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Description of PlanRadar - Punch list app

Increase the efficiency of your construction projects by up to 70% with digital construction management. Construction documents, defects and tasks can be recorded via any mobile device, pinned directly to your construction plans and communicated to project members in real-time.

Whether it’s legally compliant handover documentation with a detailed snag list, a digital site diary or ongoing inspections and reporting: you can benefit from seamless construction documentation that creates transparency for all stakeholders.


* Instant overview of construction site activity:

With our construction site app, new tasks and construction defects can be located on digital plans or BIM models in the form of tickets. These can be placed with millimetre precision by all authorised project participants and can be supplemented by photos, text, voice messages and additional documents. It’s easy to communicate clearly and avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

* Real-time synchronisation:

Ongoing synchronisation between computer, mobile phone and tablet keeps you and your team informed about all changes on the construction site in real-time, helping you keep on top of the status of different tasks and defects.

* Keep up-to-date plans on your smartphone

Newly uploaded blueprints can immediately be viewed by all project participants in the app. That way, you and your colleagues are always working with the latest set of drawings.

* No extra paperwork in the office:

Create detailed and completely customisable PDF or Excel reports and export your construction site diary, detailed snag list or an entire handover document in just a few clicks. Efficient reporting saves you from duplicating work in the office after completing your site inspections.

* Instantly usable:

Unlike other construction apps, the intuitive user interface of PlanRadar allows for a quick and easy introduction to the software without expensive training. You can create your first project and start adding tickets within minutes.

* Simple, flexible and tailored to your project:

Customisable ticket forms give you the ability to adapt your tickets to your project and collect exactly the data you need. Build whatever forms you need to your in-house standards and ensure that you’re gathering data consistently.


"Outstanding buildings require efficient construction documentation. PlanRadar provides simple, rapid defect management for our architects and engineers, on site and in the office."

Univ.-Prof. Architect Christoph M. Achammer, CEO ATP architects engineers

"At CBRE, we are always on the lookout for new digital tools that we can use to offer our customers added value and make life easier for our employees. Since discovering PlanRadar, we have a product that achieves both of these things, as well as support from a team who know the market, listen, and are continuously improving the product."

Dr Thomas Herr, EMEA Head of Digital Innovation, CBRE


Our digital solution for construction management and construction documentation has received several awards for innovation in the construction and real estate sectors:

July 2019: EG Tech Award – Winner Construction Award

December 2018: Real Estate Tech Awards (RETAS)

September 2018: Real Estate Innovation Prize 2018

June 2018: PropTech Pitch 2018

March 2018: MIPIM Award

March 2018: Australian Construction Awards 2018

January 2018: Immobilienmanager Award


Contact us via our website using chat, email or our contact form.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:8.6.7 Publish Date:2021-11-16 Developer:PlanRadar GmbH

User Reviews


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Ibrahim Abu Taleb 2019-08-03

As a facility manager I found this app a real solution for having all the stakeholders in the same loop. its very user friendly even for the labors to use it. it\'s also a good tool ti increase the effecency and the productivity to close all the defects.
riccardo pippo 2019-07-02

after last update it is no more possible to see layout on android devides (whereas it\'s working on iPhone). I\'m not the only one with this problem. pls fix urgently!
A Johnson 2020-08-13

Literally just finished downloading and creating an account. Tried to log in and was met with \"runtime exception\" and the app freezes. Send me an email when it does what\'s stated. Until then, app removed.
james jacques 2019-06-29

Very good especially in an area you have been before
Robert Segynowycz 2020-07-15

Couldn\'t log in, if I wanted to play a silly game I would get a silly game ap.
Henrique Martinho 2020-07-25

I can\'t login. Keep getting runtime exception. What the hell is that?
Alexander Morari 2017-10-12

Great app, met the team at EXPO and loved it at first sight - can be used in lots of situations not only technical drawings. Good luck!
Farhan Khan 2018-01-24

It\'s a good App , but one must know the target audience...
Domagoj Dolinsek 2015-01-21

A very helpfull app!
magui georges 2020-11-12

Very good app That saves time and effort, friendly usage, Customizable Very good for defect management and team communication.