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Description of Planner 5D: Design Your Home

Create beautiful interior design for your room or house using more that 6723 decor elements available in Planner 5D floor plan creator app. Build you home with love, using tips and ideas from interior design layouts available in the app with the help of AR Room visualization or 3D room planner.

You can easily embody any interior design or exterior of the house, use ready-made projects and add your design, furniture, decor, floors, etc. to them. In Planner 5D there are no restrictions on the choice of a floor plan design, creating a plan and a room design: kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom.

Add interior decor to the room: paintings, clocks, vases, lamps, curtains and more. Build a house and plan landscaping design around the house: a swimming pool, sea or lake, a garden with a swing, and a place to relax. In the application, you can do not only home interior design or room planner, but also the design of a café or gym.


You can edit and view your house design and room decoration in 2D and 3D modes. Take a walk through your home or room layout in virtual reality! After that, you can easily do home remodeling, change the interior design of the house or room, add missing decor items to the house.

AR-Driven 3D Room Design Feature – a simple tool that lets you easily configure a layout design with your room dimensions and see the final picture in real size.

Design house and room interior design app features:

- Furniture catalog: lots of items to use in your designs

- Realistic snapshots: images of your designs' home and room

- Big gallery: ideas of projects and images of designs of homes, rooms, floor plans created, interior decor, and landscape design by our users

- Online and Offline: you can use the application to create home and interior design of rooms

- Sign in with your planner5d.com, Google+, or Facebook account to use your home design across all platforms

- User interface localized in these languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese

- View ideas for your house design using Chromecast (screencast)


- Create floor plans and floor plan design of your 3d home

- Choose and customize furniture, accessories, decor, and other items from a regularly updated catalog

- Apply hundreds of textures and colors in different combinations

- Drag and drop items to any place on your room layout

- Change the size of any item

- View created projects in Virtual Reality mode with Google Cardboard glasses or similar technology

Take part in the DESIGN BATTLES for the best interior design of the room on the theme of the week and GET PRIZES!


- Use our support form in the About dialog

- Contact us at support@planner5d.com

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/Planner5D

Instagram - https://instagram.com/planner5d/

Website - https://planner5d.com

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:1.26.35 Publish Date:2021-12-26 Developer:Planner 5D

User Reviews


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Patrick Traynor 2019-04-27

I want to create my dream house but I can\'t because atleast 70% everything you have to buy, you even need to buy stuff to be able to edit. other designer apps all there stuff is free. I wouldn\'t recommend this app to other people. to change my mind atleast make it free to edit objects..... PLUS+ room shapes are a rip off, atleast give us up to date shapes and roofs like domes and curves.
Leon Benham 2020-08-03

I\'m not a designer or architect, I just love building things so I gave this a go, it\'s really easy to use, after 20 mins i had it figured out. The camera is easy to use, on both the PC and app versions. You start with enough items to be able to make a nice project, but if you want more there are 2 upgrade options, £8 which unlocks everything, 3500+ items plus other options, then the ultimate upgrade is £16, that\'s more for professional use, I went with the £8 option. Well worth it 👌
Ellenaj Onali 2020-06-07

I used to love this. I even buy a 1 year subscription so i can use and do everything i want. But i notice that its no longer the same as before. The colors of the wall are overlapping. Even the floors are showing white lines indicating the outline of the room below. Even the colors and pictures of some of the furniture/items are not right. For example the red roses w/ soil, when i switch on the 3D mode, everything was in one color - grayish like. I hope it can be fix, because there\'s a lot of it
IJ Rivera 2020-04-08

Not gonna lie, I downloaded this to design the houses to describe in my university writing class, but the app is so easy to use and theres so many options and stuff, it\'s hella fun. I recommend this app if you\'re a writer or just wanna mess around and design for fun. Or maybe if you\'re stuck in a dingy little dorm and want to know what your dream house is gonna look like when you\'re a rich brain surgeon. All I know is, 10/10 really useful.
Jiovanie Velazquez 2019-11-01

I want to like this app, but the subscription model is an absolute killer deal breaker... I tried the subscription for a month, $5 for a month! After I had my entire house laid out now it\'s expired and every tap I make interrupts me with a full screen popup to buy a subscription. I can\'t even move a window now...! This is not such a definitive app that you need to have, or an industry standard like Adobe products, so you can\'t quite pull off such pricey subscriptions. Stay in your lane.
Roni Smiles 2020-06-18

I am loving this app. I downloaded it to plan works. It allows me to do my 2d & 3d with all measurements visible. Plenty of options in regards to stairs and furniture. I wish it allowed me to paint walls as well, and I wish it allowed me to control wall heights. And also I wish it allowed me to control multi-level floors.. that\'s the only missing part, I\'m not sure if the options are there somewhere in the app and I havemt found it yet, or maybe it doesnt have it yet.
Mike J 2019-02-13

As long as you got a powerful device this app should run sweet. Its actually very good. Loads of stuff. Get the full app. Its well worth it if you enjoy cad home design programs. Ive used this on every device ive had thats been powerful enough to run it. (it really is quite frustrating on a weak machine)And the customer service team are great too. Fixed my issue straight away when i switched from ipad to android and were very kind in renewing my subscription at the same time. 5 stars all the way.
Ruth Pacio 2019-10-22

Very good app. I am able to create a design that i want for my ideal home. A lot of things and furniture to choose to. I\'m hoping that you could add more design for stairs that is fit for modern design such as storage staircase, floating, space-saving, winder staircase, and a solid L-shaped stairs. Thank you developers for creating such a great app. 😊👍
Glenda Eldridge 2019-04-08

Love this app. I spend way too much time on it. I\'m not a professional but I paid the $30 anyway because I want something for an architect to see what I am looking for in a home when I\'m ready to build. It has everything I want. This is not a game to me, and even if it was a hobby/entertainment for me, entertainment cost money so I don\'t understand the complaining about cost for the extra stuff.
Addy Masabio 2019-09-17

I searched for free home design app and this one goes first in the list but unfortunately you can\'t make your desired design for free. The items are very limited that can\'t even finish a simple plan design. You can\'t costumized even in basic colors.