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Size:Varies with device


- 50000+ Installs -

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Description of Pixelo

Hi pixeloers!

It's been 6 years making pixelo puzzles.

I'm really appreciate playing my game.

Because pixelo is made by very old tool. the tool can't support 64-bit app officially.

As google play policy Pixelo will be removed at 1st Aug. 2020.

I wanted to continue as far as possible.

Sadly it's the time to let it go.

Future daily puzzle will be same as 2019 daily until you can play.

I was happy with you guys.

I hope you guys are good with everything.

I hope we can meet somewhere somehow again.

Bye. :)


※Google cloud save system can't be added because of technical issues.



- Support for both mobile and tablet PC

- Over 500 puzzles

- Daily puzzles

- Over 100 badges and prizes which upgrade your abilities and results.

- Many options for your solving style

- Customize puzzle environment

* Background color

* Background animation

* Pixel type

* Background music

- Supports puzzle sizes from 5x5 to 20x20

- Supports two type of controls: virtual pad or finger

- Auto save.

- Statistics for your records

- Supports google play

* XP rank

* Daily records

New features, more themes, badges and prizes will be added in the next major update.

Walktrough and guide page



If you have any problems, send me an E-Mail.


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More Information Of Pixelo

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:Megusta games

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Muzaffar Ahmed 2019-12-02

The app is poorly made. The aspect ratio is improper (everything is stretch to fit to screen, it\'s appalling). It neither has an inbuilt keyboard nor does GBoard work for entering name. On pressing Back, the game is exited without any confirmation and on reopening, it opens in portrait orientation. These things are not at all expected from a paid app. The concept of having features unlocked as you progress is nice, but that\'s about it. It\'s just another poorly made Nonogram game.
SheikahMan 2019-09-05

Honestly, the best implementation of the picross game I\'ve seen. I played this initially on Kongregate back in the day, and if anything this is even better than I remember. 10/10 game, I\'d rate higher if I could.
quotetheraven72 2019-12-01

Tried this while on sale for free. Made it through the tutorial and after that did not enjoy it. Unlike the tutorial the next levels don\'t give you a hint of what to make. Didn\'t understand the game. Maybe it\'s more like a Minesweeper type. Wasn\'t my type of game. Worth trying while it\'s free, you might figure it out and enjoy it.
A Google user 2017-05-31

I love the game itself, so much fun and kept me occupied for so many happy hours. The only downside is that even on a large screened smartphone the 20x20 grids are incredibly difficult to not touch the wrong cell by accident. There\'s a lot of \"deadspace\" around the grid that feels like it could be used a bit better? But overall a great hit!
Andrew Livshin 2019-08-09

Fun game. Puzzles go from easy to hard, with a nice learning curve.
Matt Culverwell 2020-05-12

Interface needs a lot of improvement. Why show all modes of input when most users will use 1 mode? Make it a setting. The input modes aren\'t immediately clear \"pencil\" and \"X\" toggle esp when the other \"X\" and \"Pencil\" - why not just a \"block\" and \"X\" that highlight when selected? When dragging a line, it is too easy to veer off course & accidentally press the wrong ones, which it automatically tells you are right/wrong - make dragging only do lines and/or allow us to turn off autochecking.
John McFarlane 2016-08-18

Awesome game! I love the game, it\'s been a ton of fun. I can\'t get enough of those puzzles! However, i just moved to a new device, how can I transfer my save data over?
Renée 2019-12-04

I have played picross for a long time and is the most frustrating version I\'ve ever had the displeasure of downloading. When a row is complete the other squares don\'t shade out or anything so you have to press every single square and allocate a tile. On top of that the game square is miniscule and the arrows are slow to move/respond.
Jenn Bethel 2016-06-22

Addicted I\'ve finished all the puzzles and am currently perfecting them. It\'s a game that I can start playing and suddenly hours have passed. Best puzzle game I\'ve ever played.
Zsuzsanna Vári 2020-05-11

I like nonograms and logic games but this game makes me out of my mind. I\'ve started to learn how to navigate and control but I\'m totally get lost. 😵 According to other users, this game should be entertaining yet I\'ve just fed up with trying to get a clue of what button does what. Sorry \'bout that. 🙁