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Description of Pixel Art: color by number

Color by number to melt your stress away with coloring games from a top developer! Discover more than 15,000 FREE 2D and 3D artworks or create your own pixel art. Paint by number, relax and enjoy Pixel Art color game!

Designed by gaming experts and loved by players worldwide, Pixel Art coloring games help you dive into a world of coloring meditation. Choose from a wide range of fascinating artworks and color by number while having fun!

Whether you are coloring to reduce stress or simply relax, you’ll love coloring by number with this painting game.

Why Pixel Art coloring games?

✔ Number coloring is simple. Browse pictures, then just tap a color number, and start painting the image. You will always know what color to use and where while playing Pixel Art color game.

✔ More than 15,000 images to choose from. Color by number mandalas, flowers, unicorns, and tons of other topics. Our coloring pages range from easy to very detailed and suit any taste and mood.

✔ New pictures to paint by number every day. Discover new number coloring images on a daily basis, and you’ll never run out of free pictures to color!

✔ Paint by number unique images during Seasonal Events! Color by number thematic pictures and get unique bonuses. Our images are specially crafted for major seasons, holidays and festivals. Build your own collection of images from popular coloring topics, such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and many more.

✔ Pixelate your own photos with Pixel Art Camera. Upload any picture, prepare it for pixel coloring by adjusting difficulty, and have fun! Color by number all your photos for free with our pixel art maker!

✔ 3D coloring games. Paint by numbers of 3D objects ensures an extremely fun coloring experience.

✔ Share time-lapse videos with just one tap. Show everyone you’re into painting games!

✔ Use coloring boosters to help you finish detailed pictures. Pick Color Splash to quickly fill areas with colors or Magic Wand to paint by number a range of cells of the same color.

Art games are a great way to relax and unwind. You are in total control: you choose what to color by numbers, where to do it, and when to start or finish. There’s no time limit or competition breathing down your neck. Just take your phone and enjoy coloring games. Play color games and relax anywhere, anytime!

Our coloring game is a great art therapy sandbox to use when you feel anxious and stressed. Pick colors, put them on a board, and see the shades and gradients appear on your drawings. Release your inner artist by playing anti-stress painting games!

Start playing anti-stress coloring games and unleash your talented inner artist! Leave anxiety behind with the Pixel Art coloring games!

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:6.9.0 Publish Date:2021-12-01 Developer:Easybrain

User Reviews


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Angela Knight 2021-01-09

This app is really awesome and I often find myself playing for multiple hours (whoops). The only reason it\'s not a five-star is because of the ads. I have a touchscreen chromebook, and when I play it cuts out some of the screen to shape it like a phone. When the ads come up, the \"x\" button is always off screen and I can\'t exit or skip the ad, usually making turn the whole computer off and on again. I think this is just a problem for me though. Otherwise, it\'s great.
Cloudy Mint Cow 2021-02-19

The game is very fun, one of the best colouring in games I ever played. However, a few months back I uninstalled this game because it stopped working, and now I installed the game again. A few months back, the game didn\'t have many adverts, however now, there is an advert before colouring a picture in, and after colouring a picture. This is the only problem with the game. I hope you can play less adverts, and maybe change it to an advert after every picture you colour, and not change it to more.
Siberian Husky Lover 2021-01-01

I love the app, but its hard for me to play it on a non-touch screen chromebook but thats my fault. I have the app on my tablet and I love it! I recomend playing this to everyone! I recomended this to my family and they said its annoying to find the numbers, but yeah. And, I would like it if you added something where you cant color other numbers if your on a number. Great game!
Lynkcrafter 2020-10-31

It isnt much, but it gives exactly what is promised, which is all you need. The controls can be a bit finicky at times, but it isnt too bad honestly. The game plays ads any time you enter or exit a picture, as well as certain pictures that are locked behind ads, but unless you only do the really small and simple pictures then it really is nowhere near as annoying as it sounds. Overall, it\'s a good time waster and definitely worth having on your device.
Adam L. Rich 2020-12-19

This game is great, SO addicting, the graphics are awesome. If you turn off the Wifi, then there is no ads and you can color with no ads after you are done. My only complaint is that when you take photos, it\'s not as clear as the app says it is supposed to be, but other than that, this game is so awesome I had to give it 5 stars. Totally reccomend it!!!
Alexandra Brown 2020-12-02

Updated: This app is still an essential on my phone, I like scrolling through and picking what pictures I like to save for later (or if there is no internet). I\'ve upgraded my phone since my last review, and coupled with app updates this app no longer runs my phone screaming hot. It still heats up a little, but not to the point where I am worried. I would highly suggest that anyone who likes this game as much as I do, pay for the premium version to get rid of the ads, it\'s well worth it!
Emily F 2021-02-09

I would give more stars but the last few days the ads have gotten ridiculous! I get that its free, I don\'t mind ads before and after I complete a picture but an ad every time I complete 2-3 color swatches on any size picture is a bit much! There\'s already ads at the bottom while I\'m coloring, isn\'t that enough? I\'m tempted to delete this app just because of the excessive ads that have been added. And I know I\'ll just get the same generic response as the other posts about this issue. 😑
gamesonly fruitman 2020-12-19

Wow. I love it! It\'s very realaxing. A few ads, but not an issue. If you want to relax and are patient, you should definitely install this app. I do have a suggestion though. If there was a feature that helped you find the pixels to colour, I would appreciate it and I\'m sure some other people would too. I sometimes have great difficulty finding a singular pixel with is left out.
Sunehri Khan 2021-01-15

This game is amazing!!! There are advertisements but I honestly don\'t mind! Other than that, there are absolutely NO issues with me. You can create your OWN pixel photo! You MUST download it but if you have eye problems this is a complication, there are numbers which guide you to color it. So I really don\'t recommend this to the poor eye sighted people. I play this on my mobile and no issues occured! Sometimes I play for hours (oppsie)! Have a great time playing PIXEL ART!
Emily Dunlap 2020-10-10

Its a really good game graphics and all. The photos are great some a lot better than others. A couple things I\'ll deem One. It kills your battery I was only on the game for a couple minutes and I had gone down around five percent. Two. It constantly asks to buy premium and it costs a ton for pictures come on. What happens if you continued to do that with those bright yellow tempting buttons for children\'s eyes. They\'re going to press it.