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Description of Pixel Petz

Pixel Petz is a community for creating and trading virtual petz. Watch your designs come to life before your eyes, and discover other pixers from around the world!

Join Pixel Petz to:

• Create your own unique petz using simple tools.

• Share photos and make posts about your petz.

• Discover a community of artists and pet lovers. Interact with likes and comments!

• Enter showz and make your petz famous.

• Buy, sell, and trade petz to grow your ultimate petz collection!

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More Information Of Pixel Petz

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:0.3.54 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Minidragon

User Reviews


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Kate Roberts 2019-04-21

Amazing app! My only issue is that nine times out of ten, the app kicks me out while it\'s still loading. My favorite thing is how cute the little puppies are! I also like how you can create your own petz. I wish there were cats, they\'re my absolute favorite animal. Love the graphics also! If you want you can follow me, my user is Katayaia ;3 Overall, this is an awesome game! Thanks Minidragon~!
Galina Pekun 2019-05-15

This is EXACTLY the kind of game I\'ve been searching for! It\'s super cute, the concept is very creative, the players are nice, the pixels are great & I love all of the unique variations of body parts/colors that you can choose from! I can\'t wait until the breeding is added! (I\'m so excited for that feature!!!) But overall this game is awesome & I reccomend it to anyone who likes cute casual pet games. 💕🔥💕🔥💕
ᥴꪖꪀᦔꪗ ᦔrꪖ᭙s 2020-12-03

THIS GAME IS AMAZING! I love how you added minigames so we don\'t get bored, I do want you to add more though. I had this one bug that recently started happening to me it says \"Server unreachable\" or something like that. This game doesn\'t have much bugs so I\'m gonna keep the 5 stars. I\'m really attached to the game and I\'ll probably never delete it, I totally recommend this game, it\'s really fun!< <3
Carrie Nunyabidness 2020-01-21

Incredible game. I\'m having a blast with it, make your own pet and play a few varied games with them. You can do a lot art-wise if you think outside of the box as well. Theres a couple glitches like not rewarding certain things after watching an ad, and freezing, but I can overlook that. I also want to thank the dev\'s because my dog passed away very recently and I was able to remake her in this app and keep her memory in my pocket, and that really means the world to me. Thank you for this.
Friday Drake 2019-11-01

I really dislike the autosave feature. I\'ll spend a really long time working on a cat that I\'m proud of, then I\'ll accidentally hit the hamster button when I\'m trying to back out after going back to check how many coins I need to complete the cat, and then all of those hours of hard work have gone to waste. It\'s really stressful, I come to this game to escape anxiety and stress, and with how much money I\'ve spent and how many times this stupid feature has messed me up it\'s made me more stressed
toy mem 2019-10-31

It\'s amazing! There\'s always chances to progress and although it takes time and effort to progress it makes it very fun and exciting to play! It\'s full of creativity and different options to customise your petz. Unlike a lot of games, with enough time and effort you don\'t have to pay to get better, although I have because I love the game. The only thing I would say is that the \"tax\" feature is a little unfair. I think it should be removed from the gem currency because gems are hard to earn.
Zaxstar Kaijein 2019-12-29

I\'ve enjoyed the game and it\'s features. It has several ways of increasing a Pet\'s level, as well as obtaining coins. Trading or selling Petz is also available, and seems pretty neat. I have seen a few bugs here and there, but since this game isn\'t in it\'s full version, I can\'t give it the cold shoulder. So far, my overall experience has been good, and I\'m excited to see how this game turns out in its full release!
Not Here 2019-12-10

I like it so far! I love how you can make your own pets and if you get in the show thing you can get pet coinz! :3 I also like how you can see other people\'s pet and like their post or follow them ! But the reason why I didn\'t do a five star is I don\'t like how there\'s no color red and I don\'t like how you can\'t comment unless you have your email .p. But it\'s pretty good so far! :3 PS. Plz add more item\'z :3 thanks! Get it itemz ? Pet\'z,coin\'z hope you get it XD
Inuyasha Sama 2020-03-08

It\'s been okay, I enjoyed it alot when I first started playing, but if I want anything cost alot of gems and coins, and it\'s really hard to get these things, game play is fun, but getting gems is a bit ridiculous, and yes I understand it\'s how you make your revenue, but honestly there\'s alot of kids who play this who can\'t afford it, it makes me sad we can\'t get really cool things cause we can\'t afford it, I think there should be away for people to earn gems, other then watching an Ad
Whispering Willows 2020-12-08

Personally, I love the idea of this game a lot and have said so in a previous review. That being said, I do have complaints. I could get into detail about how the golden brushes only giving 5 parts rather then the previous 15, and still costing 100g is upsetting. However, I want to say I do enjoy this game a lot, and do not want my complaints to overshadow how fun this truly is. I get why they chose to do this, to get more revenue. And I cant blame them for wanting to make some profit.