I could ♾️ly open silver 🧰.
Penguinnin 2020-06-05

This game was awesome. Great graphics, great physics, and I love the fact that there are new ores like sapphire, and that you can craft items you can\'t in normal minecraft. I had this game when I was a 7, and I uninstalled it. I\'ve been looking for this game forever. Now I am 10. Awesome in every way.
James Charles Taylor 2020-06-19

It has solid gameplay, but the issue here that I\'m having is when I\'m trying to fight Riptide, I don\'t see any collision detection when the lava block hits him, the block just disappears. Normally when the lava block would hit him, he would turn around and you would have to hit him in the backside, but I couldn\'t make it happen. The game also crashes when I start to protect Doggo. I\'m running BlueStacks, by the way.
Ben Oakley 2021-02-16

This game is a fun one for people who like idle clickers. I had this game on my iPhone and loved it, but had to start over again on my android I have now. It was a little disheartening to lose all my progress from before, but the game is so fun that I don\'t mind restarting. Adverts are optional, so you don\'t do 10 seconds of mining followed by 30 seconds of adverts. Overall, great game!