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PicMonkey Photo + Graphic Design

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Description of PicMonkey Photo + Graphic Design

PicMonkey is a photo editor and design app that helps you make stunning images that attract eyeballs and get results — for social, for your website, for your life. Get more traction with banners, shop icons, and thumbnails. Touch up portraits for profile pics. Engage followers with attractive IG and FB stories and posts. And so much more.

It's all in the palm of your hand! With the PicMonkey app you can:

Easily boost pics with photo editor effects like B&W, Instafilm, LightLeak, and so many more

Create designs by starting with a background, then adding graphic stickers or your own overlays—hello logos!—and keep transparency

Touch up portraits with makeup editor tools for complexion, contouring, eyes and teeth (in-app purchase)

Add text to photos, and style it right with customizable drop shadows, and letter spacing

Draw, erase, and adjust transparency on everything, including graphic stickers

Boost photo design with our fresh, unique graphic stickers

Crop and resize images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest with pre-made sizes

Retouch photos on the quick with "Presto" automatic adjustments

Keep your photo editor creations in our integrated storage, and continue editing on desktop (in-app purchase)

Share easily to social media — Instagram, Facebook, all your faves


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PicMonkey-363288993696707/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/picmonkey


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lable: Photography - Apps Current Version:1.20.2 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:by PicMonkey

User Reviews


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Sara C 2020-02-07

NOT free. Free to download but in order to use the free trial you have to give credit card details, then continue paying for a subscription Thanks for making me accept your terms, then find out it\'s not what it appeared to be..very misleading 🤬
Amelia Bucholz 2016-08-17

Missing features Dear PicMonkey... I NEED the overlay feature in the mobile app! Please!!!! And the collage feature. Also, have you ever considered within the collage feature being able to fill one of the photo boxes with a background color instead of a photo? This would provide the ability to put text over it instead of text over a photo? I would love to see that come from picmonkey. Currently I don\'t think there\'s a photo editing app that does that. Love you guys. Keep up the good work!!
Christina K 2016-08-21

I\'m excited! I\'ve subscribed to PM for years, and looove it. I\'ve been dreaming of it in mobile form, and I\'m so grateful it\'s happening! Sure the features are limited- right now. I can\'t imagine how tough it must be to condense a website full of features into a mobile app. I can\'t wait to see how it expands & improves in the future. I\'d much rather see it done right than done quick, so I\'ll be over here patiently waiting, making every picture in my gallery ombre pink in the meantime ;) Thank you PicMonkey!
Melissa B 2016-08-13

Love the online version I have been using pic monkey for years online and I love it. I\'m super excited to see it go mobile. So far, most of the features I use most aren\'t available on the app, like the touch up tools: \"airbrush\", \"eyebrighten\", \"nip tuck\", \"clone\" etc... but I hope to see them added. I would be on this app all the time! Yay for Pic Monkey\'s next step!
Josie Ferrara 2020-03-27

I agree totally with another review. NOT FREE! Misleading in that you get 1 month free but you dont! My card was charged immediately. When I tried using the features they were no different than what already was. I even canceled my subscription right then and it still charged me. I am very upset and wish PicMonkey would fix this issue.
child anyways so 2019-01-18

It does an okay job for what I want to do, but there are a lot of things I can\'t do without buying things!! It\'s okay but I think it should be better.
A Google user 2016-12-26

Disappointing Nothing like the web app. It saves the edited pics as a much larger file size than the original, which is terrible. I addressed this and was told it would be fixed and clearly it never was. It seems picmonkey has stopped listening to its users / Royale Members.
Terie Michon 2019-06-05

DONT TRY IT!! BILLED AGAIN on 6/5/2019 4 mths AFTER CANCELING! MONKEYS STILL CHRGNG ME & STILL HAVEN\'T CANCELED SUBSCRIPTION-TRYING to CANCEL for 4 MTHS NOW! Instructions 2 CANCEL in FAQ -WRONG!. Emailed support team & email bounces back! Paid for 4 months now & can\'t even get app unlocked! WISH I NEVER SUBSCRIBED, now I can\'t even get them to cancel it, much less support it! I have 5 apps on my phone that are 100 x\'s better. If I can STOP just ONE PERSON from wasting their $ then Ill be happy
Amy Foster 2019-09-25

Bad customer service. They auto renew your subscription. When I emailed and asked them to refund my money for the 2nd month, they said no. They could see that I hadn\'t used the app in over a month and still wouldn\'t refund the money. They took several days to write back and essentially just said that I should have read their terms. I agree that I should have, but the right thing to do is to refund my money. I won\'t use the app again.
Debbie Hoffman 2017-01-21

Why are you blowing off my husband? I have see him in contact with you on mobile and on desktop and all you idiots do is ignore him and send him to links that get him no where!!!!! He\'s been a paid user since 2010 and you people are treating him like dirt! How dare you say he\'s sucking! YOUR SUCKING! your not helping him. His name is Tim Hoffman. You need to aleiviate this. How can you do this and treat himso disrespectly?