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Description of Planter - Garden Planner

Arrange your garden and learn how to grow vegetables with this garden planner!


• Companion and combative plant information

• Gardening schedule for planting or transplanting times

• Square foot gardening layout grid for easy spacing

• Information on 50+ fruits and vegetables (and more each day!)

• Ability to add custom plants if your favorite isn't included yet

Planter™ makes gardening easier for both beginners and long-time gardeners!

Support and Feature Requests

New features are coming every week to improve the experience and help you plan and manage your garden. If you have any feature requests, please let me know! Or if you have a favorite plant that isn't included, I can add it. I'm a gardening enthusiast and use Planter™ when planning my own garden. If you think a new feature will be useful, chances are I do too =).

More Info:

- Includes many organic and non-GMO varieties

- Automatically determines your frost date and planting zone

- Great for your home vegetable garden! (not for flower gardens)

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:3.0.41 Publish Date:2021-08-11 Developer:Percula

User Reviews


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Mike Holbrooke 2020-05-22

I have only been using the app for a few days but it is so far very useful. It allows you to position your plants in a simplistic plan of your garden plot. It is currently aimed at the veg grower as most of the plants in the small database are vegetables one nice little touch is that when you place plants next to each other it give an indication as to whether the adjacent plants are comparable or not. In the calendar I gives a simple list of things that should be done with your plants.
Samantha Petersen 2020-04-20

*Edited* they quickly got back with me and made it right! I\'d give a higher rating if it weren\'t for 1 issue. My husband paid for the \"pro\" version on his phone. I logged in with the same login on mine so that we could both see and add/change our garden as we see fit. Pro access did not cross over with the login. Apparently when you go pro it is only for that device and does not give you pro access across multiple devices. When I pay for an app I expect to be able to use it on any of my devices.
Dipak Sakya 2020-03-24

This application is very useful ... It sets location all around the world ..... it had provided lots of useful information and tips for better gardening ... I was looking for an application that could help me organize my small gardening needs and this application has been the best one for me. I have recommended this application to my colleagues and friends who are interested in gardening as well. I am waiting for feedback from my friends regarding this application. Hope they are enjoying too ...
Ben Ward 2018-02-05

Not user friendly on Android tablet. Text boxes don\'t scroll to allow all verbage other than first line to be read.
Katie McKeown 2021-02-03

Great app for planning a garden. Pretty easy to use and support is incredible. The plant detail is great and a good selection of varieties with ability to add more varieties. Would love to see more flowers, shrubs and bushes to support permaculture garden and orchard planning.
Isabelle Craddock 2020-08-25

I\'ve not used it in depth but it helps me plan out my plots for the year. Well worth it to pay a little bit of money if you\'re like me and have a terrible memory and get confused with crop rotation. I\'m really pleased on the settings you can view frost dates for your location.
C. B. Hahn 2020-04-28

Loved it at first because it lets you map out your garden while giving you info on which plants grow well next to each other. When I tried to add more plants and change the icons using the search feature within the app, my garden blanked out for the most part or icons repeated themselves. This essential wiped out my map... disappointed that the personalization feature would do that.
Dennis Felch 2019-02-22

Love it. Wish there were more customisable bed sizes for weird shaped beds like an H shape bed or U shaped bed etc etc. Maybe like a build your own bed feature where you just add 1x1 squares where ever you want. Everything works well and is simple to use. I went pro with it. Thanks for the great app. A few crashes when editing plants. Restarts quickly though. Only a minor annoyance. EDIT: more customisable bed options were added and more than fulfilled my expections! Thanks!
Mary Armesto 2018-04-01

This is exactly what I needed for my square foot gardening. I use grow bags and milk crates and I needed an easy quick grid that I can move around as easy as I do my crates. This allows me to do virtual gardening on my phone at work when I\'m away from my real garden. I have been adding more plants as my garden grid grows and changes. I add my own pics of crates where I mix and match plants. Adding a square foot crate with 1 pineapple mint, 1 chocolate mint, and 2 apple mint is easy to do and allows me to even take a picture and then change the picture as my plants mature. There\'s plenty of space to add extra information like where I bought each plant and when. Sure it\'s extra work but so is doing the real work in my garden.
Ian Green 2021-02-03

It got BETTER! Most recent update included graphic revamps that made the app much easier to use. Varieties can be chosen. Notes are easier to do. Growing information is at the top of the info screen. Companion and combative information is right up there too. Great update. Highly recommend.