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Description of Picture Bird - Bird Identifier

Picture Bird allows you to easily identify the birds all around you by simply taking a quick photo with your phone.

Upload a photo of a bird or take it directly and you can identify it within seconds. Learn the names of different birds, information about each species, and so much more!

Key Features:

- Quickly and accurately identify 10,000+ bird species

- Powerful identification software with high accuracy rate

- Extensive database full of information about all kinds of birds

- Save all the birds you’ve identified in your personal collection

- Intuitive user-friendly interface

- Ad-free in-app experience

Easily Identify Any Bird

Have you ever come across a beautiful bird on a hike or walk around your neighborhood and wondered what it was? Is it a merlin or a hummingbird? Picture Bird is like having a personal bird expert right in your pocket. Simply take a quick photo of any bird with your phone camera for an instant identification that connects you more deeply with the natural world!

Save Your Own Bird Collection

As you identify and learn about the different birds you find in the world, such as merlin, hummingbird, you can save them all in your very own personal bird collection. This makes it easy to keep track of all the birds you've seen, recall those species when you see them again, and expand your bird knowledge one bird at a time.

High-Accuracy Identification

Picture Bird’s identification technology brings unparalleled identification accuracy to bird lovers around the world. With a 98% identification accuracy rate, you can rely on Picture Bird to correctly identify any bird species you find and provide in-depth information for you to learn all about them.

An Encyclopedia of Bird Knowledge

Identifying birds wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without being able to learn all about them. Picture Bird brings an encyclopedia of bird knowledge right to your fingertips.

With Picture Bird you can:

Learn the scientific classification of birds around the world

Explore a rich database of information for each bird species

Learn about all the birds in your neighborhood

Enjoy pictures of birds in their natural habitat to learn more about their characteristics, personalities, and habits

Enjoy in-depth learning tools to expand your knowledge of birds like never before

If you’re a professional bird watcher or just interested in birds, Picture Bird is the perfect companion to have in your pocket. There’s no better way for families and bird enthusiasts to explore our flying friends in the natural world.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.8.13 Publish Date:2022-05-13 Developer:Next Vision Limited

User Reviews


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Mark KH 2020-07-22

I am very disappointed that I was charged the full subscription amount during a free trial just days after downloading the app without any fair warning. Update to response: Normally you get more than a few days during a trial before you are charged. That\'s the point of a trial. I already contacted you & was told by Sandy that I would have to request the refund from Google Play store. I did that and was denied it due to \"insufficient evidence\" despite sending a screenshot of when I was charged.
WP Andros 2020-06-27

Wow, my pictures are pretty low quality, taken through a window zoomed in on our bird feeders (when we get close up they fly away). The results are impressive. I haven\'t used any other bird apps for comparison. The kids and I were so excited, we saw over a dozen birds at the feeders and the results matched the few we knew (cardinal, red bellied woodpecker, catbird) and looked exactly right for all the little birds we haven\'t been able to identify on our own. Yay, we aren\'t bird ignorant anymore!
Patricia Laidlaw 2020-05-10

Appears to be a great app so far!! Took 3 very ordinary photos of birds in the distance and the app managed to identify the birds correctly. As a novice to loving birds and identifying them, great app!
Maria Kinsley 2020-05-09

LOVE THIS APP!! Just started using it but I love it so far. My family and I love to watch our backyard birds and some we haven\'t been able to identify. A quick picture and this app does the rest. Great source!!
Sara Fz 2020-05-25

I just tried it to identify a few birds I photographed earlier today. It manged all of them! Only bad thing right now is that the premium sub is way too expensive. No way I\'ll pay that much /year for an app, however great.
Pigeon Project 2020-07-16

Hi Glority LLC, it\'s one of the great apps I have seen. Although some of the identifications don\'t match the photos I post to this app, it\'s all okay for me. However, this is a good app because not only you have you post pictures in this app so the bird matches with identification, but also you get to identify birds in the community, which is a good thing cause you and they can let others know what the bird is. My suggestion is that you can add a short bio about yourself. Thanks for this app!
Brenda O\'Keefe 2020-06-17

Thos app is great. Even if your bird pics are surrounded by trees and basically camoflauged, it can identify the species. It\'s also great to see what other pics app users have captured in your neighborhood. Really worth the $20 a year and I never buy apps!
Olivia Lassouani 2021-01-30

If you want to get a good bird identifying app, then your search is over! This app is great, gives you the right answer most of the time, and even lets you chat to bird experts! The reason I didn\'t put a five star rating is if you want to get answers from bird experts you have to pay: £17.99 a month! This is unacceptable! It should be free. But over all, this app gives you everything it says it does. Thank you and enjoy!! :)
Marie Larson 2020-09-23

This app is AMAZING! I was on Google searching for an hour to figure out what this bird was I had at my feeder, but this app took the blurry image I took of it and gave me the correct results in seconds! I also learned something new! I had no idea that juvenile Red-Headed Woodpeckers didn\'t have red heads. That\'s why I couldn\'t find the bird anywhere because I was only looking at mature birds.
Peter Cole 2020-04-08

What a waste of time, the app doesn\'t even open just tells me reconnecting all the time, I\'m done going back to my Roberts Birding app, which you cant beat! I guess the developers must have written all those glowing reviews themselves!