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Description of Pilates Anytime Workouts

With the largest library and greatest variety of Pilates content, this Pilates Anytime app is custom-built to provide you with a rich and wonderful Pilates experience. With new videos added weekly, you will have unlimited access to 3,700+ high-quality, fun, and effective Pilates workouts to stream or download, so you can practice anywhere, on your schedule. 200+ of the industry's best teachers will guide you every step of your practice. Whether you are just beginning, or you are an advanced practitioner, you will experience a warm welcome at any level.

For Pilates teachers, enrich your practice and your teaching with the biggest collection of the world's best teachers. Our extensive library includes workshops, Pilates history, talks, tutorials, and more.

The Pilates Anytime Android app provides an easy way to stream our exercise videos. Our app also allows you to download videos for offline viewing on your Android device.

Start your free 7-day trial today. Try one of our challenges to get started!

You will not be charged during your free trial. After your free trial, you will automatically be billed $17.99 USD per month (price varies by currency).

If you pay for your subscription via Google Play (you sign up from our Android app), you can cancel your subscription at play.google.com anytime. Click "My subscriptions," "Manage," and then "Cancel Subscription."

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:4.3 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:Pilates Anytime

User Reviews


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Araceli Arriada 2019-12-21

Wow, VERY IMPRESSED!!! I was the one reporting a bug with the screen sleeping. They\'ve fixed it in less than a week!! Thank you SO much. Excellent support, excellent teachers, excellent classes. VERY PLEASED!!
Simba Makoni 2020-04-01

On initial purchase I was unable to access the app. I left a negative review. Company support emailed me promptly within 24hrs and rectified the issue their end. They also extended my trial period. Great content. Have yet to fully explore the full library available. Looking forward to taking advantage of the full complement of videos.
April Malley 2020-07-15

I love the variety of workouts for all levels. Videos can be sorted by time, skill, props, or type of pilates. Instructors are professional and fun to work out with. The variety and flexibility is well worth the monthly fee compared to the cost of one in-person class. I highly recommend this app.
Sara Lyons 2020-01-08

7 days is not long enough for me to effectively use the app - if it\'s 17.99 a month just to use them IT. IS. NOT. FREE. Advertise your price, jerks.
Fern Kushner 2020-06-13

Wonderful assortment of video workouts and tutorials -- pretty much everything a Pilates teacher could wish for. If you are a Pilates fan who wants to work out at home, you will also find nice routines here. The app, with download function, makes it easy to watch from almost anywhere.
Charmaine Valkenburg 2020-07-31

Great exercises. Learning so much about my body and how the body moves. My posture is improving as well. Just loving everything I\'m learning and doing with this app!!!!!
Ben Mario 2020-12-13

I enjoy the variety of mat workouts, instructors, which is prefect for at home practise. I have made some real progress with core and hip strengthening.
elna barker 2020-04-03

Fantastic workout! As a busy pilates instructor myself, I enjoy my own movement practice tremendously. To be able to move with the likes of Tracey,Kristi, Meredith, Amy and many more is such a privilege. Thank you
Suzanne Fleming 2020-02-04

Absolutely love this App. As an instructor I learn new flows between exercises and the instructions given are wonderful and easy to follow.
laura taylor 2020-01-14

Would be perfect if I could use Chromecast. Until then I\'ll keep using the web based format and cast. Otherwise seems like a nice platform and easy to locate my classes.