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Can’t go to the doctor? Created by the caring experts at Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood Direct makes it easier than ever to get birth control, emergency contraception, and UTI treatment. Get convenient home delivery or pharmacy pickup options—your prescriptions will always be stress-free, affordable, and completely private.

Available in select states--download the app to learn more!


1. After downloading the app, create an account or continue as a guest user.

2. Select a service: birth control, emergency contraception, UTI treatment, or schedule a health center appointment.

3. Answer a few health questions so clinicians can determine what's best for you.

4. Add payment and shipping information to submit your request for review by a clinician.

5. From here, you’ll be well on your way to quickly and easily getting the care you need!


• Delivered subscription birth control pills starting at $20/pack; includes auto-refills for up to one year + free shipping.

• Pharmacy pickup options for birth control pills, patch, or ring prescriptions.

• Delivered emergency contraception via overnight shipping—because accidents happen.

• Fast treatment for UTIs—simply pick up your medication at a pharmacy.

• Offerings vary by state.


• Make your request anytime, anywhere.

• In most cases, no appointment or physical examination required.

• Get in and out in under 10 minutes.

• Secure billing and patient information.

• Discreet packaging to your doorstep.

• Pay with credit, debit, or prepaid card.

• Planned Parenthood expertise—100 years and counting!


Planned Parenthood Direct also helps you decide which birth control method is right for you. Put your anxieties to rest and get answers to common questions from the experts at Planned Parenthood.

Download Planned Parenthood Direct today!

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.261 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc.

User Reviews


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Lauree X 2020-12-10

This app and the wonderful folks associated with it have been a godsend for my family. They\'ve been there for us when we didn\'t have insurance or a doc that would see us. Due to health issues my daughter can\'t go without her meds and they made sure she didn\'t. Thank you, Planned Parenthood. You are far more needed and necessary than for which you are credited.
Courtney Chandler 2020-07-03

I\'m trying to order birth control, and it\'s smooth and easy until I have to upload a photo. Then it constantly keeps crashing the camera app, so I can\'t proceed at all. Please fix this.
Emily R 2019-08-25

Just got through with a video chat appointment with a doctor to refill my prescription. This is so much easier and more convenient than going in person with my schedule atm. The doctor was extremely nice, and I\'m so glad this exists. I was surprised how good the video call quality was. Can\'t say enough good things about this app and Planned Parenthood!
Charlie-Ann Schoonover 2020-04-19

I\'m a transgender patient who has not had her information legally changed yet and this app has 0 thought put into for use by transgender patients like me. There really should be an option for prefered name and pronouns, instead of just having to stare at my dead name that i haven\'t used socially in years.
Crystal Lopez 2020-06-10

Pretty easy to get a refill of exactly what I needed. And very cost efficient. The only thing I would say could be improved is my camera kept crashing when trying to take the required photo to be uploaded. I scanned some reviews and read that it was recommended to try using the rear facing camera instead. Worked like a charm. Pills have been shipped and should be here in 3 days. I highly recommend this app if you are in a pinch.
Tristana Fiscella 2021-02-02

I had a bad UTI in a snow storm and I went through all the required disclosures and forms to agree as it is a Healthcare app. Wish I\'d done that when I wasn\'t sick but I understand the importance. This is how more healthcare apps and experiences period should be. They do not claim to do more than they can. They do what they do responsibly and well. Very grateful. Thank you. Highly recommend as a tool for all women. It only cost me 20$ to get help. God Bless Planned Parenthood!!!
Tiffs xx. 2021-01-09

I used this app on Sunday January 4th to order my pills thru mail... I answered a few questions and uploaded some pictures & the next day my order was approved 🙂 it\'s now Friday, January 8, and my pills was delivered to my box today 😊 THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AMAZING, QUICK APP.
Lady Loot 2019-03-26

Very easy to use. I ordered on a Friday and it arrived by monday! This app makes it so much easier and no stress. The doctor was fast when responding also.
Aleigha Hernandez 2021-01-26

Just lost my job and insurance due to covid so I thought I would give PP a try. It was easy to make a video appt. I had some technical difficulties (my fault not the apps) and someone noticed I wasn\'t signed in for my appointment and gave me a call and walked me through correcting the problem and that was so helpful and appreciated. The nurse practitioner I spoke with was very kind and answered any questions I had. I now have the prescription I need and it was so easy.
Christin Johnson 2020-01-18

I love this app! Its easy to use and the staff was very helpful when my meds got lost in the mail. Its easy to message them and ask any questions. This app has been a lifesaver and convient and I would reccomend it to anyone who needs BC and doesn\'t have insurance or pays to much for them with the insurance they have. I got a 6mo supply for the price I would usually pay for 1pack! You can also help with UTI through the app as well.