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Description of Pinkfong My Body

What are the names of the different parts of my body? What are the roles of each?

[Pinkfong My Body] is an interactive app containing educative videos and activities of the different parts of the human body.

Learn about the different parts of the body with fun games and videos in different languages with Pinkfong and Baby Shark!

Learning through games and activities will help develop children's basic skills and logical thinking.


1. Fun Animated Videos of "My Body"

- Sing-along to 10 easy and fun songs featuring the different body parts.

- Contains a curriculum that is designed by children education experts.

- Animated videos featuring cute Pinkfong characters will easily attract children's attention.

2. Variety of Educative Games

- Master the names of the different body parts in a fun, easy way!

- Learn how each body part functions.

- Improve children's basic skills and logical thinking.

3. All Content Available in 5 Languages

- All videos and activities are available in 5 languages:

English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese

4. Adorable Sticker Collection

- Collect stickers both for fun and for a sense of achievement.

- Collect all 30, featuring children's favorite characters, Pinkfong and Baby Shark!

Discover the fun in learning science!


• About Pinkfong Plus Subscription:

- Join Pinkfong Plus membership and get unlimited access to Pinkfong's best apps!

- Watch videos and play games ad-free. - Share membership with up to 6 family members.

- Sync devices such as smartphones and tablets using one account.

• Apps Available under Pinkfong Plus:

- Pinkfong Baby Shark, Baby Shark Car Town, Pinkfong Dino World, Pinkfong 123 Numbers, Pinkfong Tracing World, Pinkfong Shapes & Colors, Baby Shark Jigsaw Puzzle Fun, Pinkfong Numbers Zoo, Pinkfong Baby Shark Phone, Pinkfong Baby Shark Storybook, Baby Shark Coloring Book, Pinkfong My Body, Baby Shark ABC Phonics + more!

More available apps will be updated soon.

Click the ""More Apps"" button on the home screen or visit Google Play to download the apps!


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More Information Of Pinkfong My Body

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:18.3 Publish Date:2021-07-30 Developer:SMARTSTUDY PINKFONG

User Reviews


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Stephan D 2019-04-29

This app sucks, first off, the trailer is in Korean, so I can\'t understand a freaking word, second, you can only play 3 things on the free pass, and the premium pass costs 8 quid! This app is for little children so why restrict them to only 3 items??????????
Gerry Crescenzo 2020-07-21

This is a little cute, and a great idea but NOT worth the $10.99 they charged to play more than 1 thing... I\'m a little upset that I now paid that much and probably won\'t get any money back!
Junaidy Tan 2018-10-23

Please fix it. It always crash when it loading
Misty Persilver 2020-07-01

Great app, but can\'t put it on our daughter\'s tablet. We\'ve bought several Pinkfong apps with no issues, however this seems to be the one giving problems. It won\'t let us retore purchases on her tablet.
Connie Gore 2020-04-18

Bought the full version for my 4yo son and my 6yo daughter and they love it! Glad you guys decided to make it downloadable I don\'t always have internet access turned on for the kids. Thank you
Clover the Cat 2020-09-19

Got this for my cousins, but when I tried it out, they could only play with the little bandaid game, the lung game, and watch two little music videos. Very disappointed that you need to unlock everything else when this game is for like, 3 YEAR OLDS!
Julie Hayes-Braun 2018-10-19

I\'m addicted to this app
Ariadne Lee 2020-11-17

Can\'t restore purchase on another device even after following the steps on your website. Same playstore acc and same pinkfong account. Useless as my kid kept asking for my phone when I could gave her other device. Only app that doesn\'t sync between Apple AppStore and Playstore for the same internal user account too. Terrible.
Rene Goodman 2018-12-24

I have almost all of thr pinkfong apps. They are great but for some reason this one keeps crashing. I can\'t even open it for more than a minute before if crashes. Please fix
A Google user 2018-10-25

Why you wont let me in😠😤😡👿👺😾👅👎i will unistsll it