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Description of Picture Insect & Spider ID

Don't know the name of an insect or a spider? Just point your phone's camera at an insect and let the learning to begin with the Picture Insect & Spider App.

Explore the marvelous world of insects & spiders in a snap. Whenever you want to know what that insect is, learn the taxonomy of a spider, find out more about a butterfly, Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier app is your mirror into the insect planet on your mobile phone.

It is an all-in-one spider identifier, butterfly identifier, and bug identifier. With its user-friendly interface, all you need to do is take a picture of the insect you want to ID and you will be provided with loads of information about that insect.

Picture Insect & Spider is a window to better understanding the wonderful world of insects. It can automatically identify more than 4000+ species of insects. Our team has been striving to develop the most accurate and convenient tool for image recognition and has served over 30,000,000 users all over the world.

Key Features:

- Instantly Identify 4000+ species of insects & spiders

- Identification accuracy rate of 95%

- Rich learning source about insects & spiders

- Intuitive interface with friendly tips

- Keep track of identified species in your personal collection.


- Accurate and fast insect & spider identification results

We instantly identify insects & spiders with an accuracy rate of 95.28%

- Over 1000 species of insects in our database

Whether you need to identify an ant, a butterfly, a beetle, a moth, a bee, or whatever other insects you find in and outside your home, the Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier app is the tool for image recognition of insects.

- Insect taxonomy

Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier app gives you in-depth information about insects. Learn about an insect’s structure, appearance, evolution, species that can be confused, characteristics and so much more.

- Get answers to questions that bug you

Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier app in collaboration with experts answers questions that people often ask when it comes to bug identifier mysteries. What does a blue morpho butterfly eat? How long does an insect live? What are a spider’s enemies? Is this insect harmful to humans? You ask, Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier experts answer.

- Keep track of identified insects & spiders in your personal collection

Insect identification records are kept in the personal collection. Feel free to access them anytime or share with other nature lovers who might benefit from or be interested in bug identifiers or insect identifier apps. Nature ID is a click away.

So, next time you go camping and see a beautiful butterfly you want to identify, take a photo and let us do the work of insect identification. By the time you say ‘Picture Insect & Spider’, we will have accurate results and answers to your bug id questions.

Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier app is ready to install

We identify insects & spiders all

Big or small

And the ones that crawl

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:2.7.17 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Next Vision Limited

User Reviews


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viefpief 2020-08-28

Very accurate for common bugs. Only some caterpillars are harder to identify, which makes sense. Also has trouble with extremely small creatures, even when you have a good macro pic. But that\'s also understandable i guess, since most people won\'t have good pics of them so the AI isn\'t trained for that (i think). All in all I\'m very happy with this app and use it a lot.
Ott Chip 2020-07-18

Downloaded it then found it was an automatic payout in 7 days. Uninstall showed data used by me already but I have not used it. I opened it then found that it is a \"free trial\" that will be an annual subscription in 7 days. I better not get a bill for this. I am uninstalling now unused.
Jessica Smith 2020-08-29

Awesome app. I would like a section for each insect that shows if they bite or sting, if they are poisonous, and how to treat bites or stings. Also what deters them like peppermint spray around the door to keep them out as an example. Or people could comment on what they use to keep them out.
Antonio HaileSelassie 2020-08-14

They force you to do an expensive annual 7-day trial to try. I tried it and it got the bugs I was looking for wrong (although, I think it works as a decent app for bug checking, in general). So, I immediately (same day) went to cancel, but it says I\'ve signed up for a year. If I find that I do not get charged and don\'t have to contact Google, I will change this rating and comment. UPDATE: I had to request a refund from Google. This might just be a mistake in the way they setup their subscription.. but, I see there\'s other reviewers with the same problem. They should fix it.. or simply not offer the trial.
Javi O 2020-07-09

Even with the free trial enabled switch, it still charges you a the full trial. Even then, why offer a free trial that\'s off by default and only in name? Shady business, pt2. It\'s a trick to charge you the year subscription right away (and it gives you Coronavirus). Shady. See? Just because you put something in parentheses doesn\'t make it true, like the words (7 day trial). Reported to Google Play and received a refund. Make sure you demand a refund from only Google if this app tricked you too.
ThtCanadianGirl 2020-06-15

Really cool app. I initially downloaded it to find out what sort of spiders were plaguing my garage, helped quell those fears. Now I have fun taking pictures of lots of insects and finding out what they are 😛. I love that it gives the top most likely answers and not just one, helps me to see the small differences and see exactly which one it is....saying I was brave enough to get the picture and not just a blurry panic pic 😂
Spartan_48 2020-08-26

I\'m really enjoying using this app, however, I\'m only giving 3 stars because it mentions buy premium to unlock unlimited IDs. This worries me because it might say \"Sorry! No more photo IDs for 24 more hours\". I could be wrong, and If I am, I\'ll give it 5 stars, but could someone, or the Devs clear this up for me?
Hugh Weller-Lewis 2020-07-13

Watch out or you get charged… Hate these semi-legit apps where you get a short \"free\" trial before being automatically billed. Of course, the hope is you\'ll sign up, in the heat of the moment to identify something, and end up paying for a year\'s subs or whatever. Luckily, you have to go thru a purchase process before you\'re sucked in and I bailed because the ambient light was too bright to read screen properly... Free trial should be a FAIR trial. 7 days is too short.
Spatium Planta 2021-01-18

Says it\'s free, ask you to subscribe with a 7 days trial of a yearly subscription. Just exploits people who forget to unsubscribe... Review replies keep saying there\'s a free mode, but you sure don\'t make it obvious. Wasn\'t able to take picture without subscribing and there doesn\'t seem to be another way to id bugs... What even are the \"basic features\" of the free mode??
Daan Heemskerk 2020-06-23

All the Picture(c) Identifying apps have been a great help and much fun. Haven\'t found a better one, except for plants for which Plantnet rules supreme. For none of the Picture(c) apps is paid subscription neccessary, though this is not clear from the first starting screen that demands a fee, yet can be clicked away by finding the tiny cross in the upper left corner.