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Description of Pinochle

Pinochle card game featuring:

- Double-deck and single-deck games

- 4 players and 3 players

- Single-player and rating-based online multiplayer

- Really challenging computers

- Options for bidding, passing cards, scoring and some regional variations

- Statistics

- Change names and avatars

- Change a color style of the game

- Choose between several decks

- Landscape and portrait supported

- Fits phones, tablets and HD phones

Time to play Pinochle!

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:KARMAN Games

User Reviews


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Red Wilson 2019-06-13

My partner can be aggravating. He\'ll stay in as long as I do. When I PASS he does too, so that the opposing team takes the bid. That said, it\'s a fun game. I\'ve loved playing it (with real people) for many years. Now, I can play into the night, without rustling-up 3 humans that will play for only a game or two, cause they have to work the next day. Give it a try. You won\'t be disappointed.
Eric Hanson 2019-05-18

Whether intentional or not this game does give the impression of having the deck stacked against the player. I\'ve lost every had where l won the bid without being able to play a single trick. That is simply not any fun.
Derek March 2020-05-28

The fact that your partner consistently doesn\'t pass the ace of trump is an absolutely unbelievable AI failure by the game makers. So many basic pinochle functions are not performed by the computer players. So frustrating
Florence L Bowling 2020-02-24

I like the game very much. However after you win a few games it seems the game goes in a different direction. In favor of the opposite side. I never see doubles, such as aces, kings, etc around. I did of all the games I plaied get double kings. I do not expect towing all the time, but to loose hand after hand takes the joy out of playing. All in all it is a nice game to play, I am 84 yrs old and have been playing since I was 9. Thank you, florence bowling.
chris akin 2019-03-21

Uninstalled, sick of Rick\'s terrible bidding. He will send meld, then overbid me when I go for 60+ He has been set numerous time for bidding with meld and no power, especially when he overbids me. Staff have been seen making excuses for Rick, but it is a common occurrence in the reviews, Rick is terrible.
Kenneth Barthle 2019-08-30

Partner gives you crappy cards and holds onto cards you need. No way to change the AI skill level so they give you the right cards or bid properly. Feels like the people who made the game dont know the strategy behind it. Uninstalling immediately
weston & dylan journey 2019-12-06

This app is the worst platform developed for the game the developers are juvenile and immature at best they need to be re-educated on the fundamentals of the game. The chat room where you must wait while players are selected for games you are subjected to racist, political, religious and gang members and all other manners of inappropriate banter. I do not recommend this app to anyone who actually enjoys the game.
Scott Terrien 2021-03-05

This game is defective.....the opponent sometimes will play trump instead of following the suit first played. This is a clear violation of the rules...!!! Also one\"s partner will pass aces rather than trump. Clearly the designer if the game does not understand the game....so sad..!!!
Rick Backstrom 2020-08-29

The game is addictive.... The rating system is above average... Most players could use some lessons.... I would like to make a suggestion -- After reading many reviews I noticed a complaint regarding what happens when a person reaches 100 and has nowhere to go but down... Since 100 is the ultimate goal for most players why not set up a tournament between all of the 100\'s. Only people who have achieved the goal would be able to play in the tournament to determine the top players. It could be designed as an elimination with multiple games being played and winners advancing... Of course not being tech savvy I have no idea how difficult something like that could be, but it would be fun. And I might add, it would finally prove that I was the BEST!!!
Debbie Benefield 2020-01-02

This game does get you back in the swing of thinking Pinachle. I do get confused about the count for runs. Seems extra Kings or Queens are not counted? A very important thing I love about Pinachle is passing cards between partners. You would do well to add that to the app. Plus buddy play. I have a friend in Texas and I live in Washington we love to play Pinache together She used to live here. So this is food for thought.