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Description of PlanGrid Build Field App

PlanGrid Build is the most robust construction software suite of field collaboration and project management tools. Download the most powerful and easy-to-use construction management app made for the field. Instantly share real-time construction plans, punch lists, blueprints, jobsite photos & construction reports with the entire team, even offline. 


It’s so easy that everyone on the team can use it, including your general contractor, construction project manager, subcontractor, specialty contractor, foreman, and architect.  


★ Download the #1 construction app today - Your first 30 days are free. ★ 


Join over 2 million construction projects of all sizes that use our construction app to save time and reduce rework.  


Why you’ll love PlanGrid Build: 

✓ The fastest construction blueprint viewer on mobile tablets 

✓ Always up-to-date construction blueprints, even offline 

✓ Automatic digital leaf-in & version control of plan revisions 

✓ Automatic hyperlinking of all detail callouts  

✓ Progress construction photos pinned directly onto construction blueprints 


Construction punch list app 

• Customizable construction punch lists to create & track issues 

• Track & resolve punch list items in record time 

• Instant notification of construction project & punch list report changes 


Construction plans & blueprint app   

• Real-time access to construction punch lists, blueprints, documents & daily reports 

• Instant sync of all markups and notes across all platforms  

• Easily spot blueprint differences  

• Automatic backup and archive of all construction progress photos 

• Redline RFI responses once and publish to the whole team 


Construction management & report app 

• Construction management tools like RFIs and submittals  

• Automatic rolling issues log that is searchable and downloadable  

• Quick field takeoff and estimating tools 

• Advanced filters to quickly find the construction plans you need 


Enjoying the app? Please leave a review. We read them all. A BIG thanks if you’ve left a 5-star review! It keeps us motivated to keep making our app the #1 construction app.

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More Information Of PlanGrid Build Field App

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:6.21.0 Publish Date:2021-11-17 Developer:PlanGrid

User Reviews


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Dano 2019-03-23

I\'m not going to sign up or login just a preview your app. previewing your app is not worth me giving you all or most of my personal information so that you can resell it. get a job. needless to say I\'m uninstalling.
CD A 2020-02-21

Wanted it to be a game changer for taking pictures while on a site visit while showing the location on the plan, but it is proving to be difficult. Has been having trouble with updating while on site and keeping track of all the photos and especially the icons on the plan. Hope it improves so I can rely on it and have the rest of the team use it with no fear.
Lydia Trowbridge 2020-07-02

It said \"unlimited trial\" and then after they had my info it said 21 days. The price was ridiculous for an individual wanting to make their own plans so I just shut down my account.
Colin Carlisle 2020-03-11

As you probably have read by now, the concept and service is totally a game changer and very very useful for the people that need it. If I were reviewing it for an iPad, I\'d get mad that I couldn\'t give it 6 stars...okay that might be a stretch but the differences between Android and apple version is night and day. On the cover, all seems well, then you reach for a feature that you are used to and after 5 minutes of hunting you realize it\'s not here. I\'d pay money for layers to work as expect
Steven Koch 2020-06-03

Incredible app for sorting plans and jobsite documentation
Tommy Cheng 2020-11-12

It is a hit-and-miss for syncing tasks and photos created in Android app back to cloud. You\'ll get some tasks that just wouldn\'t sync regardless of what you do (publish / unpublish...etc). And there are no other means to manually download photos taken by Plangrid app as they don\'t sync - they don\'t appear in any stock Android photo apps and are not visible to any file browser. There are also no options to choose whether sync is allowed on mobile data or WiFi only.
Tom Jacobs 2020-08-29

To many glitches for android. Used it for a couple years now and with every update it seems like there is less decent options and more operation issues. Save your money.
Anthony goetz 2020-09-26

Easy to interpret and user friendly.
Justin Smith 2019-08-01

Absolutely fantastic app. Much better than the IOS version, web app or Windows app. Hoping it works on Chromebooks that support the Playstore apps. Edit: The Pixelbook and presumably other Chromebooks that can run Android apps can in fact run this.
Gabriel Cabral 2021-01-26

Couldn\'t even test the app. Won\'t show you anything unless you sign in (fill up your details), once inside, can\'t create anything to test the app, tried to log in to see more but the password was incorrect, because in the sign up form the password field didn\'t require to repeat it so I might type it wrong (pretty standard to repeat password). Make the app more friendly to starters and people trying to test it, this was a waste of time.