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Description of Play & Earn Real Cash by Givvy

Are you looking for REAL MONEY rewards? Play & Earn is the right place to MAKE MONEY.

Looking for big money rewards? Start earning now!

MAKE Money from your phone & make an everyday payday. The real cash app that pays you MONEY for playing awesome games.

Earn rewards by playing simple games and inviting your friends!

Earn coins and convert them to real money!

You can earn rewards anytime and from anywhere. Easy and simple. Every day is a chance to win real cash.

Simple and Easy option for the withdrawal of the accumulated money through the world-famous sites:

- PayPal - direct transfer to your PayPal Account

- Coinbase, Amazon, Binance or other virtual wallets - direct transfer to your accounts

*Cash-out amounts above our minimum withdrawal to your PayPal account any time of the day! Payments can take up to 7 days before they are delivered to your cash-out provider, most will take less than 24 hours or will be even instant.


Official rules and guidelines:


Invite a friend - Invite your friends to join the app and earn points by their registration. Additional points will be added to your account as soon as your friend reaches the required number of points.

Puzzle Game- Match the parts and complete the puzzle

Balloon game Bubbles - Collect carefully just the balloons and avoid the bombs

Dot -line - Connect the dots, make more squares and beat your opponent.

Surveys - Be careful and answer a series of questions correctly. If your answers are valid, you will receive a large number of points.

Stay in the mobile app - Earn points even while you are just staying in the mobile app.

Daily Calendar - Log in to the app every day to earn new points. The more consecutive days you enter the app, the more points you will earn.

Ranking - Compete with other players, win the most coins of the day and add a bonus of 500 points to your balance.

Detailed information about how to use the app and the service can be found in our terms and conditions: https://fun-games-givvy.herokuapp.com/general-terms-and-conditions.pdf

Anytime you need support you can reach us on facebook at:


For information on how we process your data please checkout our Privacy Policy: https://fun-games-givvy.herokuapp.com/privacy-policy.pdf

NOTE: All games, offers, prizes and rewards

given by Play and Earnare not affiliated with Google Inc.

The offers are solely sponsored by Play and Earn.

All Prizes and or rewards are not Google products; and or do they have any association with Google.

Contact us for any feedback you have regarding our service.

We would love to hear from you.


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User Reviews


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Mommy and Kids 2020-11-28

Legit yes! I cash out and the money gets in my PayPal account after 5 minutes!! Thank you😆 The games are really enjoyable helps me release stress for awhile but the bugs are really not good esp on the rectangle it won\'t allow me to play that the timer just keeps going, the app sometimes stops working. And I like that it does not have a lot of advertisments, and they respond to your complains thru email I believe other earlier bugs were fix so the tech support is doing their job great, thank you
Aquadinna 2020-12-17

The app is full of bugs! Please fix rectangle and balloon pop. It\'s frustrating when I can\'t play even if I still have lives remaining. The ads are very intrusive. It completely ruins the game. I used to adore this app before. It was fun and even if I don\'t have lives to play I could still have another round or two( without coins)
Mathenge Faith 2020-11-18

The app still has issues, however i have noticed some improvement. They fixed the bugs that were in the balloons but now the rectangles game has bugs. Its impossible to play the game, you click on the game and it tells you you have lost and you haven\'t even played yet. Kindly look into that. The app is however good so far. Kindly improve on that. my rating for the app definetly improves, i give it a 3 will adjust rating when the issue is addressed
Kristine Ablay 2021-02-02

I haven\'t been able to cash out anything. I have been playing this for a while and have lots of points already but since I trusted the app saying if I log in, I wont lose points & so I formatted my phone when my cash was already $0.26 because my phone keeps lagging, then installed this app again but still I have to restart all over again!
Diana Ross Javier 2021-02-25

this app is legit.i already received 2 withdrawals.and when u withdraw, for just a second or a minute ul receive it in ur paypal instantly..very fast withdrawal.but only 4 stars because there is a glitch in the balloon game..I can\'t earn points there..whenever I go play the balloon game it\'s blank and I loose..don\'t know why.can u fix that?.thank u.hoping too that I win even just for once in their join for free raffles
Zencoz x-gene 2021-02-08

The task is problematic. I\'ve completed one of it and yet no coin received. I tried to submit report for the missing coin with proof but when I click submit, it kept responding with unauthorized access. It\'s not user friendly and akin of cheating when we do our part, the app doesn\'t give our reward.
Harold Sibonghanoy 2020-10-28

this app is legit and paying really true amd legit app. one of my recommended apps to use and play with. The only downside of this app is that it has too many bugs and errors and even with better internet connection gives a notice of connection error ans etc errors.. I hope it will be get rid of because it iw really annoying during the usage of this app.. More power. 3 stars for now
John Rey Guita 2021-03-22

This game is legit. It truly pays you. It\'s payment will reach you fast, the games are also easy to play and win, no ads, entertaining and etc. But the MINIMUM PAYOUT is TOO SMALL to be earned for a LONG TIME. It really took me more than almost 2 months just to reach its minimum payout of only $0.29. So it\'s not worth it. I\'ll be deleting this app right now. But still, thank you for being legit.
Mung Pi 2021-01-30

This app is quite fun for player and not really take time to play every single game and step. So it would be great and benefits for both of us player and developer. Therefore, i highly recommend who hasn\'t played yet it just download and start played.
Ahmed Tukki 2021-01-14

I love This Application. Although their payment is not huge but it’s very easy and fun. If you want to earn huge money you have to do any full/part time work and come to this app for take a breath.